On Friday last month when I came from school, my dad chastised me with the cane and gave metwo strokes on my head and I felt something had just left me and I becameabnormal. I started jerking like someone who was at the brink of death. Thisscared my father and he started calling for people to help in him prayersconcerning me. Afterwards, I was taken to the church and the Lord Jesus Christstarted appearing to me. Actually, the Lord Jesus Christ started appearing tome at home but those times, he was just calling my name. However, this time inthe church which was a Sunday, I was able to approach him and embrace him. Hestarted showing me things by walking into the church and just stretching forthhis hand for a big screen to appear and he will give me messages to write. Soafter the church service, they were all afraid that the previous experiencewould happen again. So that same Sunday after church, I was taken to the hospital.I was very weak and did not know how I got to the hospital; I just found myselfat the hospital and was asking my parents why the brought me to the hospital. Ithen told my parents I am well and not sick so they should take me home. Thedoctor examined me and said there is nothing wrong with me but I was admitted forfurther observation on my parents’ request. On admission, I was put on aninfusion and the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me again and stretched forth hishand and the large screen appeared again and he started showing me differentthings. So I will begin the narration of the things the Lord Jesus Christshowed me to write in the hospital.

Demon of Artificial materials

This is thefirst image he showed me at the hospital concerning the artificial thingspeople put on. He labeled the image and said “Tell my pastors to preach thetruth and be strong, satan is preparing”. Then he showed me the different modern day haircuts (those hair cutsthey create a mountain of hair at the upper portion popularly known as ‘galas’in the African community or Mohawk internationally) and said “this is the headof the dragon. Preach my word, I am coming. Time is short. Saith the Lord. Donot put horns as a way of celebration and anything artificial. Let your heartbe free from anything ARTIFICIAL.

Warning to husband and Wives

You wives and husbands,if you know you are quarrelling, go back and reconcile each other. You wife orhusband who are cheating on you husband or wife, stop it, do not neglect thesayings of the Lord.

Satan’s plans towards pastors and acaution to doctors

You pastorspreach my Holy message of holiness and righteousness. You doctors, repent fromyour sins and do not give other people’s children to another”. At this timeJesus Christ was crying and he said: “My father’s kingdom is few and many arein hell. Satan is coming very soon to attack. Therefore be strong and goodcourage. Hell is real and Heaven is real. Satan is planning to pull down the pastors.Don’t worry; your son is with me. Remember hell is real and heaven is real.Don’t worry; I am with you always, even to the end of the world. Repent! Don’tgo to hell. Hell is a place of everlasting torment and heaven is full of peace.Like I said, don’t worry, your son is with me and he is under my care. I willtake my shield and buckler and my flaming sword of fire and I and my holy angelMichael and the saints will fight for you. Keep praising and worshiping myfather who reigneth in heaven forever, Amen.


You have to putaway any jewelry of silver or of gold and anything artificial because this iswhy few are entering my father’s house. I will use your son to depopulate helland to populate heaven. Don’t be afraid and I am with him and always pray thathe does not fall. Satan is enlarging hell and repent, don’t go to hell, makeheaven. Tell this to all my churches.

Church Workers

Tell my workersto continue their work because there is no worker in my father’s house. Theinstrument of working is abandoned. Can you not care about my father’s houseand me? The world is my hand and I will soon crush is like how an egg that iscrushed on the ground. Repent! I have spoken. This is my warning. Tell theidolaters, all murderers, fornicators, adulterers, smokers, drunkards and thosewho compromise my word. I will crush them and cast them into the lake of fireand their smoke shall rise up forever.

The Demon of Worldliness

Do not put onmarks.  At this, the demon said:“Humanity is doomed forever. Go and work demons”.  Do not bore holes in your ears, eyes, mouth,nose or paint any form of diagram or creation on your body (tattoo). Whosoeverdo these things, I will crush them like an egg and cast into the lake of fire.I the Lord have spoken and so shall it be.

