Revelation of the Current State of the Church – Richard Antwi Philippa Kuranchie

Revelation of the Current State of the Church by Brother Richard Antwi and Sister Philippa Kuranchie

Pastor P.P. Kuranchie (Also the English translator for Brother Richard): Praise the Lord. Brethren, we are grateful to God Almighty this day to that the Lord has made it possible for us to share with you something extraordinary that happened just recently. In fact, it was a very amazing thing that the Lord did. We were not expecting, but He did it in His own way. What do I mean by that? The Lord on the 15th day of June 2014, took our brother Richard and Philippa together while they were in one room, He took them away for a visitation. It was so wonderful and that is what we want to share with you this day how it all happened. So that we will know that the God we are serving that He is a wonderful God. Hallelujah!

Sister Mary Kuranchie: Praise the Lord. We give glory to God for the wonderful thing He has being doing in our mist. As daddy rightly said, last Sunday that is15th of June 2014, while at church brother Richard was not feeling fine so daddy asked me to take him. When we went the Holy Spirit prompted me to call Philippa (inaudible) so I came and called her and we started praying for Brother Richard. While praying Philippa told me it was Heaven visitation, the Lord is about to do something and that the Lord is very sad concerning what is going on in the Church today. So we prayed and took him to where he was laid. Immediately when we entered the room, he went away. He slept, I saw his eyes open but his eyes were not blinking so I knew he was gone because we have been going through all these things for a long time now. So I was praying with Philippa and all of a sudden, I saw that she too was coming down, so I assisted her. Brother Richard was on the bed and Philippa was on the floor. I saw that she too was not breathing and I realized that they were all gone. So I was thinking about the whole thing, what should I do? The Lord spoke to me through our dear brother that “Mary? Why are you looking at them? Go to church. They are not here. I am taking them on a visitation and I’m bringing them back. Go in peace and go and worship Me”. Hallelujah! It was very wonderful and superb scene and we give glory to God for what He is doing. Amen.

Brother Richard Antwi: Sunday on the 15th of June it was Father’s Day and I was at home early morning washing some clothing with a view that around six…I started around six thinking by seven I should finish washing and then be ready by church later by 8:30 because I’m supposed to be at church on time.

While washing, I started having a headache, a severe one of course. It was (inaudible) about two of the clothing to wash so I just left them and went inside to lie down a little on my bed and I told the Lord, “Please Father, You know that today is Your day that I have to go and serve You. Please, if there is anything, have mercy upon me”. After praying that prayer for a while, I saw that the pain subsided a little, but it did not go completely, but it subsided. Quickly, I took water, had my bath and then I came, I started coming to church.

Brethren while preparing myself at home, I had a phone call and it was brother Peter (inaudible) that we worship with in Heaven Seeker’s here. He was waiting for me around the (inaudible) there, so I told him I’m coming. Quickly, I prepared myself and joined him and I told him what I was going through at home, that was the headache. It was a severe one that I have not experienced for some time now and we joined a car and came to church. As I said early on, it subsided a little when I prayed to the Lord to have mercy on me to come to church and serve you, but immediately, when we came to the church compound, the pain started severely like it was in the morning, early in the morning. Therefore, when I entered the church everything that was going on, I was not part of it, in fact I was not feeling it. I was going through severe pains. I told my pastor that, “Please pastor, I want to go and relax a little at the back of the church”? But the pastor said, “No, that it is good for you, get inside the house itself and then relax there”.

[Now Pastor P.P. Kuranchie speaks for himself:] I said that brethren, I said that because of the experience that you know we’ve gotten before because of Philippa [the other testifier who is also the biological daughter of Pastor P.P. Kuranchie] and his [referring to Richard] own experience too so I know when these things…it occurred to me that it might be an experience that is why I asked him not to go and sit at the back as he requested, but he should get inside into the house and then rest over there. So he should contact mommy and go with mommy and go with mommy. He did that and mommy opened the door for him to enter into the main hall. When he entered into the hall, the pains were still severe so mommy, Mrs. Mary Kuranchie, had to call Philippa to join.

