6th REVELATION [Heaven & Hell] – Richard Antwi

  • The Sixth Divine Revelation of Heaven and Hell by Brother Richard Antwi

    On Monday, 27th January 2014 in the night I was praying, I decided to pray for some brethren in the church, and while praying I saw that my usual headache had started. The way it was developing, I said, “No, let me lay on the [inaudible] to reduce the pains”. So, I decided to walk to where normally I keep my medications. While going there I feel on my carpet in my room and when I feel down, all of a sudden, my spirit came out of my body. I saw my body lying idle over there and my spirit somewhere.

    When my spirit came out of me, my spirit went in front of my house. While standing there, I heard a voice that I should stretch my hand toward the heavens. When I did that, another hand from heaven touched my hand and held my hand and started pulling me gradually into the sky. In the beginning, it was a bit slower, but later on, it started speeding up. We were going at a very tall speed.

    When we got to the hand that was pulling me into the sky and took me to a level in the air, it was like we had gotten to a compound and met two angels. They were really shinny angels, very shiny, brilliant. When they saw me, they said, “Yes, you are the one we are waiting for”. But, before they said, “You are the one we are waiting for,” I heard a voice behind me say, “Do not listen to them”. The voice spoke only once, but the angels continued to press, “You are the one that we are waiting for.” All of a sudden, a staircase appeared to my left. They said, “Have you seen this is the staircase waiting for you? So let’s go. You are the one we have been sent to come for”. So, I followed them.

    While going with them towards the staircase, I started feeling a strong heat coming towards us. So, I said, “Ah, there is a heat here, like, something like fire”. They, said, “No. There is nothing. You let us go”. Then we got to a point where I saw a deep valley, with fire burning in that valley. We were on top there.

    When we got to that level, when I saw the deep valley with fire, looking like the lake of fire that they Bible talks about, I saw the two who were escorting me, one at my front, one at my back, they turned into something like beasts. They looked like black bats with tails. They held me very firmly. They were pulling me, trying to pull me into that valley full of fire and I shouted, “Jesus”! Immediately, that hand that picked me from my house came and held me and took me to another compound.

    When the hand pulled me to the new compound, I saw some new angels dancing and they were coming towards me. When I saw them, I started running away, because I was scared of what the early two angels did to me. They started calling me, “Richard, Richard, do not run away”. I was still running away and they told me, “It is your friend Jesus who sent us to come and meet you and take you to him. So when I heard about the name Jesus, I said well then maybe these one are truly angels, so I will follow them.

    I told them what happened to me on the way and they said, “Yes. Whenever you are going to Heaven, do not listen to any other voice. When you get to that level, where the two angels met you, the certain angels met you, if you listen to them you will always get lost. That is what has been happening to many people. There are so many voices over there when you are not careful and you get to that level and you listen to them, you’ll get lost. So whenever you are going to that place or you are going to Heaven, be careful when you get to that point. So that you will not go and listen to any strange voice”.

    They held my hand and while we were going, we went a little farther and I saw the glorious Heaven gates standing there with the inscription, “Holiness and Righteousness”.

    When we got to the gate, my Heaven garment got on me, I got changed, my fingernails and every part of my body of course. The gate opened for me. When I entered, I started feeling great joy in me. In fact, I stepped on the golden street and started moving, enjoying myself, but to my amazement, this time the mansions that I saw on both sides of the golden streets, some were completed, some were half, some were at the beginning stage—they were different. They were not all completed mansions.

    What I saw was that before I realized the two angels were bowing and when I lifted my head, I saw my friend Jesus standing there. Then the two angels got vanished. In fact, what I saw, I saw bare land, I saw lands without anything on them. Names were attached to those lands. People’s names were attached to those lands at the place where I met Jesus.

    The Lord then asked me, “Richard, what is your mission to this place today”? I said [that] I came to visit Him. The Lord said, “No. It is not true”. For I should tell Him why I am here. I told Him, “I came to visit”. But He says, “It is never true”. I came for a particular thing or issue. So, I should tell Him.

    What happened is that while Jesus was asking me of my mission and I said, “I came to visit Him” and He said, “That wasn’t true,” He just touched my head and a memory came into His hand. The memory got lost in His hand. Immediately that happened, He waved His hand and a screen appeared. When the screen appeared a list of names of people that I have been praying for appeared on the screen. He told me, “This is the reason why you came here,” and started taking me in the order that I am going to talk about.

    The Lord took me first to our brother’s [inaudible; I do not understand the name spoken] house and showed me his house and said, “Look, his original house collapsed fifteen years ago, but it is now that he has started building it anew. I saw that it was at the window level.