Satanic symbols and Singing ofsecular music

Jesus exposedall the satanic symbols popularly used among celebrities such as showing thetwo horns with the fingers, the illuminati pyramid, keeping the index andmiddle finger up while keeping the thumb, ring and little finger down and keepingthe index, middle and ring finger up while keeping the thumb and little fingerdown. Tell those that are singing for the world because of money to stop andrepent and sing for me. Tell those doing these signs that I will cast them intothe lake of fire. Tell those listening to worldly music or music that does notglorify me. They shall be cast into the lake of fire. [Jesus shows the image ofthe dragon behind worldly music that dwells inside people that sing worldlymusic and fills their mouths with such music which is of the illuminati]

Warning to Moslems

Tell thosemoslems worshipping any god apart from me that they will be cast into theeternal lake of fire. [Jesus shows the image of the demon behind Islam]

Demon of Horror Films

Tell those thatwatch or act horror films that they shall be cast into the lake of fire. Manyof them are there. Tell those that are still watching horror films to repent orelse I shall cast them into the lake of fire. [Jesus shows the image of thedemon behind horror films]

Demon of Wrestling

Tell thosewatching wrestling films to stop because their soul is resting with demonswithout them knowing. I the Lord, I am the only one to save them.

Seeking after Miracles andBreakthroughs

Tell thoseseeking after miracles and breakthroughs to repent and seek for REPENTANCE.

Caution on Internet use

Tell thosebrowsing through the internet to be careful because demons are there capturingsouls for satan. [Jesus shows the image of the demon behind internet]

Church Leaders

Youth leaders,be careful how you rule the people under you because satan has fired darts todisorganize the youth. You general overseers (GOs) and assistant pastors thatpreach my word and don’t preach because of money, I will supply your needsaccording to my Father’s riches.

The Youth

Tell the younggirls and boys that are teenagers/youth to be watchful and prayerful becausesatan has sent millions of agents to destroy them. I am crying and pleading foryou before my father. I have sent my angel with a loud voice proclaiming: “Behold,the day of the Lord’s wedding is at hand. Repent, the Lord has spoken”.

Bimbo Odukoya in Hell

Remove anyartificial thing in your body because Bimbo Odukoya is in Hell crying for mercybut it is too late. When you are on earth, you have the chance to repent [Jesusshows the image of Bimbo Odukoya in hell fire crying for mercy].

Boy in hell for watching football

Tell thosespending time watching football and other activities to repent or else I willcast them into the lake of fire [Jesus shows the image of a boy in hell cryingout saying: “Jesus, have mercy on me. I will not spend my time on football andreject your word”. Jesus answered the boy: “It is too late, no mercy. It isonly on earth that there is mercy”].

People trooping to Hell

Jesus said:“Millions of people are trooping to hell. Tell the world to repent. My Father’shouse is empty [Jesus shows the image of people trooping to hell over whatseemed like a cliff]

Wordly dance

Tell those thatdance those dance that do not please me or my father that I will crush themlike an egg and be cast into the lake of fire. My Father rejects every dancethat does not agree with my Father and shall be cast into the lake of fire[Jesus shows the image of a young boy who is in hell because he danced “breakdance” or “halem shake” and this is what the boy is saying in hell crying:“Jesus, please have mercy on me. I am being tormented here in hell with a cane.Why can’t I stop this dance”. Jesus responded crying: “ Ah, Ah, will my blood Ished be in vain? Jesus shows an image of hell speaking the words: “The road tohell is broad. I am hell, I will receive millions of souls. And my son iscoming; satan and the dragon].

Demon of the Illuminati in the music industry

Jesus shows theimage of the god of the illuminati saying: “I am the god of the musicians whosing for me which is the illuminati”.

Someone in Hell for committing Adultery

[Jesus showsthe image of someone in hell for committing adultery saying: “Lord, have mercyon me”]. Then the demon tormenting him responded by saying: “When you were onearth, you committed adultery. Now you are begging. I have no mercy”. ThenJesus answered: “There is no mercy in hell; saith the Lord God”.

Words from people trooping to Hell

Jesus says:“See millions of people going to hell but few found in my Father’s house. Ihave spoken” [Jesus shows the scenery of some of the people trooping to helland what they are saying: “This place is unbearable”. “Where am I going to”. “Lord,I pay my tithes, I give my offering, I love children. I am doomed. I am doomed.I am doomed”. “Jesus, the fire is carrying me away. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”].Jesus now says to the world: “ONE MORE CHANCE TO REPENT. My marriage is athand. Repent before I come. May the grace of my Father rest upon the earth.Amen”. Afterwards, Jesus shows the image of a demon saying these words:“Believers, beware, I am coming. Lucifer has sent me”.

Idol worshippers and the RomanCatholic Church

Tell thoseworshipping idols especially the Roman Catholics that they should stop doingwhat they are doing or else I will crush them and cast them from my sight intothe lake of fire where there will be gnashing of teeth and their smoke willrise forever.