[Pastor P.P. Kuranchie now speaks again for Richard:] So that they came to pray for me.

While they were praying for me as the pains continued, I couldn’t hear anything; I couldn’t even hear their prayers. I saw them, I could see them praying because I could see their mouths moving up and down that they were praying; surrounded me and praying for me, but I could hear a voice from afar the Heavens and the voice was so calm that I knew it was the voice of the Lord. It was the voice from Heaven; I knew that is was that. The voice was calling me from afar so whatever praying that they were saying for me; in fact, I didn’t hear, but I could see them that they were praying for me. When it got to a point and mommy saw that things got real rough, she said, “Let me take you to one of the bedrooms so that you will go and relax rather there that you will go and sleep there”. They took me. I remember them holding me, I remember mommy and Philippa holding me to take me to the room, but after the time we went to the room and what happened there, I did not see anything again. I just couldn’t see how we got to the room and what happened there after.

What happened next is when they took me to the room as I told you I did not see it, but what I saw was that my spirit left the body and I saw my body lying there. When my spirit came out of my body I saw Jesus standing by the door of the room then I went and embraced the Lord. Immediately, I embraced the Lord. What I saw was that I just turned and saw that the Lord stretched forth His hand and He called Philippa’s spirit to come. Philippa’s spirit came, the spirit of Philippa also came, and embraced the Lord. Our bodies were lying in the room. Momma was standing there not knowing what to do, she was just standing there looking here and there and we were seeing her. In fact, I even tried to even touch her and even talk to her, but I couldn’t hold or touch her.

The Lord then held our hands, that is Philippa and my very self and we came out of the house or the room. When we came out, every—the outside was so dark, but the church which is just beside the house was looking so bright, a golden house, very nice, but the other place, you know, looked so dark. Then the Lord came inside the church and then He started embracing the people. He embraced everyone inside of the church thereafter—in fact, I could see all the members. I saw the members of our church when the Lord was embracing them and thereafter, the Lord held our hands again and we started moving towards where the darkness was. Though it was very dark, but the darkness could not cover us because we were moving with the Lord Jesus.

The Lord then took us into a church, in fact, we moved from one church to another. Brethren, I want to remind you that what I’m saying, I did not see it alone. Whatever I saw, Philippa saw it and whatever Philippa saw, I also saw it and therefore, at a certain point, she will also share what she saw for you to hear. The Lord took us to a very big church; on that Sunday it was the type of worshipping and the church was full of people, but the whole place, the church, the whole place, that church was darkening* [*= may not be proper translation due to the speaker’s accent]. The people within that church were also within that same darkness on the platform. Those sitting on the platform, wearing coats with tie or suits with tie, brethren, to them they were in suit, they were having their suits, their ties on, they are dressed well. But, when the Lord opened our eyes we saw that they were all naked. Some were pastors, some were church elders sitting at the platform and they were all naked. There was no light anywhere in the church, it was pure darkness.

Brethren, may the Lord have mercy upon us. In fact, when we entered into that chapel with all the darkness that have covered that place, the people within the church, the members I should say, they thought they were also dressed like the pastors and elders who also thought they were dressed so well. But to our amazement, when the Lord opened our eyes, they thought they were dressed well, but we saw that some have used marks and they have used charcoal on their eye brows and then some mouths, they have painted it charcoal [eye liner/lip liner]. Then some to the amount that they painted it with toilets, they thought that they have dressed. To them in the physical it’s the make ups that they have used. They’ve painted them, they have used make ups and they think that they were appearing so beautiful but not knowing that they have used toilets on their mouths and charcoal on their mouths and faces. They were using this to worship the Lord and it was a filthy thing in the sight of the Lord. The Lord said, “Look at what they are doing? These things I hate, but they say that they are worshipping Me”? May God have mercy upon us.