    The Lord then took me to another place and He showed me that it was [inaudible; I do not understand the name spoken]’s house. In fact, the Lord told me that his original house collapsed eleven years ago and it is now that he was started anew. It was now at the foundational level.

    The Lord took me at one sister [inaudible; I do not understand the name spoken]’s place and she has just assigned or located a plot, a building plot. Her name was fixed on that plot.

    The Lord took me to that of [inaudible; I do not understand the name spoken], his house had also collapsed some time ago and he was started now. The new one that he has started is at the lintel level.

    The Lord took me to [inaudible; I do not understand the name spoken]’s place. In fact, his house was a complete house, but portion of the house has gotten broken. But, by the Lord’s grace, he has now gathered materials beams, gold, diamond to work on the broken parts.

    The next house the Lord took me to was [inaudible; I do not understand the name spoken]’s house. It was a complete house, but a portion has collapsed. The Lord said it was a result of too much worry of things of this world that is why part has collapsed, but if he is to fix his mind on the Lord, think about the Lord then definitely, he is going to get materials to repair the portions that has broken, so that he will get a complete house again.

    The next person that I visit was [inaudible; I do not understand the name spoken]’s house. On her part two pillars, two golden pillars, holding the house have broken down, the Lord said it was result of the cares or the worries of this world that’s why the golden pillars have gotten broken. If she is to stop worrying instead of the things of this world and think on Him, she will get materials to erect these pillars again.

    The Lord took me to the house of [inaudible; I do not understand the name spoken]. It was a completed house, but it has not been decorated with his desired colors. The Lord said, “If he reduces his/ too much talk,” he will surely receive the needed colors that supposed to be used to decorate the house for him.

    The Lord then took me to brother [inaudible; I do not understand the name spoken]’s house. It was a very big mansion, a very nice one, completed, very nice. But, the Lord showed me some brokings on the staircase that lead to…little, little brokings on the staircase that leads to the house. The Lord said, “It is a result of his zeal, he has reduced it a little. If he is to come [inaudible] that will be repaired and he will have a complete house”.

    The Lord then told me, “Richard, this is why you came here and that is what I’ve showed you, but you have just open five years ago. There were seven people that really worked hard. They did use their blood to work on my behalf and I’m going to honor them, so accompany Me to that program”.

    When we got to where the Lord was going to have this ceremony. It was a very big hall with so many saints. In fact, they were looking very beautiful over there and they were embracing themselves, but they did not embrace me, they were just shaking my hand, but all the others were embracing themselves. That is what was going on.

    When I looked around I saw a big platform created with gold and diamonds. I saw seven people who were well dressed and were standing on the platform. All of a sudden, all of the people there just bowed down and Jesus appeared there in a glorious appearance into the mist of the saints over there. Seven angels appeared with a diamond tree each was containing a crown on it and they stood in front of the seven people that were going to be honored by the Lord.

    When the Lord moved towards where the ceremony was taking place, there was another a lot melody, thunders, lightening all over; very joyous noise was going on over that place. The Lord went to the first one, greeted the person, embraced him and then He placed a crown on his head. That crown contained three stars on it. He went to the second person. Greeted and embraced and then placed a crown on his head. It also contained three stars on it. The Lord then went to the third person. Greeted, embraced and then He placed a crown on his head and that one contained two stars on it. The Lord went the fourth person. The fourth person was a lady and the Lord greeted, embraced and then placed the crown on her head. She also had two stars on her crown. He went to the fifth person, greeted, embraced and then placed a crown on his head. That person had a star on his crown. The sixth person it was the same. The Lord did the same thing and placed a crown on his head. He also had one star on his crown. At last, [inaudible] that was serving, the Lord greeted, embraced and placed a crown on her head. She was a lady. Though there was [not] any star on that crown, it was so beautiful.

    After the ceremony, all of the saints started jubilating/congratulating. Some were having six, four, ten, many stars. Some were even not having crowns, but they were wearing there heavenly dress and they were all happy jubilating over there. So, they started moving out of the hall, because the program was ended. But they were embracing themselves, but as for me, they were shaking my hand. But, the saints over there were embracing themselves. Because I wasn’t a saint, they were just shaking my hand.

    When we had finished the program, I had decided to toil around for a little. When I had went a little farther, I saw a river, like a stream or a river, and it was so crystal clear; in fact, it looks like a glass. I went near and saw that it was a river. So, I decided to jump over it. I didn’t want to step into it to make it dirty. I decided to jump over it, but as much as I tired, I couldn’t jump over it.