Jehovah’s Witness

Jehovah’switness, preach the truth or else, you shall be cast into the bottomless pit ofhell. [Jesus shows the image of the Jehovah witness church as a church imagewith the cross on top]

To All Churches

Tel thechurches that feel I am with them and condemn other of my chosen churches; theyshall be cast into the lake of fire. Tell those that are having big names likebishop, right reverend, most reverend, right bishop. I don’t know them withthat. I know them by their name. Pope John Paul is in hell pleading for mercy.Change from having big tittles and do my work. I the Lord have spoken. [Jesusshows the image of Pope John Paul saying this in hell: “Lord, have mercy on me.I will repent. I am doomed. I am doomed”].


Tell those whoattend festivals in the name of worshipping idols or in remembrance ofanything. I shall cast them into the lake of fire. Matthew 15:1-28. Jesus wrotea heavenly language and said this afterwards: “God has rejected humanity, andGod shall remove his earth and their adversary shall prevail which is thedevil”.

Husband, Wife and Children seekers

Tell thoseseeking for husbands and wives or for children. I will come to their aid. Tellthem to be strong for me because Satan has released his agents with darts todestroy them.


Tell those whoare in dispute with one another that if they do not agree, I will crush theminto the lake of fire. If one of them is ready to reconcile and the otherrefuse, tell that other person to reconcile with each other, him or her or elseI will crush him or her into the lake of fire. [Jesus shows the image ofsomeone with only one eye in hell for not reconciling saying: “Lord Jesus, havemercy, I am now ready to reconcile”. Jesus replies: “It is too late. You aredoomed forever. There is no repentance in hell”. After Jesus said that, the firein hell pulled her deep into the fire.


Tell those whosteal and did not return what they stole (which is restitution), shall be castinto the lake of fire. [Jesus showed the image of a woman in hell for stealingwithout restitution saying: “Lord, have mercy, mercy”. Jesus explains that;this woman collected match sticks from her neighbor and collected one stick andput it in her empty match box without telling her neighbor and that is why sheis in hell. Remember, tell those who steal to make restitution. [Jesus showsthe image of this said woman in hell fire].

Boxers and Wrestlers

Tell those whoare fighting to stop fighting or else I will send them into the lake of fire.[One man in hell fire for fighting pleads for mercy saying: “Lord, I willrepent from fighting”.  Jesus replies bysaying: “This man is in hell because of fighting all around the place. Tellthem to stop fighting. I have spoken and so shall it be”. Jesus shows the imageof this Chinese wrestler in hell fire]. Tell those who kill one another thatthat they should stop killing one another. [Jesus shows the image of two menfighting without end in hell fire and this is what they are saying: “Lord, havemercy, forgive me. I will not kill again, forgive us”. Jesus replies: “Thesemen killed each other on earth fighting. Now they are in hell fighting withoutend and they are tormented. It is too late, you are doomed. And there is norepentance here]. Tell those who kill each other or drink human blood shall becast into the lake of fire. I, the Lord have spoken.

Embezzlement of Money

Tell thepresidents and governors who embezzle money meant for the good of the people.[Jesus shows the image of a man in hell with all his face burnt with no hair,eyes or any organ on his face saying: “Lord, have mercy, I will repent”. Jesusreplies saying: “No, it is too late, this man embezzled money for only himselfand now he left them behind and now he is facing torment in hell].

False Justice

The reason whypeople who take bribe go to hell is because they did not give justice accordingto its course (Exodus 7: 1-25).


People whodivorce shall not enter my kingdom because a man and a woman that are marriedare suppose to be together forever.

False prophets

False prophetsshall come from hell to deceive humanity and many shall be deceived. This isone of the signs of my coming.

Taking of sweet substances

Tell thosetaking sweet substances; liquid or solid, to be watchful because some aresnakes and they can possess a person quickly. So be watchful.


Prepare forrapture. It will be like a dream. Come my faithful servants (Matthew 24:29-31).[Jesus shows the image of the rapture with believers being caught up in the airand a trumpet being sounded].

*De Lorex in hell

I am hell, you said you are the king of kings, thenwhy are you here? I will consume you forever. [Jesus shows the image of DeLorex in hell with a crown saying: “Lord, have mercy, I am not the king ofkings. Jesus replies saying: “This is De Lorex. This man made himself the kingof kings. There is no other king of kings except I and my father in heaven.That is why this man is in hell because he wanted to share my glory with him.That is why I struck him dead. There will be wars and earthquakes before Icome. I will heal the sick. I am answering the prayer of the rich man of old inhell. Keep on praising and I will rise with my flaming sword and fight.]

