2nd Divine Revelation of Heaven and Hell – Richard Antwi

On Friday 3rd, January 2014 in the afternoon at my working place while having a bible study with my brother (inaudible), I heard a voice saying, “Haven’t you missed your friend Jesus”? So I kept quiet. I did not say anything. We went on with the bible study. So, I decided to go home with my brother because we have such a day within every week to meet and pray at my home for Christians, for churches and even individuals to be able to serve the Lord very well. So while praying in my house, I told my brother (inaudible) that this was the voice I heard while we were having the bible study at my workplace. That having time is my friend.

So I told my brother (inaudible) to remember me with prayer so he prayed for me instantly there then we went to bed. When we went to bed, I started coughing and then the coughing intensified. When it intensified, I decided to go and fetch water to drink, but when I got out of bed to go and fetch water, the cough ceased. As the cough ceased and I came back to bed; it started again, in fact, this time it was so severe that I wanted to call my brother (inaudible) to help me, to fetch water for me and then give me any necessary help. But as much as I tried, he could not hear me and what I saw was as if somebody was standing by him and that person that folded his hand, that is the hands of [the brother] (inaudible) so he could not move his hand to do anything for me. He was sleeping, lying at one side of the bed and I was at the other side of the bed. So while the coughing was intensifying and I was struggling with it, all I saw that my spirit came out.

I saw my body lying there, that of my brother (inaudible) also lying on the bed and my very body lying at the end of the bed and my spirit came out of my body. So when my spirit came out of my body and I saw my body lying on the bed; all of a sudden, a very strong wind blew into the room and took me into the ceiling of the house. We went through the ceiling into the air and we were going at a very top speed, while going I saw people also going. So I was happy that we were many making that number.

When we went farther into the air, we got to a point where I saw myself wearing a uniform, you know a garment made of—it’s like white linen, but not Heaven’s dress. But, I saw that we went to a compound and at first, I couldn’t see anyone there. When I looked beyond a little, I saw a queue [a queue is a line of people] wearing the same dress that I was wearing so I went and joined that queue. When I went and joined the queue, later on, I saw many also joining behind me in that same queue. Beyond us when I lifted my head up, I saw a very big gate there that is the Heaven’s Gate, with the inscription—a golden gate, with the inscription, “Righteousness and Holiness”. When I saw the gate, I was happy because I have been there before. I thought that, “Oh, once we are getting to Heaven we are going to enjoy while over there”! So I was happy of myself that I was going to Heaven with those people to go and enjoy ourselves.

What I saw was that suddenly, the Heaven Gate got open and two angels came out of the city. One of the angel’s appearance looks like the wind, in fact, I cannot describe it; that is the best I can—he looks like a wind, a whirl wind. He is not ordinary, but the other one was having the feathers and he looks like angels that have been seen all the time. They came straight to the first person who is in the queue who was lady. The angel that looks like the wind came and he started screening. He is a screening angel. He screened from the head of the lady to the toe. He was screening looking through to he got to the toe of the lady and he started shaking the head. He said, “Lady, you cannot enter the city”. Why?

The angel then told the lady, “Yes, you cannot enter because while you were on earth, you served the Lord very well, but the pastor under which you served as a fake, demonic pastor. He was a demonic pastor who took your righteous ticket, your holy ticket, that could enable you to enter into this city from you and gave you a fake ticket. So the ticket that you are holding that will permit you to enter in this city is a fake one and therefore, you cannot make it. The instructions that he told you and all that the instructions that you did, though you thought that you were serving the Lord all right, but they were all fake ones. Therefore, my sister you cannot enter with a fake ticket”.

What happen was that the lady started pleading to the angels that they should permit her to come back so that she will come and work things right and have the right ticket, the ticket of holiness and righteousness. But, the angels told her it is too late, she cannot have that chance. So the angel’s appearance who looks like the wind stretched forth his hand toward where the lady [was] and a strong wind blew her into the air. All I saw that a very strong fire came from Hell to welcome the girl into the Hell fire and the girl fell there. I started shivering because I saw that I was not also holding a ticket.

The next person to be inspected and screened by the angel was also a lady. After the screening angel had done his work, he said that the girl or the lady cannot enter Heaven because he found a spot, a little spot at the edge of the garment of that lady and for that reason, she could not enter Heaven. That lady said, “Oh, if that is the case, please allow me to try and remove the little spot form the garment so that I will be able to make it”? He said, “No, you cannot do that”. Though she was holding the rightful ticket but they said, “Because of that spot you are disqualified to enter into the city”.

