5th Divine Revelation of Heaven and Hell – Richard Antwi

Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. –Jeremiah 6:16

Saturday on the 18th of January 2014, I was having certain rashes on me that made life a little bit unbearable during the afternoons because whenever I put on any dress, it would be itching me. But when I am without my dress or I am naked or remove my dress, I find it a bit easier. So that night while sleeping, I saw that the rashes were itching me so I removed my dress. But still it was going on so I removed my underwear to sleep naked. I went to bed naked and while sleeping on the bed even with the nakedness so that I could feel the air and it would make me easier to sleep, I felt a very strong shocked at my chest. Something hit me very strongly as if, something like I have heard something like electric shock. It happened again. What I realized is as I was going through that pain that was like electric shock, my spirit went out of the body. I saw my body lying there and my spirit standing nakedly without anything covering my nakedness.

What happened was that when I saw that I saw naked, I tried to reach out to take a dress from my room to cover my nakedness, but whatever I tried touching, I was not able to do that. Because I was in the spirit, I didn’t realize that I could not touch physical things. I tried as much as I could, but I could not touch any dress or cloth to cover my nakedness. So I decided to go out and see maybe when I go out of my room in my house, I may be able to find something to cover my nakedness. I went there, I could not hold on to anything outside there as well.

So I decided to go to town and find a dress or cloth to cover my nakedness although I was not holding money, but that was my decision. In the spirit realm if you decide to do a thing, instantly you are there doing that thing. So before I realized I was at town at a certain point.

I went to town alright as I said early on but I saw somebody selling a second hand clothing. I spoke with a person that I wanted to get a dress a dress from him, but he could not hear me so I decided to pick a dress and I could not pick it. I thought, “Ah, what is happening to me? I was naked in town”? When I turned around I saw other people, they were also naked. When I went to them I could feel them, but when I talked to them, they could not hear me. Nobody was answering me. Later, on I saw many people naked heading towards a direction so I said, “Let me follow them”. I was thinking they were going to a place to find cloth/some clothing to cover their nakedness.

As I joined them, we were going. I thought we were going to a place to find cloth so that we could cover our nakedness, but as we were going many people, many naked people were joining us, the number continued increasing and we went through an untarred road. When we entered that road, the people who I was traveling with who were also naked became so happy. They were jubilating, they were happy. Everything they were expressed—everything of theirs tells me that they were happy, but I was not happy. They were moving with a kind of force, they were moving with a force as if they had something ahead of them to go for, but I was so sad because I was naked whereas they were happy nakedly, jubilating, chanting, you know, doing all things all the way forward.

While we were going, we saw many people overtaking us. Many people overtook me in particular, they bypassed me. They were going in a very speedy form. They went ahead of me and I was also following until we got to a very vast area. If I could describe it, it was like an open stadium, a vast area. We all went and gathered there. While there some people with black dress covering there hold face, I saw them in the mist of the people that I was with.

What I saw was that those people wearing black dress, I could not see their faces. One of them brought a pulpit/a podium to a platform that was there and it was black. He brought a very big black book on that podium or pulpit. Thereafter, I saw an earthly person someone who’s hair, unkept hair, very brushy one, he started walking through us coming. People started shouting, jubilating that that man was coming. When he mounted the platform, they start jubilating; everybody was happy, but I was not happy because I saw myself as naked. All that I wanted something to cover my nakedness, so I couldn’t understand why the rest was so happy jubilating like that.

While they were jubilating and the man was promising them, “Oh, you will be happy. You are going to enjoy”—before I could realized a big gate just got open and fire came out of that place. A very strong fire came out of that place devoured all of the people and people started running for their life, but people could not run as fast as they came in (inaudible). But I was able to run faster than them and I was able to escape, but for them they tried, but they could not escape the fire. The fire engulfed all of them.

In fact, I was the only one who was able to run away from this fire from that big place that I said was about a stadium, but the remaining people, they were all burned/pulled into the fire. On my way coming, I met naked people still heading towards the fire direction. So I told them “Pease! There is fire there! Don’t go there”! But none of them in fact will listen to me. They went away, pushed me somewhere and they were all going to the direction of the fire.

While going, I met a group of people and I saw a certain young man. When I saw this young man, I pleaded with him even I knelt before him and told him “Please don’t go there. There is fire there”. He listened to me initially, but later on he turned around and followed the crowd and then he started moving towards the direction of the fire.

When I run from these people and I was pleading and none of them listen to me, I went to the beginning of the road to the see that there was an earthly man. He was having gray hair on his head, you could see that he had been pushed away and he was lying on the ground so I decided to go and lift him up.

