4th Divine Revelation of Heaven and Hell [Wickedness in the World] – Richard Antwi

On Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 around midday, I was listening to a message being preached to by one pastor on the FM, Pastor Bassey Egura with my brother. And I was laying on the veranda where I do some of my works. All of a sudden, I felt that my feet were cold as if somebody had touched me with a cold hand. But initially, I thought it was a brother who had been worrying on certain times called Steven. So, I did not take much pains to look around. But later on, I saw that the coldness was taking over my entire body and before I could realize, my spirit was out of my body.

When my spirit came out of my body, I immediately saw my friend Jesus standing by my side and He said to me that most at times I have been accusing Him that many people have been going to Hell and I do not understand. And therefore, He’s taking me to that place to show me what is going on.


The Lord took my spirit to a congregation, a church that was worshipping, a congregation of about fifty. Among them was a lady who had dressed in a worldly manner with the breast showing, part of the breast showing. She had painted the face, make up, fingernails, etc., etc. What I saw was that the pastor of the church called this lady and said that he wanted to pray for that lady because there was a demonic spirit tormenting that lady.

What the Lord showed me was that, when the pastor who said that he was going to deliver the lady from the demonic attack called the lady, he placed the hands upon the breasts upon the lady because the breast was already showing up. Then the pastor started massaging the breasts as if he was praying for the lady. And the lady was also moving here and there as if she was struggling, being delivered of that demonic attack. The lady started shouting as if she was responding to the prayers being offered by the pastor. Many other people were also praying to help that the lady would be delivered from that demonic attack, not knowing that the pastor was just massaging the lady’s breasts. All of a sudden, the Lord showed me the nakedness of the pastor and I saw that the pastor then spoiled himself as a result of what was going on.

The pastor then embraced the lady and started saying in the name of Jesus that the demonic spirit should leave the lady. The Lord said, “Look at this”. The lady fell down. The Lord said, “Look at what is going on. They are using My Name in doing all these evil things”.

When the service was over this sister met one lady and said, “Today in fact our pastor has delivered me of the spirit husband or demonic forces that have been worrying me. He has really prayed for me and I am now free”! The other friend responded by saying: “Then, your pastor is very good”. She said, “Yes, as for my pastor he is more than fire”.

The Lord made me in the spirit to follow the lady who after moving from the church premises took her phone and called the pastor and said, “Oh pastor, in fact today you did not satisfy me at all. I did not receive what I wanted at all”. The pastor said, “Don’t worry. I am going to let you be happy. It will be better in the evening. So, you don’t worry. Because now there is money and you will be very happy”.

Then the pastor told the lady to meet in a particular place in the evening. They themselves know where they’ll be meeting in the evening so that they will continue whatever conversation they have started.


Then the Lord took me to another church. A church that is very big, that I have been seeing on TV. I have been seeing it on National Studios.

Then I saw the pastor performing so many miracles in his church; he normally performs so many miracles in the church. The Lord just waved His hand and a big screen appeared for me to see what he usually does before going to the church to perform such miracles. On the screen the Lord showed me to see that every morning before they go or they attend the church service, the pastor called all of his junior pastors together in his house. They enter a certain room in his house where they cover themselves with at red cloth and then they will be drinking human blood from a special cup. All of them will be drinking it. After drinking it, the pastor would share certain hankies to them. All the junior pastors would have yellow hankies and then the one that reads his Bible quotations for him would take a white hankie and the pastor himself would take a white hankie. That is what they use to go to perform their miracles.

When the Lord showed me, I saw the kind of miracles they were performing at the church service. The Lord said, “Richard, have you seen? If such people come to me and I do not accept and throw them into Hell fire, is it sinful? Have I committed any sin at all”?


The Lord then took me to a very nice house with cars parked there. When I entered the house, I saw a woman with all the make up, painted with hair-do styles that we usually know, colored ones, in the kitchen cooking. It got to a point that the woman picked a substance from the kitchen cabinet then she applied a little of that substance into the food that she was cooking then mixed it up, covered it nicely and served it on the table. After serving, she shouted to call someone, “Pastor! Pastor! I have finished the food”. The pastor responded, “Yes my dear”. So, I responded, “Hey! So, is this woman a pastor’s wife that she is doing this to the husband”? “Yes” [Responded the Lord].

After the pastor had taken in the meal, the mind of the pastor got changed. Everything just geared toward the woman. He started praising the woman, “You are the most wonderful woman on earth”! In fact, he said, “I am going to use you even Sunday to preach, to teach and to tell them that there is no woman like you. I’m going to use you to do that, to do calendar, to do this, to do so many things”! The woman was happy and she was using the hand to go through the head of the man. The man came like in control.

And the Lord showed me that the woman entered her room where she had kept the JuJu that she is using to charm the husband. When the woman entered there to go and thank the JuJu that has helped her, the pastor was just relaxing. I believe he was using toothpick removing the leftover in the teeth or using the hand the scratch the belly that in fact [he said,] “that God has given me a wonderful woman”.