I forgot the part of the first church before we went to the second church, the Lord said that the Pastor’s there were naked because they know the truth in the scripture, but they are not teaching the people and that made them to be naked before Him, but to them, they are covered in certain dress very well. Then the Lord took us to another church, a very big church too and it was also covered with darkness in and out. When we entered, the people there were praising the Lord to them. They were praising the Lord they were happy. They didn’t know that they were in chains so as they thought that they were dancing to praise the Lord, they were rather in chains and they were hopping. Hopping from one point to the other, because they were in chains, but they didn’t know they thought that they were dancing to praise the Lord.

The Lord opened our eyes and I saw that the pastors, in fact, the pastors, those in that church who were at the platform, they were apostles, elders, deacons—the officers I should say, the leadership of the church, they were all naked. They saw themselves that they were having trousers on and the rest, but in the sight of God, they were still naked, men and women. They were groping the in darkness. The members were all in fact, those wearing miniskirts and what not, it was like the dresses of a mad person hanging on them, very wretched and torn. They were so wretched like the mad…and they had their dresses [that] looked like that of a mad person that the mad people that we see on the streets.

The Lord again showed me the hairdo of certain people in that church, to them they were having dreadlocks. They say that it is “the natural way”, but the Lord made me to see that what they were having on their head were you know like the maggots, the big maggots in special pits/lanterns and that was what the Lord showed me. They were plenty on their head, but they thought they were having dreadlocks which they have done and are pleased with it not knowing they were carrying maggots from the pit/lantern.

From there the Lord took us to another church, a very big church again and there in this church, I saw that they were coming with the same or the darkness was all over. When we entered this church, I saw them using [the] rosary in worshipping and the Lord told me, “Any church that uses rosary is not His Church”. He does not like such a church and in fact, while they were using it, immediately I saw a demon that came up. The Lord made me to understand that that is the demon that they are worshipping. Any church that uses that rosary and even those that uses other things, other forms of worship like they have rings, when you go, they give you ring to put on, they are all demonic churches. They are not for Him.

The Lord then took us to another church and in this church brethren, although there was darkness all over the churches including this church, but in this particular church, we could see some few lights, little, little, lights within this church. The Lord told me, “In this church, they are the church that do not wear jewelry, they do not use hair attachment, they don’t dress with these miniskirts and trousers [jeans/pants] that these women put on, all these things, they don’t put it on”. But when we entered we saw some you know flashes of light in that room and the Lord told me, “This is my church, but those little, little lights that you are seeing, they are real children of mine because they are the people who go out to share my world with others. That is why they are having light, but many people in that same church are not having light. The reason is that they share my world with others and that is why they belong to me”.

The Lord told Philippa and I that He is not happy at all for the world that He came to die and suffer for. He came to and suffer for us but instead the world, the people of this world has covered themselves with darkness. They have pulled darkness to cover themselves and that is why He is not happy at all at what is going on in this world. At this point, I will like my sister Philippa to share what she has seen and maybe at the end I will come to run it off. So Philippa will also share what she saw what us.

Sister Philippa Kuranchie: Praise the Lord. On the 15th of June 2014, the Lord Jesus did something miraculous in over life that I, myself, cannot comprehend it at all. We were at church on that Sunday and I saw that when Brother Richard came to church that he didn’t look that well at all; he looked sick. I saw that he was going with my mother into the house and in that time, my mother called me that we should go and pray for him. When we entered into the house, I saw that indeed, he wasn’t feeling fine at all, he was crying and complaining about the headache. So we decided to pray for him and as we were praying, the Lord Jesus told me that He is not happy with this world at all and because of that, He is going to reveal something to Brother Richard. So my mother and I held him up and we took him into the room. So when we sent Him, we laid him on the bed and we began to pray for him again and all that I heard was “the cry of Hell, the cry of Hell”.

It continued on and on until I saw a bright light pointed on me and I felt my body hitting the ground, when I fell on the ground I felt my spirit getting out of my body and when my spirit got out of my body, I saw that the Lord Jesus was there with Brother Richard so I went and embraced the Lord. After I embraced the Lord, the Lord Jesus took us and brought us to this church that is Heaven Seeker’s Ministry. I saw that the entire place was changed and there was light in the entire room. After that the Lord Jesus Christ took us and He showed us a globe, the world in the form of a globe and it was filled with darkness. I saw Satan himself holding the world and turning it whatever way that it went.