 More warnings

A man should not put on the attire of awoman and a woman, the attire of a man or harlot, silver, gold, attachment,changing of skin, painting of eyes, mouth or fixing of any artificial teeth(Proverbs 7:1-27). The Lord have spoken, now obey. I will curse them thatdisobey. [Jesus shows few sections in hell saying: “These are not all but Iwant to show you a little of it. Tell my chosen ministers that are preaching mytrue word and they are now compromising it. Tell them to change or else hell iswaiting for them”].


Tell those who are saying fashion doesnot mean anything that they mean a lot to me and they are journeying to hellwithout them knowing. I the Lord have spoken. Satan will use fashion to capturemillions of souls. Therefore beware, I have spoken again.


Tell those pastors who put any form ofdiagram in their altars and call my name that I am angry, I will send them tohell and with the demons. Remember I told you, strive to enter, strong inspirit to stand the fiery darts of the devil.

Parties and Burials

Remember, there will be lots of partiesall around the place. Be watchful because satan will capture souls through thatbecause he made arrangements of that. Therefore beware of parties you attend;birthday or burial; I have spoken.

Tell those who live in sin to repentbefore I come. If they do not repent and I meet them like that, I shall castthem into the bottomless pit of hell. Tell those who are greedy and think onlyabout themselves and forget others; I will pay them in their on coin. I havespoken.

Those who commit Abortion

I created sex for married men andwomen. But people that are not married indulge in it. If they knew that theyare not ready yet, why did they do it? After getting pregnant, they kill theinnocent in the name of abortion. That is one sin upon another and I shalldouble their torment in hell and their smoke shall rise forever. No aborterswill enter my kingdom. In hell, demons will pierce their wombs and privateparts.

Negative Words

Tell those who pronounce negative wordson their children or any other person. Their mouths will be taught how topronounce negative words in hell with demons piercing their mouths and theircry shall rise forever because I told you pronounce positive words.


Tell those who gossip and are gossipingone another that they should stop doing that and repent. If they do not repentI shall bound them and cast them into the lake of fire. Prepare, I am comingvery soon. I the Lord have spoken (Matthew 7:1-6).


Tell the occultist to repent and I willbe their father. There are millions of souls in hell and few that are in mykingdom.


Tell those keeping boyfriends andgirlfriends to repent or shall cast them into the burning furnace of hell.Millions of them are in hell. Satan is coming. Be prepared and stand firmbecause satan is coming with anger to deceive humanity. Therefore humanity isdoomed. As for my sheep, I shall be with them and I will not leave them.

Club leaders

Tell those club leaders to stop doingwhat they are doing such as Pink ladies. Those that support them or anyinternational clubs such as Man U which is the red devil. How can someone say Iam the red devil? Oh Oh, my blood that I shed is in vain.


Tell all those practising all manner ofenchantment and witchcraft to stop and repent or else I will destroy them in atwinkle of an eye. I have spoken and so shall it be.


Tell those who are seeking for powersfrom any god or deity be watchful because some are going to India, Ghana and Djibouti,Italy to take power and they will many. Therefore be watchful and pray and Iwill be with you. Amen. I the Lord have spoken (Romans 16:1-27)


Tell those playing games on phone orany media to stop because demons possess them without them knowing. Fewexamples are war of the titans, prince of Persia, mortal combact and otherdemonic games. I have spoken and so shall it be. I am not a God of confusion,it is left for you to choose whether to spend eternity in heaven or hell. Thereare two books in my hand. It is left for you to choose. So you have decided, soshall it be.


Tell those who covet the property of mychurch and the poor; shall be cast into the lake of fire burning forever. Ishall come very soon; decide before I come. Dont make me angry; because if Iget angry, the earth and humanity cannot stand it; you and the churches.

Using Talents to make money

Tell those making money with thetalents I gave them and their hearts’ desire to stop or else I will take awaytheir talent and give it to another and cast them into the lake of fire(Matthew 25:14-30)

Founder of the Satanic Church

Anton LaVey; founder of the satanicchurch has deceived many. Therefore beware. He is doomed. I will kill himgradually. He is not a human being. He, his son, his wife are demons. Thereforebeware of the prophets of the endtime. Olumba has decided to contend with meand I am the uncontendable King of kings. Therefore I will strike him dead likehow I did to *De Lorex. Beware, beware, beware.