    I saw just beside the river, that crystal clear river, a house, very shinny house, very nice, brilliant and shiny house. So, I decided for this house, I would like to see what has happen or who was there.

    I tried to find a way of crossing the river. I couldn’t until I saw a golden step that was across the river. So could walk on that staircase and go to the other end. So, I did so and I was able to cross the river to where that beautiful house was. While going, I heard a voice calling me. I could feel it as a female voice, but it was if it contained a little sadness in it.

    When I crossed the river with the help of the golden staircase, the lady was calling me mentioning my name. It was a very beautiful woman, but she looked so sad. I saw before her, she had been served with so many fruits, but she was not been eating it. So, I wondered what was the reason for her sadness while as others were jubilating at the other end, she was sad here?

    I asked the woman while she was quiet. I was trying to find out why she was not saying anything. When I asked her name, she was crying, so I took some of the fruit and I started eating while she was looking at me quietly. I asked her, “Why are you not happy”? She said, “I cannot be happy by sitting here”.

    When I persisted, she said, “she is called, ‘Mary’”. So, I said, “Ah, you are the one that gave birth to the Lord Jesus Christ on the earth? So, why are you so quiet and sad here while others are happy at the other side”? She said, “I cannot be happy. I cannot go there and be happy because many people are using my name and its taking them to somewhere that I don’t like. That is why I am quit here”.

    She told me, “Something about the Lord”. All of a sudden, the Lord appeared and she bowed there. She prostrated before the Lord. She told me, in fact, the reason why she can’t be happy is the very people that when she gave birth to the Lord Jesus and they persecuted, killed, and brutalized Him, are the very people today that are using her, Mary in name, also to take many people to a place that she is not happy with.

    While we were talking and the Lord appeared and she prostrated before the Lord, she started glorifying the Lord with so many names and whatever. Then the lady, that is Mary, pleaded with the Lord and asked, “Please, Can you take this brother to where because of me many people are taken to and are suffering, can you take him there”?

    The Lord then took me to that part of Hell whereas the use of the name “Mary”, worshipping, adoring and glorifying the name Mary, many have made it to Hell. They were being tormented. They were suffering. In fact, they were being treated by the same people who said that were Mary, St. Paul, Saint so and so, not knowing that they were deceiving angels—angels of the devil. They are rather tormenting those who believe in that name. People were really suffering. Mary said, “Because of that, that is why I cannot be happy”.

    The Lord then took me back to Mary’s house and Mary said this is why she is not happy. She said that when I come back to the earth, I should tell them to stop worshipping and honoring her name on this earth. So, that they will stop going to Hell and getting perished. So, I said, “how can I do that”? I said because there are many? She said, “You just say it and those who will listen, they will listen”.

    From Mary’s house we moved to the main golden streets and then we met a nice glorious looking man with a crown that contained twelve stars on it. The Lord told me, “This is Phillip”. The Lord handed me over to Phillip to take me to tour the area assigned to him, (Phillip). So, Phillip took me to the area assigned to him in Heaven.

    Phillip took me to a house—I should say a big hall. A very big hall, very beautiful full of crowns with so many stars and sizes of crowns that it was in sizes, beauty—different types and they were in that hall with names of the owners fixed to the crown. When we went and I saw names fixed to various crowns. So I asked Phillip, “Where is my crown”? Phillip said, “Look, you have not yet gotten one. These crowns are who have shed their blood for my Lord Jesus Christ. So, if you work hard you will also receive one”.

    Phillip, after the tour with me in that hall of crowns, he went and then handed me over to Thomas. In fact, [Thomas] was also a glorious looking man wearing a crown that contains twelve stars. Thomas also displays of beauty. He is in charge of a very mighty hall that contains so many garments of Heaven inside it. All garments, he is in charge of over there.

    I saw so many garments, all with names fixed to them. So I asked Thomas, “Is this the same place that my garment is kept”? He said, “Yes. This is the place where your garment is kept”. I said, “So how come the garment comes to me and meet me at the gate”? Thomas said, “Yes. That is how it is. Immediately, when any faithful Christian is coming towards Heaven, the garment of that faithful Christians will just meet that person and then put on before he can enter the city. He will put it on before he can enter the city”. He told me, “When I’m going the garment will come back to the place where it is being kept”. I asked, “How come”? He said, “Don’t worry. It will surely be done as I am telling you”.

    The Lord appeared and then held my hand and told me, “Richard, your time is up. So, you have to go back to the earth”. When the Lord held my hand and I came back to the earth, it was exactly 7:30 a.m., Tuesday, January 2014. Amen.


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