The Lord Jesus gave us a chance to look deep, deep into that globe and I saw that there were so many great churches. The pastors that were heading those churches were also found in that darkness. I saw that inside those churches there was total darkness over there too and the people that were inside those churches the members, we saw that they were dressed like mad people, they weren’t looking nice at all. I also saw the devil vomiting on the people inside of those churches. When we saw that we also saw that the people inside those churches were in chains, including the officers, the pastors, the members, they were all in chains and whenever they pray and ask the Lord for to come and remove them then when the Lord remove those chains then they’ll find a way to go back for it.

About ninety-eight persons of the that we visited there was no light and about two person, the light that were found inside of them, you will be able to count them with your fingertips because they were very few. So brethren, my advice to you or whatever church that you find yourself in, please be very careful because it’s not every pastor that can be able to lead you to Christ, most of them have sold their souls to the devil. After the Lord showed us this, He took us to the top of the stars and the Lord Jesus told us when He tells the stars to disappear, they disappear. I saw that indeed they disappeared and if He tells the star to reappear, indeed they will reappear. We saw that they reappeared so He asked us, Why is it that the people on this earth worship the stars, the moon, the sun and they do not worship Him? the one who can be able to command it, the one who created it, why they do not worship Him instead?

Then I asked the Lord Jesus, “Please Father, why is it that I heard the cry of Hell before coming here”? The Lord Jesus told me, “That those are the cries of those who are on this earth that one of their feet to is set in Hell; one foot is on this earth, one is in Hell. They are crying and waiting that Brother Richard and I will share our testimony so that they will be saved. I know that this does not apply to us alone, you have also heard the truth, so please go out and preach it to people, because they are all waiting to hear these good news.

After that the Lord Jesus took us to a place where we saw the queen of the coast and there was snakes surrounding her. They snakes were very big and they had thorns on them and she held an apple inside of her hand. The Lord Jesus told both of us that the apple that she had inside of her hand, was the church. I saw her biting out of it which means now that the devil is in total control of the church. [Pastor P.P. Kuranchie sighs May God have Mercy.]

May God have mercy on us. From there the Lord Jesus took both of us again and showed us the world as a globe. We saw that like a thick carpet, a heavy one was on top of the earth and the carpet had rust and all those things on it. The Lord Jesus explained to us that that is how the devil is using sin to stop our prayers. The Lord Jesus said, “When you pray and it’s able to penetrate through that rocky carpet then Heaven will be able to hear your prayer”. But He said to us that these prayers are not coming at all. It is because sin has covered on top of people’s prayers and that’s why prayers are no longer passing.

The Lord Jesus then said to us that we should intensify our prayers and He also made us to understand that it doesn’t matter if we have heard this truth, it doesn’t matter the number of times you’ve visited heaven and hell, if you do not intensify your prayers, anything that you do will be meaningless and fruitless to Him, the Most High God. So we ought to pray every moment of our life even when you are going to bed and when you are sleeping, let your mind be focused on God. Let prayer, prayer, prayer be what you eat. Without prayer you cannot sleep, without prayer you cannot do anything, let prayer become part of and (inaudible) of you even to be closer to you than the dress you are wearing.

After that the Lord told Brother Richard and I that the people who enter into beauty pageants, anyone who enter into that contest the devil invokes some evil spirits into those people and the people that win and collect that crown, He said that the mark of the beast is in them. Furthermore, the Lord Jesus told us that these certain things that we watch on TV, certain dresses that we wear, certain food that we eat, certain music that we listen to has resulted to giving people a harden heart and some of them even also give the mark of the beast.