Many warnings

Remember in the last days, there shallbe many unbelief. Remember like I said, I will pay everyman according to his orher works or coin. Whosoever shall neglect the work or commission given to himor her with my wrath and my curse shall not depart from his or her household.He who loveth his soul shall do it but he who hated his soul, I shall fill his bellywith my full wrath forever in hell. I did not create hell for humanity, Icreated hell for satan and the fallen angels. But humanity has made my blood Ished to be in vain. That is why millions of souls are in hell but a few are inmy Father’s house. Be careful the way you handle my sheep; so that my wrathwill not come upon you but make me happy and I will clothe you with fine linenin my Father’s house.

Remember, I and the devil are like twolions fighting to defend their territory. But I, the lion of the tribe ofJuday, I shall prevail and the earth shall be shaken in the battle. My servantshave given place to the devil and that wicked woman Jezebel. Therefore will mywrath be kindled seven times upon my chosen churches I painfully paid for with myblood. Many will desire the things of this world, but few will desire desirethe things of my Fathers’ house. Prepare! The feast of the Lord is at hand.Remember, in the last days, many shall be deceived and they shall wander afterthe beast. Therefore be strong and I shall be with you even to the end of theworld and be of good courage (Joshua 1:8).

Artificial nails

Tell those fixing artificial nails torepent and change or else, if they die with that, they cannot enter my kingdombecause they are like lions in my sight and I will not let them enter mykingdom so that they will not come and tear my sheep apart in my kingdom.Therefore repent.

Prepare, you might not know when Ishall come. Those that ask for mercy, I shall show mercy and I will wipe away theirtears forever. The world is wicked and is destroying many. Remember, in thelast days, I will separate the sheep from the goats. It is left for you tochoose; whether goat or sheep. Let him that thinketh he stand firm without me,shall surely fall (1 Corinthians 10:12).

The late Benson Idahosa in hell

My beloved son Benson Idahosa is in hell. I loved him but he rejected my love. I did not want him to go to hell before; but he was the one that chose himself. I will not call any man according to his title but according to his name. Whosoever that wants to be my soldier must be strong and ready for me. Prepare for me and be ready because you might not know when the end shall come. I am warning humanity or else I will doom humanity forever. Oh Oh Oh my blood shall not be in vain. Prepare, Behold, my judgement will soon come and there will be no remedy. When a mandies, then judgement. After judgement, it is left to him to descend to hell or ascend to heaven. It is left for you to decide whether to ascend or to descend. I shall hear and answer the cry of my very elect. I shall stand with my flamingsword and I will defend my very elect from the darts of the devil and satan andhell. I have heard the voice of my very elect and I shall stand for them tillthe end of this wicked world. But as for my very elect, stand strong so thathell will not prevail over you. The grace that thou sleekest shall I deliverunto thee. May my spirit dwell with thee and the will of my father. I shallgather my sheep in the last days to myself.

More warnings to Pastors

Tell those holding programs ofmiracles, breakthroughs, prosperity and other desires to stop and preachsalvation and save their souls from hell. I will bless them according to mywill. There is great things awaiting those who do and thirst after the will ofmy father. There shall be many interferes. Whosoever sin against me and myfather shall be cast into the lake of fire burning forever. And I repeat, tellthose answering to titles that I do not know them with that but according totheir name and their works. I love humanity but humanity has rejected my loveso I have left them to go their own way. But for my sheep, I shall gather themto myself. Remember, there is nothing too hard for me to do. [Jesus shows ademon and this is what the demon says: “I need souls; humanity is doomedforever”]. Therefore, go into the four corners of the world and preachsalvation.

Students and children

Tell those students in schools, to mindthe kind of friends they keep because some are demons sent to destroy many.Therefore be warned. All my blood will be given grace. Beware of the way totrain your children and be watchful of whom you hand them over to. I havesealed them for my purpose but because of carelessness of the caretakers (i.e.parents), many of them are destroyed. Be watchful and prepared like a soldierready for battle. Stand firm and be strong and hold your peace and I will fightfor you (Exodus 14:14). As for my elect, take all my armor and be strong sothat you will stand against the fiery darts of the devil (Ephesians 6:12-13).

Warning to a known “pastor” in Nigeria andothers of his kind

If you say: “Tell him to shut up”. Andhe claims I gave him that work; I did not give him that work. His father thedevil gave him that kind of work. I am not the god of apron or anything heuses. They are given to him by his father the devil. Not only him but othersare included that are given powers by their father the devil and my wrath shallkindle against him and others who have the power of their father the devil.There is no grace for him and the others that are included and shall cast theminto the bottomless pit of hell and my wrath shall fill their belly day andnight. Remember, grace is not given to all. I will therefore hear the cry of myvery elect and I shall save them. If you want me to save them, keep on prayingand I shall rise with my flaming sword and I and Micheal and the souls of warand fight to deliver them. Remember in the last days, many shall flee from thetruth. Remember I told you in the 10 commandments that if thou knowest thatthou has bowed down thyself to anything, thou shall come and ask for mercy andI will receive thee. That is a lie from the pit of hell. If any man repents, Ishall cover him with my wings. Therefore the battle is not yet over until theson of man shall come with his reward, blessing or wrath. Shall humanity evermake my wrath to be on the earth forever?