When I went to the man and lifted him up. I told him, “Please, Papa I am feeling cold. I am not wearing anything, but you are wearing a dress. Please can you help me to find something to cover myself because I’m felling cold”? The man looked by his side and there was a small bag by his side; he opened it and brought a dress out. Low and behold it was my very dress that I used to wear at home to sleep that he gave to me. I said, “How on earth did you get this dress for me”? He laughed and he gave it to me. I collected it and put it on.

I asked the man, “Please, who are you? What is your name”? He said, “You just call me old man”. I said, “Old man? Okay. Let us go home. Let us go back”. But the old man said, “No. We are not to go back that way. We are to go back to where you are coming from?” I said, “Noooo! There, there is a serious fire that is burning people over there so we shouldn’t go there”. He said, “No. That is the way we have to take. When we get there we will not go into that fire, we’ll take another way”. I said, “Well, let us go”. So I followed him.

While we were going, we saw some of the people who were heading towards were the fire was coming towards so I was still trying to stop them from going into that place. But the old man told me, “Do not worry yourself. I have told you not to worry yourself. They will not listen. I have saw you trying to stop them all the way while you were coming, but you saw that they didn’t listen. They will not listen to you. I, myself, tried but they did not listen and they pushed me off. So do not waste your time”. While we were going in the direction of the fire, where the fire was coming from, I said, “Please, no. Where we are going is dangerous,” but he told me, “No. We will not go that way. There is a narrow way around that place. We will take that route”.

When we took that narrow path, we went then we got to a point where a corner where the fire was coming from, we meet that fire again. I said, “This place too,” but the old man told me, “You don’t worry, just follow me. I will take you to where I want us to go. I will not take you to that place”. So I have to follow him.

When we went a little a farther and the old man continued to encourage me not to be afraid. I thought the old man may be deceiving me, he might be one of those people who lived in that place, he’s just taking me to that fire, but he told me I shouldn’t be afraid. When we went a little farther I saw something like (inaudible) in containers, boiling up at such a place. A very big place something like (inaudible) it looks like (inaudible) boiling up at such a place.

When I saw the thing that was boiling like (inaudible) the old man told me, “You come let me show you a thing”. I asked the old man about what it was meant for? He told me, “These things that you are seeing is meant for people to use it on their body, you come and let me show you”. We came to a point where many women were found. I saw few men and few children. They were using this whole bleachment on their bodies. Their skin was just drooping like something. They were suffering and they were really shouting for help, for mercy but it was not there. The old man said, “These people are those while living on earth, they were people using so many creams and chemicals to bleach their bodies; this is what have been given them here. They have been giving something like bleachment here to continue bleaching and that is why there skin is coming down and they will continue in that state forever”.

He took me to another point where there was a very thick and thick dark smoke. The smoke was filled with the scent of pepper/peppi* [= may not be a proper translation due to the speakers accent]. It was if pepper/peppi was being burned there; it was a very thick and dark smoke. All that I could hear was the coughing of people; people were coughing within the smoke. I asked the old man, “What is happening here”? The old man said, “This place is reserved for people who used to smoke cigarettes on earth that is why that is what you are hearing. That is there place that is why they are coughing here”. In fact, it was a very serious place filled with pepper/peppi* all over. The people were suffering in that smoke and they were asking for help.

He took me to another point and it was similar to the early on point. A very thick dark pepper/peppi smelling smoke, although this one I saw that they were having something like fire in their mouth. They were smoking fire and they were trying hold it but they couldn’t. Smoke was everywhere to with fire in their mouths. I asked the old man, “Why are these people going through this?” The old man said, “These are the people who used to smoke marijuana while on earth. Weed. Weed Smokers. That is why they are enjoying whatever they are enjoying here. They will be in that state forever”.

He took me to another point where I saw a very big string being ejected into people’s body. The old man said, “These are those who used to taken in hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and other drugs on this earth. That is why they are pumping acid into them”. What they were pumping into them was acid and they were shouting of the power of the acid that was being pumped into them.

He took me to a place where I saw a very vast beautiment, a place with a vast beautiment that looks like a swimming pool. Many people where in it; many, many people were swimming in that and it was boiling like something on fire. People were suffering in that beautiment pool. I saw one person who called out for help. It was a young man that I met at the way and I asked not to follow the crowd but he refused and followed them. He asked for help, but I told him, “Wow. I really do not depend upon myself. I came here as a result of this old man. So I cannot do anything to help you. It’s this old man who even brought me here”.

He asked for help and I asked him, why he couldn’t listen to what I told him on the way? He said, that he thought that they were going to enjoy. That is why he refused to listen to me but now he’s asking that I should help him. But the old man told me that is what he wanted so I should leave because I was feeling the heat over there.

Now the old man took me to a new place where there I could feel the fresh air and I was very happy to have come to that place. At this point, the old man asked me, “How did I join the multitude that was on the broad way”? I then told him that as a matter of fact I didn’t join them, I wasn’t part of them. But I told him when I saw them I thought that they were going to a place to find a cloth or dress to cover their nakedness and I was also naked. That is why I joined them to also find something to cover my nakedness, not knowing they were going to a different place.

