Vision of Citizen’s of Hell


By – Sherrie Elijah

This is the most UGLY and frightening song you will ever hear! In a vision, I saw a naked man covered in flaming worms that cannot Die! He turned to me and heaved a deep sigh as flames surrounded him and he sung this song in an emotionless voice! A voice that held NO emotion only the pain and torment he was in! Here are a few lyrics from the song:

Flaming worms crawl in, flaming worms crawl out in the belly button and out the mouth! In the front and out the rear! In the eyes and out the ears! We scream for mercy yet NO one cares or hears! Red hot pain in my blood rivers of feces, lava, vomit and blood it looks like a flood! Flames everywhere yet they cast NO light! All I have is every kind of pain, terror, torture and fright! I am a Citizen in HELL!

This is the first level of HELL the other levels there are NO words to tell! Hell is so hot it boils the flesh off my skin how do I describe the HELLISH pain I’m in! I’m so thirsty yet I ‘ve not even urine or tears to drink! And OH my GOD how this HELL stinks! AHHHH, I am a Citizen in HELL!

There’s NO water of any kind not even sweat to cool my brow, I know from Hell I will never be set free and demons curse and mock me! I scream to God to help me! Yet He does NOT hear! Instead the voice of Satan laughs and jeers! “HaAa! There’s NO GOD and there’s NO mercy here! I have torture, terror, and Damnation and every kind of FEAR! But there’s NO GOD HERE! Hahaha!”

I am reminded how God in his mercy gave JESUS, His Only Son to suffer crucifixion for my sins and on a cross he hung! Just so from HELL I would be free and Satan would have no claim on me! But I refused JESUS blood to cover my sins. I wanted to live my own life so I denied Him! I know I have no one to blame now forever I ‘ll live in Satan’s evil domain with every kind of torture and shame! Wanting to die but forgetting there is no death, thinking it will be better tomorrow but forgetting I have FOREVER left! This is what its like to be a CITIZEN IN HELL!!!

Where the Horror is so gruesome! NO tongue can tell! Everyone who is coming here will have to dig to their own level before they die! And that is how deep your sins are piled up high! But beware the greatest of all sins is the REJECTION OF JESUS CHRIST! One torture room to the next what seems like your worst nightmare is ONLY satan at his BEST! This is what its like to be a CITIZEN IN HELL!!!!!


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