The angel said the reason why that lady could not enter the city is while on earth whenever anybody came to the lady to plead for assistance, financial help, this lady would not give the person, but not the money that the lady couldn’t give the person alone, but she would insult the person, abuse the person and that is what has made her to have a spot on the edge of her garment and she cannot take that into the glorious city. The screening angel whose appearance is like the wind stretched forth the hand toward this lady and she was blown into the air like ordinary football. Hell fire came out to receive her straightaway into Hell.

The next to be screened and appear before the angels was a nobleman. He looked so noble. The screening angel came around, screened him and found out that there was no stain on him and he had the original ticket as well. So the angel standing on the right side who looks like original angel took the hand or held the hand of this man and started moving toward the golden gate. When he was almost to the Heaven Gate, the Heaven dress came upon this noble man and he turned. He became so changed and dazzling, very nice, gloriously and I started, you know, becoming (inaudible) me because I said, “Ah, this man, you know, I believe might have taken my Heaven’s dress”? So I thought that it was my Heaven’s dress that has came upon him or that he’s wearing, that has come upon him and therefore, I thought that once this man enter, it means that I cannot because I cannot have any Heaven’s dress any longer to enter there. When the man had the Heaven’s dress upon him and the gate got opened, he entered. There was a lot of jubilation, melody singing and trumpets, so many things going on you could really sense it. I could sense that jubilation was taking place; it wasn’t an ordinary thing at all.

The next person was also a man. They came as usual and the screening angel went and did the screening from head to toe, but he told him, “No. There is no spot on your garment, but you cannot enter the city”. Why? The man asked why he couldn’t enter the city? The angel said, “You cannot enter the city because of the black spot on your tongue. The reason is that why you were on earth, you used to exaggerate a lot. Anything you wanted to add color to it, you added something to it and that has made you to have a spot on your tongue and because of that spot on your tongue you cannot enter that city”. The man started pleading that he should be allowed to come down here, you know, to make amends, but the angels said that they have no authority to do that because now he’s having the original ticket, once he has died and come there and he’s holding the ticket, he cannot go back and then make amends on earth. So the angel stretched forth his hand as usual toward this man and was blown into Hell fire. That also was my situation because this man was holding a ticket all right, he was wearing the dress and having the right ticket, but he was blown into Hell fire, because of a spot on his tongue. So I became much more afraid.

Then the angel went to the next person in the line who was a lady. When the screening angel had done his work, he started shaking his head and said, “My sister, I am shocked. You cannot make it here though you were an evangelist, you cannot make it”. Why? Because of the artificial [fake/weave/wigs] hair that was upon her head. She couldn’t make it because that was the hair or the property of the devil and she cannot take it into the city of God. The lady was pleading but the angels said that no, we cannot do anything about it. So the angel did the hand, he signaled the hand in way and then that artificial hair, that false hair that the evangelist was wearing got off from the head, the real hair. The angel said, “Have you seen? You have covered the real hair that our Father, the Lord God Almighty gave to you with this false hair or artificial hair. So you cannot enter”. She said, “Please, try, let me take this artificial hair off and then allow me”? He said, “No”. The angel said, “Even I don’t have the chance to touch that artificial hair, so please you cannot make it”. So he stretched forth his hand and as usual she was also swallowed by Hell fire.

The next person who was screened, the angel screened all round him and did not see anything on the garment, all that the angel saw was that there was a little dirt under the fingernails of this man. The angel said, “With this dirt in your fingernails, you cannot enter the kingdom”. The man started becoming so much worried, why, why can’t I enter the city? The angel explained it to him. The man asked the angel, “Why? How on earth did that dirt enter the fingernails”? The angel explained it, though he did not do any (inaudible) on earth but he used to cheat people by saying, “Oh, it because of you that is why I’m selling this thing to you at this price (not knowing that he was cheating people)”. So he was a cheat while on earth. Whenever that the church that he was worshipping at sent him to buy anything while one earth, he’d come back to the church and say that “Oh, it’s because I added certain amount to it, that is why I was able to buy it. They sold it to me at such a high price, but I added my personal money to it and that is why I bought it—I was able to buy it for the church”. The church would congratulate him and appreciate him, not knowing that it was all lies. That is why he was having dirt in his fingernails and therefore, he could not enter the city. Then as usual the angel stretched forth his hand and he was also thrown into the Hell fire that was welcoming such people.

When they went to the next person, the angel did not waste time at all, he said, “Look at your garments, a lot of spots in your garments and therefore we will not even waste time on you. While you were on earth, you were a lukewarm Christian, today you do good a little, tomorrow you go back you do evil. Therefore, we will not waste time”. He stretched forth his hand toward that person and he was thrown into Hell fire.