Do not slumber

Arise from thy sleeping for the LordJesus is coming. If you want to be like me, therefore obey my commandments andalso to make my kingdom. I have been using matured people; still humanity didnot believe. But now I am using a tender he everyman child. Will humanity stillbelieve? Let every man think about the judgement awaiting him or her for hellor my kingdom. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but he that endurethto the end, the same shall be great. I repeat, a man that sleepest is not fitfor my work. I have warned you, if thou sleepest, there shall not be mercyuntil the end of the judgement day. Be not troubled with many things likeMartha. A man who is like Martha cannot fit into my agenda. There is a place Ilaugh and a time I am not. Whoever decides to walk with my message shall notlook back. He that dipeth his hand into the blood and look back is not fit formy purpose. I am not the God of confusion. Remember, don’t let my wrath bekindled or else the earth and humanity cannot stand my wrath. Do not panic. Iwill stand and defend you. If thou know that thou art repent, then change andkeep my commandments. [Jesus shows the image of a demon saying: “We shallpierce humanity here in hell. It has just began with humanity and we are readyto receive many into hell.”]. Let every man stand firm with his sword andshield and be prepared for battle against the beast and the darts he has shot.[Jesus shows the image of another demon saying; “I am ready to devour souls].

Therefore, let every man gather his strength to stand the darts of satan andthe fallen angels. I just showed you these diagrams so that humanity willrepent and know what is going on in hell as satan and the fallen angels arepreparing to devour millions of souls. Remember death can come at ay time. Thatis why I say be prepared. I don’t want humanity to be doomed forever. Let theman that loveth his soul be sober and repent. But a foolish man hated his soulto condemnation. Let no man rise above his measure or else I shall pull himdown totally. I have spoken and so shall it be. It is not to say with mouththat I will ascend but strive and work after it to enter my kingdom. In thelast days, many shall think they have increase in knowledge but they are stupidand ignorant. Therefore let no man deceive you to hell. Not to look at picturesbut to read and understand. Do not lie that ye understand and meanwhile youunderstand nothing. Just as you have heard, so shall it be. Many shall bedeceived unto condemnation and they shall flee from the truth and they aredoomed. Many of my very elect have fallen and have disappointed me. Thereforeshall my wrath be kindled against them a hundred fold. Remember the time ofmercy is running out. These are stubborn generation of vipers. Like I said inthe last days, many shall argue about the truth. This shall happen to fulfilscriptures. Let every man beware. That is why I say return to the first love yehave fallen away in the beginning of the Gospel. Like I said many shall seekafter the things of this world but few shall seek after the things of myfather’s house.


Beware of the kind of cartoons yourchildren watch because there are demons capturing souls for satan. Remember inthe last days, there shall be many distractions and disillusions and many shallwander away into hell.

Be Prepared

[Jesus shows a demon and this is whatthe demon is saying; “It is time. Lets go and finish humanity once and for allbecause we have a short time]. Therefore, I am warning humanity. Beware, bewareand repent for my coming is at hand. Let him that don’t want to lose his occupationto strangers repent and do my will. Let every man prepare awaiting his or hercourse to face it on my judgement; whether blessing or wrath. It is left foryou to decide; blessing or my wrath. Behold, thou art a generation of vipersand many shall be destroyed. Their fathers are vipers and they have destroyedmy very elect. That is why thou art a generation of vipers. If thou do not wantto be a part of the punishment given to their father that are vipers, thereforerepent and seek my mercy and I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy oneven unto my very elect. The mercy that thou seekest, I shall grant according tothe will of my father in heaven. Men that are like Martha are not fit for myagenda. In the last day, like I said, I will pay every man according to hiscup, work and coin.