While I was speaking to them the old man laughed at me and suddenly he changed into my friend Jesus Christ. So I said, “Oh, is that you my friend Jesus”? He said, “Yes”. I said, “Why did you allow me to go through all that I went through if it was you”? He said, “Yes, it is true. It isn’t you alone who went through that suffering. I also suffered the same fate as you did”.

The Lord became quiet and became sad. He said [that] the reason why He’s sad is nowadays the world thinks that He’s old. That is why even on the way the people pushed Him aside even to the ground. They said, “He’s old and archaic and now they want modern things”. Modern Christianity, so everything today is modern but He is an archaic person, an old man—an old God. So they have all neglected Him and that is what has happened today.

When we went a little farther because now He has given me a dress to cover my nakedness and we gotten to a place where I could receive fresh air I was happy. He told me, “Richard, let’s go home”. We went to a certain compound and the place was nice. As we were going my heavenly garment got on me and I became like Jesus, looking very handsome, beautiful and then glorious. When we got to the gates of Heaven, the gate opened for us then we entered. When we entered the gate, I got to see a very beautiful garden that is beyond description with so many beautiful things in them in that garden. In fact, I could not describe it.

In fact when we entered and I saw those flowers, I was so curious and I wanted to fetch one of the flowers. When I tried touching it the flower spoke. He said, “Do not touch me! You are not yet ready to touch me”. I became shocked, “I said how on earth can a flower speak”? While was saying that/thinking that immediately my friend Jesus appeared and all the flowers bowed, the trees over there started bowing and singing a melodious song to praise Jesus. In the song, they were singing was like, “You are the Lord. You created all things though you did not create us in your own image but we praise you because you have used us to decorate your Heaven”. These are some of the words that were in the song that they were singing.

What happened that everything in Heaven is a living thing; that is nothing that is not living, there is life in everything the flowers, the tress and everything. While there I saw two angels approaching, they came to a particular tree to fetch some fruits. Immediately, the got there the tree just bowed before the angels and the angels plucked the quantity of fruits that they wanted. Immediately, the tree straighten out and stood at its rightful position again. It was so wondering to look at such a thing.

When we went farther a little, I saw three personalities looking so glorious. In fact the glorious looking personalities in part of the garden and they were singing also a wonderful song. In fact, the song was so nice that I wanted to learn it myself too. So I asked the Lord Jesus, “Could I please go to these people and talk to them”? He said, “Yes. You could go”. So I went to the first person and talked to them.

I asked the first person that I spoke to teach me that song. He said, “Oh, I cannot teach you because it’s not made for people like you, until you come here”. I said, “Ah, I am here”. He said, “No. You are just a visitor. So until you come here finally, you cannot sing. This song is always song for our Most High God whenever we see our Lord and Master, we sing this song to praise Him. So it’s not meant for people like you”.

So I proceeded and asking the name of this first person and he said his name is John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church. So, I became surprised that I asked him, “So oh! You are the one whose church is everywhere on this planet earth”? He said, “Yes. It was through him the Lord did that great work”.

Then John Wesley told me that yes through him the Lord did that great work establishing the Methodist Church on all the planet earth, but he is now not happy at all. Why I asked? He said, “The Lord has given him now a big city where all members of his church who listen to the teaching that they Lord gave him and he has reserved it for the church who listen will in that faith serve the Lord faithfully and die and suppose to come to that city where he is heading, but he has found out of late, nobody is coming. Except those that died in the olden days, they came and they are with him over there. But of late, people die, though members of his church, they do not come there; they are going to Hell. So I should try as much as possible to go and tell them to serve the Lord faithfully that when they die they will be able to come there”. I said, “Ah, I am not part of your church. How can I go and do that”? He said, “When you go and you say it, I know some of them will listen and when they die they can join me here”.

The next person that I went to talk to was a woman. I asked the woman to also teach me the song; she also said no, she could not teach me because it was not meant for me. I asked her her name. In fact, while there talking to her, the Lord Jesus appeared because while talking to her I could not see, I can’t just explain it. The Lord appeared there waved the hand and a big screen appeared and on the screen was a big t-shirt of Philippa on earth. On that t-shirt on Philippa, my sister Phillppa on this earth, there is a photograph of an old lady on that and under that photograph they have written “Sweet 16”. So the Lord showed me that picture of Phillppa on this earth. The Lord said, “That is the woman”. I said, “Ah, but that woman is an old lady on Phillppa’s t-shirt”. So I turned the woman and she said, “Yes. I am the one. I am Auntie Grace, Sweet 16 of Edumfa. I said, “Oh so you are the one? But you were old, how could it be that you are looking so glorious and so young. The woman told me it is the doing of the Lord. I cannot lie to you, I am Auntie Grace. I am Sweet 16. It is the doing of the Lord that has revealed it to you. It is truly. I am the one that Edumfa”.

