For you want to carry out a perfect evangelism,strictly observe the following………

(1) Fast and pray before going for evangelism.ask the LORD for guidance and wisdom and re-read key scriptures so that your teaching maybe based on the word…..

(2) prepare well physically-carry your bible,note book and pen……
technology is good,but avoid at all costs from referring and reading your bible from the phone while in evangelism……..

(3) your general appearance should be the first form of evangelism,you should be dressed holy,tidy and clean…..holy from your head,well shaved,fresh breathe,clean tie,shirt and trouser,(don’t just dress shaggy,let them match),clean shocks,because sometimes you may get into some houses and you are expected to remove shoes before entering…how embarrassing will it be if your socks are torn or smelling?you will ashame JESUS……
Ladies,wear long dresses,not tight and revealing,cover your breasts,clean and well kept hair…avoid fake hairs and paintings of nails,avoid EVERY FORM OF WORLDLINESS…..

(4) Be gentle with them….1 THESSALONIANS 1:7,1 TIMOTHY 3:3,EPHESIANS 4:2,PHILIPPIANS 4:5.
(a)introduce yourself very humbly.introduce your church because of the apostasy out there….

(b)if you are three,and you find them digging for example,one should continue preaching and two of you help them in digging,Just by doing that,you may win the whole family to the LORD because they will not understand how men in suits and ladies in glorious long dresses can choose to lower themselves to that level……….

(c)if you are three,one should preach,as the two of you intercede quietly,then one can lead them to CHRIST as another will say a final prayer………..

(d)avoid preaching for long,avoid reading too much scriptures,be short ,to the point and biblical…….

(e)Do not go about eating in door to door evangelism,be wise….you can humbly,gently,and politely tell them you are ok,but some may insists and may feel offended when you refuse,for the sake of CHRIST,just eat but you need to be very very careful….

(f)Do not be arrogant,rough,or rude,instead let your talk be full of GRACE AND LOVE…..be very humble and polite in your words,dont force them to believe,listen to them,and politely explain to them the days we are living in and the importance of receiving CHRIST JESUS as LORD AND SAVIOR

(g)Dont interrupt while another is talking,be organized….interrupting is a sign of rudeness….

(f)if at the end the person does not receive JESUS,just tell them you will pray for them,give hand bills or flyers and always be friendly……

NOTE:we do not convert people.we are called to proclaim the gospel of JESUS and pray for the person.its the HOLY SPIRIT who convicts and converts them…


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