Tell those ministers saying come as youare and do not preach to my sheep on how they should dress. My wrath shall bekindled against them. Tell those ministers who please themselves and will notrepent or else I shall cast them into the eternal lake of fire. My judgement isupon the earth already; so repent and change. I will repeat; after death isjudgement where the carcases, where the eagle is present. Therefore so shallthe eagle feed on the flesh of those that did not repent and obey me. Let noman therefore be mindful and lust after the things of this world but of thethings of my father’s house. Therefore, I will hearken unto the voice of myvery elect. Oh Oh humanity, I love you but why have you rejected me and wanderafter the beast and the dragon. Remember I said in the last days many shall bedeceived to condemnation. Therefore, why has my very elect forsaken me? Shallthey make me wrath always and not to please me? Oh Oh my chosen elect hasfallen and I shall raise him up that ask for my help.

Demon behind accidents

He is the commander general of thedevil’s army and his name is BEZEBOC. [Jesus shows the image of Bezeboc saying;“I shall bring millions of blood to my master Lucifer. I am Bezeboc]. Therefore,you believers learn to pray before encountering yourself in a journey and dressas a Christian and let your character be as a Christian character because satanhas sent his blood sucking demon Bezeboc to bring blood for him to use.Therefore beware and pray earnestly because Bezeboc has already fired darts tocause accidents. Therefore let my name be praised. It is by my mercy that thouart alive till this day.

Demon behind confusions in the Church

JOZEBOC; a brother to Bezeboc is the secondcommander general of the devil’ army. [Jesus shows the image of Jozeboc saying;“I shall destroy many churches and bring their soul to my master Lucifer]. Thisdemon Jozeboc is the one causing confusions in the members of the church whichresults in fighting, quarrels, disputes, divisions which will lead them tocondemnation. As for you my churches, stand firm and be strong and give no paceto the devil and his fallen angels because satan has fired darts to disorganisemy chosen churches. T\his demon shall deceive many unto condemnation in thelast days. If anyone offend you, learn to forgive and not accuse. Dont be likethe accuser of the brethren; the devil. Let every man be strong and sharpen thecountenance of each other lest he should fall. Remember, I am not the God ofconfusion. Let every man mind his cause and not mind the course of his fellowhuman being because every man has his own course on the judgement day. Letevery man be mindful of the kind of words that come out of his mouth. Becauseif I have changed somebody’s name and you still go as far as mentioning thatperson’s old name, when thou knowest that his name has been changed, I shall beangry with that person unless that person ask for mercy, I am still angry.Therfore repent and change. Let the rough roads smooth, let the mountains beturned to ground, let the water become land and let every bend road straightand let the heaven smooth and let the remnant of the earth free and let the earshaken for the day of the Lord’s feast is at hand. I have warned you not to usenegative words on anybody. Remember, the soul that sinneth shall surely die.Let no man be worried about Jonathan but about him or herself because Jonathanis already doomed. A man that is afraid for his soul for my sake, his soul shallbe saved. He that laugheth at a soul that repents is foolish. He that ask formercy, there shall be mercy. Let every man pray for the salvation of his souland for the soul of others. I am the Lord God of orderliness. If I did not lovehumanity, would I have come and died? Will humanity not be doomed forever? Uponmy love, humanity sees it as nothing. Did you know what it takes for me to shedand blood and to pay the price for thy soul? But they tat ask for mercy, Ishall show mercy. Whosoever that ask for sanctification, I shall givesanctification. If it is not from thine heart, I will not deliver.

Words from Lucifer and Jesus’ response

[Jesus shows the image of Luciferhimself saying; “No! Humanity cannot be saved from my hand. I am Lucifer. No,No , No. Linda did her own damage, Ezekiel Moses did his own damage, MichaelSambo did his own damage. Abraham Yakubu did his own. No, No, No. Now thislittle boy Ogenetega Samuel Emmanuel wants to cause me damage. Bezeboc andJozeboc, prepare the army for battle. This must not happen. Prepare for battle.No, No, No. I was once cast out from heaven. Now I am in my kingdom which ishell fire. What have I done to deserve this damage? It is only humanity thatchoose hell. No, No, I shall be prepared for battle. I am Lucifer and no onecan take away humanity from my hand. No! Humanity cannot be saved from my hand.I am Lucifer.

Jesus now answers Lucifer saying; “Ithe Lord of host rebuke you satan. Did you shed your blood for their soul? Youwicked and unfaithful servant of my father’s house. You wanted to overthrow myfather and you did not succeed and you were cast away. Why are complaining? Ishall kill you with my flaming sword of fire in our battle array at our lastday of my father’s judgment. And my father shall be seated in heaven and watchI and you and your army fighting and I shall prevail over there and the name ofmy father shall be glorified.

[14 year old Samuel Emmanuel Ogenetaga addsthat by the time he completed the drawing of Lucifer, he almost died, he becameheavy like a bag of sand, no one could carry him because at that particulartime, he was very weak].