Once more, the Lord Jesus showed us a globe and the Lord Jesus divided the globe into three parts. On one-third of the globe that the Lord divided, we show that those people had received the mark of the beast already, knowingly and unknowingly. The other one-third, the Lord Jesus showed to us that those people had not taken the mark of the beast, but yet, still they did not believe in Him and lived in sin. The final one-third of the globe, the Lord Jesus showed us, the Lord divided it into four parts and in one of those parts, the people were, like the Lord Jesus would call it the Pharisees, the hypocrites, they would go and say one thing about Jesus then go and follow another one. In the second part, the Lord Jesus explained to us that those were the people who knew this truth that we are all hearing, that they know about our Lord Jesus Christ, but they are not preaching it to others and all of these people too are in darkness. In the third part, the Lord Jesus told Brother Richard and me that those people, one of their legs were in Heaven and one was in Hell. How could this be? The Lord Jesus said, they would go and sin, come and ask for forgiveness, live a holy life for some time then they’ll go back to sin. It would continue like that so those people too are in total darkness. May God help us. In the final part, the Lord Jesus divided it into two. In the upper part, the Lord Jesus told us that those people, they worship Him, they think that they are worshipping Him, but they worship Him through statues through idols like the Roman Catholics who think that they are worshiping God but they are worshipping the statue of Mary. In the little part that was left, the Lord Jesus divided it again. Those at the upper part again, the Lord Jesus revealed to us that they were worshipping Him alright, but still had their jewelry, they still use these make ups and some of them perm their hair, added attachments and all those ungodly dresses and worldly adornments were still on them. In the final part, was where light was; in the final part was those who were holy and pure in their hearts and outside too. They were holy in their speech and in their dress and in everything that they did.

My question to you, are [you] part of those few? Are You? Upon all that Jesus has done for you, are you still part of the darkness or are you a part of the light? As long as you have breath, there is still a chance for you to repent. There are people suffering in Hell wishing that they had the chance that you are having right now, but you are just misusing it and just saying why are people worshipping God in this way? You are just being like the people who know the truth, but don’t want to follow it. Please give your life to Jesus one more time because He died and suffered on that cross for you. He has something great in store for you as long as you live a holy and righteous life.

Right now as I am speaking, the Lord Jesus is revealing Heaven to me. Heaven is a beautiful place that the Lord Jesus has prepared for you and I. After the Lord Jesus showed us this, He gave us a new beautiful body. Our hair color changed, our skin color changed, everything became Heavenly. We saw that we were sitting on a horse that was flying with the Lord Jesus. Brother Richard was sitting on one and I was sitting on one and the Lord Jesus was sitting in the middle as fire took us with full speed. Now, I’ll like to hand the mic to Brother Richard so that he’ll explain what we seen.

Brother Richard Antwi: Praise the Lord. Brethren, all that I want to say is that we are grateful to God Almighty that He took us to this, you know, He gave us this revelation and today we are sharing with you. I want you to know that in reality, Heaven is there. Heaven is real and Hell is real. Those who walk in the light, they will make it to Heaven and those who walk in darkness, brethren, they will go to Hell. I do advise you in the Lord, that you will accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and walk in righteousness and uprightness so that you will walk in the light and make it to heaven because Heaven is a wonderful place. Hallelujah!

The Lord made us to understand that those who are committing or doing the works of darkness, they are on the path of destruction to Hell, but if they change their life and then they turn to the Lord then they will be on the path of light that leads to Heaven.

Brethren, what happened, I believe, we were transported the Heaven, Philippa has spoken about it about going with the flying horses, and what I saw was that the Lord changed our bodies as she said. Our fingernails turned to like glasses and in fact, we had our Heaven garments on; so nice, that in fact, it is beyond description and we were wearing our crowns. I saw that Philippa’s crown was very big; in fact, it was bigger than mine, mine was smaller than hers. I think God that at least the Lord has made me to have this crown as well. The Lord took us to Heaven to a place where we were surrounded by angels and there was a big table at that place where He took us in Heaven and we were surrounded by angels.

Praise the Lord. The Lord organized a special party for us up there; it was a wonderful one for the two of us. We were served with Heavenly manna, the best food up there, Heavenly manna. We sat on very special chairs, chairs that are living chairs, I should say. They are living chairs; they are not dead like this one. They are really understand your body language. In fact, immediately, you want to turn to the left, the chair understands and then it will turn itself. It was a wonderful scene. I pray that you will be part of it one day.