The next place that the Lord took me to was a market where a woman was counting money. The Lord also took me to the woman who was counting money and I saw a very tiny child, very weak and sick. By that sick child, was a caretaker who was a lady sitting by her. That caretaker lady took her phone to call the woman in the market counting money to tell the lady that her child is sick so she should come.

The Lord waved the hand and a big screen appeared for me to see. What I saw on the screen was that the caretaker lady fed the child alright and when the child was well fed, she placed the child on the sofa of the house. While the child was sleeping, this caretaker lady turned into a very big snake went and then started squeezing or sucking the blood of this young girl with the mouth of the snake to this child’s mouth, sucking all the blood of this young girl. After she had finished, she turned back into a human being, took her phone, called the mother because after she had sucked the blood the little girl started having high temperatures and other experiences. So, she took the phone to call the mother at her working place at the market [and said] “that your child is sick. Please come quickly”.

What I saw was when the woman came from the market, she saw at the nostrils and then the mouth of the child that there was water and whatever. She thought that it was water from the mouth and the nose that were running down from the child. But, to me what the Lord showed me it was blood. It was as a result of the blood that the snake, the caretaker girl who turned into snake, sucked. That was the remaining drops over there, but the woman thought it was something that was coming from the nose and then the mouth. So, I was trying to speak to this woman, “Take your child away! Take your child away”! But it was as if she was hearing what I was saying, but at the same time, she felt reluctant because she said, “the market…the place is too hot so if I take her there at all it will not help at all”. So, she took some medicine from her bag, gave it back to this caretaker girl and went back to her business in the market.

When the woman left to a certain place in the market, the caretaker girl, that evil girl, just took the medicine and hid them somewhere in a room that the woman could not see. She did not give it to the sick child. I told the Lord, “Please. Let’s have mercy on upon the child”. The Lord said, “While even worry, if this child is to die, this child will come to me for she, the child, she is not having a problem — it is the mother that I am going to ask the blood of the child from”.

The girl who is serving as a caretaker, the Lord told me she attends the same church with that woman selling clothes in the market and that is why the woman employed her do that work, not knowing she was demon possessed. She has used her powers even to influence so many leaders of the church pastors, and church leaders, and many alike to fall in the grace.


The Lord then took me to a hospital in Accra in fact I don’t know there, I have never been there. In that hospital, I saw a grown up man who is around sixty eight years on one of the beds over there. When I saw this man, the Lord took me to in the spirit to the house of this man and I saw a young lady around twenty eight years who happens to be the wife of this sixty eight year old man and not knowing this lady all the time was grinding bottles and mixing it with the food of the man. That has caused the sickness of the man. Even while this man is sick and is on admission of the hospital, this lady is still doing it. She is grinded the bottle and placed a bit of it/mixed it with the food of the man. She was about to take this food to the man at the hospital just to kill him and finish him.

I told the Lord, “What this girl is doing! Please kill this girl so that she will not kill the man”. The Lord said, “No. I will not. In fact, the two of them, both of them they are responsible for what is happening. Both of them are responsible for what is happening. Why? Because the man had a wife and he divorced the wife, not taking care of the children, they are staying somewhere and he went in for this young girl. They are all in the same church and they say they are serving Me and now this girl has not given birth with this man, she thinks that the man is so old. She wants to do anyway with the man so that she can marry her equal to enjoy life”.


The Lord then took me to another point where a woman was selling cooked food, exactly rice. When the Lord opened my eyes, I saw this rice to be worms. Then the fish and meat were human parts and the macaroni were all worms that were being served to people who were buying it like mad people who were hungry to get something to eat. She happened to be a women’s leader in the church, women’s leader, women’s leader.

When the Lord showed me, I saw many people who were lined up and they were buying the food from this woman. When they buy the food they take it to where she has prepared for them to sit down and eat comfortably, eat the worms and human parts comfortably. In fact, what I saw that whosoever bought the food, prays over the food but it does not change. It remains as worms, as human parts and all that. So, I asked the Lord, “Why that?” The Lord said, “Such people who are praying over that food to make it wholesome, they are all not living a righteous life, so I cannot listen to them to help them change the food to a wholesome food”.

And I saw a woman and her child who also went and bought the food. And whilst the woman was giving, any time that the woman was giving a portion of the food to the child, the food turns to be real food, real rice. But when the woman is taking part of the food herself, it remains as maggots, worms and all that. And I asked the Lord, “Why? The same food, it is even this woman who bought and she is giving a portion to the child why is this happening so”? The Lord said, “Because for the Child there is no problem, she has not committed any sin. She is upright in His sight, but the woman is not righteous and that is why her portion of the food still remains as it is”.

The Lord held my hand and told me, “Have you seen the evils that are going on? And such people, they are all Christians. If they refuse to repent and they die, you want me to accept them? It cannot happen”. Then I came back to my normalcy on my bed, so that’s what happened.

God bless you. Amen.



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