Then Auntie Grace told me that though it has not been long since she’s been there, the people who she is having in her domain, in her city, they have not made it. So when I come to earth I should tell people, the church at Edumfa that they are to serve God in righteousness and holiness so that they will be able to join her over there because that is the only way that they will be able to join her at that place. I should spread the message. She added that I should try and do that because it’s difficult for today Christians to serve Christ well in holiness and in righteousness to make it to Heaven so I should try and do my part.

The next person that I went to, that is the third person that I went and ask that he should also teach me the song. He said he could not teach me because it is not meant for people like me. So I then proceeded to ask of his name. He told me is McKeown the founder of the Church of Pentecost. I said, “Oh, you are the founder of the Church of Pentecost, but you…your picture that I seen, you are very old. How come you are looking so young”? In fact, the man was looking very young and glorious, he was looking very young and glorious than even my very self. So I was wondering? He told me, “Yes. Here there is no old person here. When you come here with your oldness with your deformity, the Lord changes you. You become a brand new person”.

What he told me was that he’s also not really fully happy because he has a vast place and many mansions over in the city that he is headed and people who died in times past were coming from the Church of Pentecost were coming to his city, but nowadays he says, “They are not coming”. I said, “How are they not coming”? He said, “Yes. They are dying but they are not coming”.

Then he told me, “I am his great grandson.” I said, “Ah. You”? He said, “Yes. You are my great grandson and your pastor is my grandson”. I asked, “Do you know my pastor?” He said, “Yes, I know him”. He said your pastor is pursuing the very part of which the Lord also took me through. Tell him and his church members that they should continue on the path they’ve taken. If they are able to do that they will come to where I am. They will come and enjoy themselves. They should serve the Lord the way the Lord has asked them. They should do it as I did it and the Lord brought me here. When they do that they will also come here so tell your pastor and the church members. Again, he added that “tell your pastor that he is my hope; that he will work hard and bring many souls to this kingdom so I have my trust, my hope in him that he will not turn from the right path. Go and tell your pastor to do that. He and the church that he has founded or the church that he is leading that is Heaven Seeker’s Ministry; they should walk on the path of righteousness and holiness that that will take them to where I am”.

He told me that the path that the Lord created or made for him when was here and that same path that he left for the church before going now those who came later on have made their own path. They have taken their own way instead of walking on the path that God gave me and He gave to the church. They have taken their own path and it is leading to somewhere else.

It was now time for them to take me around their cities, so John Wesley was to take me around. In fact, he took me to a very nice city and he showed me so many places. I walked on a very nice golden street. I was happy, but they did not express happiness, perhaps because they have walked on for several times; they have enjoyed themselves like I am enjoying myself already. Now when we got to John Wesley’s city, where he is the head over there, I saw some people with him. But I could see that he is the head because the others that were there look like they were a bit younger than him and he as a bit grown up than them, but he was not old, but a bit grown up than they were. He told me all these mansions sitting here are waiting for the people so I should go and tell the people to go and try to come here.

When he said I should come and try to spread the good news that people will come and serve the Lord faithfully and die and come to where the Lord has assigned to him as a city. I told him, “Ah, I am not going back. I am staying here”. Then he started shaking his head asking “that you please do what I’m asking of you”.

The next person to take me to her mansion was Auntie Grace. She also took me to a very nice city and I saw few people there and she told me, “Only few people are here with me. So please since I came I have not being seeing them, go and tell them that they should live a holy and righteous life so that they will be able to make up to Heaven and join me here so that we will enjoy together. Go and tell them for me when you get back to the earth. You know that I cannot go back to the earth because I have finished my work there”.

The last person to take me was McKeown. He took around through his city. He is also having a very vast area. He has some people there though he said he was not happy because late, the people are not coming like the use to come in the time past so I should try and come tell them to live holy life. He also talked about holiness and righteous living so that when they die they will be able to make it to them. All the mansions remaining, they are not occupied. Then he took me to my own mansion showed me my mansion that was within his city. That was why he said I was his great grandson. My mansion was decorated with my favorite colors, red and white, very nice. I entered and started you know enjoying myself, looking up and down and then touring my mansion.

Suddenly my Lord Jesus appeared there and told me my time was up for me to go back to the earth. Though I protested, I said, “No”. [He said,] “Richard you go and when you have done all you are supposed to do, one day you’ll come and you’ve have a permanent stay here. So He held my hand, I came back into my body and when I realized, I was on my bed.

I woke up and it was 7:00 am on 19th January 2014.



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