Do not be afraid son, I am with theeand Lucifer cannot overcome thee because I have chosen thee.  [Jesus shows the image of the serpent of oldwith seven heads saying: “This little boy cannot bring down my kingdom and Iwill devour him]. Jesus responds; “You have failed and I am with him with myflaming sword to defend him and I will use whom I want to use to bring down youand your master.

More warning to some renowned publicfigures and pastors

Look at Barack Obama. Many of my ministers made a mistake by praying him into win the election. He has deceived my ministers that he is a Christian and myministers follow him because of material things. Now is he obeying? Only thatwhat my ministers have done is enough to send them to hell. But because of mylove, I am  still waiting for them torepent. Yet they do not want to repent. Obama is not a human being; he is ademon. Now my people are suffering over there in America. Now he has given anorder that gay, lesbians and homosexuals should be given their right. I willdestroy him and the ministers that agree with him. Ayo Oritsejafor is included.

Tell Saint Dikeji Miyerijesu to renounce that title he is answering asthe bishop of the whole world. He is not preaching the true gospel to my sheepand he is still answering the title as the bishop of the whole world and thediagram he is using. That is why I am angry about him. TD Jakes and DuncanWilliams are included.

Tell TD Jakes to also preach holiness and righteousness to my sheep andhe should change from his wordliness. DuncanWilliams is included. Morris Cerullois included. Isaac Idahosa is alsoincluded. Godwell is also included. Olukoya is also included. E.A. Adeboye is also included. I amwarning humanity again. Will they still believe? Why art thou complaining?Remember like I said, I will pay every man according to his own coin. All theseministers and other of my ministers. Tell them to repent because they areworldly and they are compromising my word. [Isaiah52:1-15, Isaiah 56:1-12, Isaiah 62:1-12, Isaiah 63:1-19, Isaiah 55:1-25,Jeremiah 7:1-29, Jeremiah 6:1-30, Jeremiah 5:1-31, Jeremiah 2:1-37, Jeremiah11:1-23, Jeremiah 16:1-13, Jeremiah 19: 1-15, Colosians 3: 1 to the end,Jeremiah 25:15-38, Ezekiel 21:1-32, Matthew 5:1-48, Matthew 10:1-42, Exodus21:33-36, Exodus 22:1-15].


I hate carnivals with a passion hatred.But humanity see it as a way of celebration and they love it more than me.Therefore, the world is already finished.


Tell those answering Achan to changethat name because Achan is a rebellious ape in the biblical history. In thebook of Joshua 7:1 to the end.

In the last days, I shall destroy manyinto condemnation because of their rebellion. All these kind of witchcraft,games, cartoons and all those demonic things originated from a film calledHarry Porter. That is why  I said, manyshall lust after the things of this world but few will find my father’s house.

Careful with artistry

Tell those tha are drawing any diagramor creation that does not glorify me. I shall cast them into the lake of fire.Infact, nobody should draw because some of these artist are demons and arecapturing souls for satan. Therefore repent and beware.


Tell the prostitutes to repent and trunaway from their way of life and I will put them under my care. If they do notrepent and change, I shall cast them into the lake of fire. Millions of themare in hell. Tell those boys and girls that are gay, lesbians and homosexualsthat they should repent and call for deliverance. But if they refuse and didnot repent, I shall cast them into the lake of fire when they die. There aremillions of them in hell.

Worldliness among the Youth

Tell those boys and girls that areworldly that I shall cast them into the lake of fire. Some of those things theydo are: low waist, swag. These are demonic method satan use in getting millionsof souls and many of them even do it right in church. How will my wrath not bekindled against them and my ministers?


Tell those who are proud and look downon another as poor man that they should repent and change because everybody areone in my father’s house. Therefore repent.

Warning to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Tell Chris Oyakhilome to repent or elsemy wrath shall be kindled against him because of his worldliness, compromisingand did not preach the truth and the whole message. I shall cast him and hisbrother into the lake of fire. Their great grandfather is in heaven regretting.In fact, Christ Embassy is not my church and I know it as Anti-Christ Embassy.I the Lord have spoken and so shall it be.

Warning to T.B Joshua

Tell T.B. Joshua to repent from hisworldliness and the worldliness of his members. And he should preach salvation,holiness and righteousness to my sheep. Out of the whole congregation, there isno one qualified for heaven. I have spoken




  1. What do we go now? I have had a lot of encounter with the Lord about the end time, rapture and issues about the end time. Jessica have mercy and show us your way


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