[Pastor P.P. Kuranchie speaks for himself:] I pray that I will also be part of it, that our chairs will be turning us. All..if I say I am going that way, before I realize the chair will take me that way. Praise God!

Brother Richard Antwi: Brethren after the celebration up there, we were brought down to the earth. While we were coming on the horses with the Lord, Himself, we saw the globe that it was dark everywhere. In fact, it was a Sunday, the day of the Lord that the Lord cherish so much, but unfortunately, because of ours sins, we were all worshipping, it was a worshipping time, Sunday worshipping time, it wasn’t church, it was worshipping time, so all churches were worshipping at that time on Sunday, but there was total darkness. Why? Because, the Lord said, “because of sin”. Meanwhile, the Lord said on Sunday such as this, as that, the whole place was supposed to brighten up, because we were worshipping the Great King, but here, we were in thick darkness. The horse went through the darkness and we came to the exact order that He took us from, that is Heaven Seekers Ministry.

When we got there, in fact, we walked on a golden floor and the (inaudible) was so beautiful that you need to see it. I pray that you’ll have the eyes to see it. In fact, when we entered that place was brighten with Lord and the Lord was the one leading. The Lord with His dress, I don’t know what they would call it, is it a cape? Overflowing cape or what? What do they call it? Something like overflowing down on the golden floor and we were arranged in such a way that Philippa was the one following the Lord and I was the one following Philippa. Philippa was just at the edge of the Lord’s garment, the one that was on the floor. Philippa did not step on the Lord’s garment, but she was just at the edge there. Philippa’s veil, the one that was also on the floor, I was also just at the edge without stepping and mine also was on this same floor, this same golden floor. We all walked majestically. We were walking orderly. We were moving at the same time, at the same pace if it was the right leg we all with the Lord, move our right leg and then if the left, we all moved the left. In fact, it was a wonderful scene.

May the Lord God Almighty help us to be part of this wonderful a scene that we are all yet to experience together in Jesus name.

What happened was that when we entered, we set off that is Heavens Seeker’s Ministry, when we entered the house, because the church is just by the house, we were walking majestically as I said early on the golden streets so I thought we were still in Heaven. The Lord came with us and we encircled the church, the church members were all looking alike, very beautiful glorious. The Lord moved around the church three times with us, the main church and we went to the children’s session. When we went to the children’s session as the Lord did before we went into Heaven by embracing all the adult members, the Lord then went to the children’s session, embraced all the children as well. When that was going on, I, all of a sudden, saw a diamond gate and my sister Philippa entered into that diamond gate and I did not see her again.

The Lord was there speaking also, He was still speaking with me. He told me, “You should go and let all people on this earth hear of this word. I am not happy about what is going on in the world and in the church in particular. I am not happy at all and therefore, they should change their lifestyles”. As the Lord was talking to me that we should go and then spread what we have seen, I saw that same diamond gate. Then I also entered that diamond gate when I entered the diamond gate, I entered it and I entered a room. In fact, when I saw the room, I didn’t know where I was. I was just standing around, where am I? This place I was walking around on a golden carpet, but where am I? When I turned I saw momma, Mary Kuranchie, standing there and you know, she spoke with me and I realized we were back to the earth. In fact initially, I was not happy at all because where we went and the experience that we went through, what can you say? We have been tasked, you know, to spread these good news.

Brethren the Lord is not happy with the world and the church at large. If only we would repent and serve the Lord, I know that we will be able to make it with the Lord. Don’t forget that the Lord said, His time to come for His children is very, very short so if you have any decision, this is the time. Decide now before it’s too late. May the Lord bless you and may the Lord have mercy upon us. Amen.

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One response to “Revelation of the Current State of the Church – Richard Antwi Philippa Kuranchie

  1. I thank the Lord for His Goodness and mercy towards our lives. I am very glad for the revelations the lord revealed to His faithful vessels for the deplorable state of the current churches. Brethren the Lord is faithful and just towards our lives, doesn’t want His children to suffer damnation. Lord your word indeed is truth sanctify us in truth, amen.


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