From there, it was my turn. When it got to my turn, in fact, I was really shivering, shaking like anything. I was afraid because I was not holding the ticket and I didn’t know what would happen to me, but immediately they saw me they said, “Oh, Richard, you were not supposed to have been in this line. You should have reported to us straightaway when you came here. You shouldn’t have joined the queue because your friend Jesus is even waiting for you in the city of Heaven”. Amen So the angel at the right hand side that looks like an original angel escorted me to the gate. While we were getting to the gate, my Heaven garment got on me and everything on me got changed—everything got changed. Immediately, the gate opened for me and I entered.

When we entered, I saw the place so beautiful and when we entered, it was [more] beautiful than the other time that I went to Heaven so I was looking around. I was not doing anything, just looking around at the beautiful sights, you know, was around the place that I was standing. So while touring the place and looking at the beautiful sights, immediately I turned and I saw my friend the Lord Jesus Christ approaching and when He came, He embraced me and welcomed me. I was happy too and the Lord too was happy, we were all smiling, but I told the Lord that please my Lord, I want to ask you a question, “Why is it that you angels at the gate are so wicked like that that they are sending many people into Hell fire just like that”? The Lord started laughing at me. He looked at me and He started laughing.

I told the Lord that I saw a lady in the line with a little spot on her garment, but one that they could have easily cleaned it, but the angels did not allow that, so please change them. Let another angels go and take the job from them because they are too much wicked. The Lord said, “No. I cannot do that because they are doing their work and that assignment was given them by my Father”. When He said, “by my Father,” I said, “Ah, always when I come here, You talk about ‘Your Father, Your Father, Your Father’”, but You have never shown Him to me. Let us go so that at least I see Him”. He said, “No. It is not time for you to see Him. When you come here finally, you will see Him”. The Lord asked me a question too, He said, “Richard, I am also going to ask you a question. Can you when after taking your bath, can you go and then mess yourself up in the mud and you take this mud on your legs to your bedroom, your sitting room or can you also take any dirt, very dirty things on your legs and then you take it to your bed, can you do that”? I could not answer. He said, “Let us go and let Me show you around”.

The Lord took me to a place where many mansions have been built, very nice ones, very tall ones, (inaudible) I should say. Even He showed me five mansions that belonged to the lady evangelist who as a result of the artificial hair, the hair attachment that she was making, she couldn’t make it to Heaven, He showed me her five mansions that were standing there. I asked the Lord, “So now that the evangelist have left all this and have gone to Hell, who is going to take charge of these five mansions that she has left”? The Lord said, “Have you seen the next mansions or houses near the lady evangelist? The owner of those houses or mansions, if that person is able to serve me very well these mansions that were meant for the evangelist will be added unto his. He will take all to be his own”.

The Lord took me to another point where there were many mansions, there was a city, it really was a city, a big area with so many mansions, very nice decorated with the colors of the one that the mansions have been built for. I asked the Lord, “Whose mansions are these”? The Lord said, “These mansions belong to only one person on earth who is working as if, he is really working hard for My kingdom and if he finishes his work, he is going to inherit such a city”.

At this venture, the Lord took my hand and He took me to my own house in Heaven, in fact, brethren, it was a beautiful scene. The house was decorated with my desired colors that is red and white. A very serene place, everything is in place in the house. Angels were to serve me and everything that I would need in such a house already waiting for me, so I was so happy moving up and down the house enjoying myself. While enjoying myself I was happy, having such a place as my home, the Lord came to me and told me, “Father Abraham wants to meet me”. I meet Father Abraham, in fact, when Jesus said, I said, “Is it me that Father Abraham wants to me”? He said, “Yes”. I went and when I went to Father Abraham, I saw him so glorious looking and many angels around him serving him. In fact, it’s as if, he has been made to rule about a half of Heaven. He is really a great personality in Heaven and what I saw was that it’s as if any righteous person that dies and enters Heaven, goes to where he is. He is embraced by Father Abraham before he is taken to anywhere that he is supposed to live in Heaven. So Father Abraham embraced me too then he welcomed me. Father Abraham started advising me that I should try and work hard so that I would come to inherit my home because many started well, but they couldn’t end. So I should try to work hard so that I would not leave my house here. So, he encouraged me and told me to work hard to make it to Heaven.

Then my friend Jesus told me that my time is up. So He came for me and then held my hand and told me that I had to go back and therefore, I came back to the world. Amen.

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