The Sad End of Some Saints by Brother Richard Antwi

Pastor P.P. Kuranchie: Brethren this afternoon we want to thank this great God who has loved us so much that every day we got a day that the Lord speaks to us. He directs our footsteps to enable us to live upright and holy in His sight. That is why today, too, the Lord has done it again warning and cautioning us so that we will be able to make it on the day of Rapture. Today we are going to listen to a testimony, a revelation that the Lord gave to our brother, Richard Antwi which is something that is very serious for all Christians not to overlook such things so that on the final day, the Lord will not tell us, we who did what was evil, in iniquity, we should depart from His presence. Before that I want us to pray and commit this session into the hands of God Almighty:

Heavenly Father we want to thank you. We give praise, honor, and adoration to You. We are so grateful that Lord, You have given us another opportunity Father to look into ourselves. If there is anything that is going to hinder us on the day of Rapture, we will work at it right now. We pray in the name of Jesus. Let Your Blood wash all of us. Let Your Blood purify us. Let Your Blood make us holy. So when the trumpet calls, we all be able to come to You. We commit our Brother into Your hands even as he is going to share this revelation with us. That Lord, You will speak through Him and let it be a blessing to all of us that will be hearing this revelation. We thank You. We bless You, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Brethren I just want to read something from Colossians 3:18 reading to twenty four; Colossians 3:18-24, it says, “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them. Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord. Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged. Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God: And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ”.

Hallelujah. So that is the Word of God cautioning all stages of people, all group of people, wives as well, children, daughters, servants. The Lord is cautioning us that everything that we are doing, we should do it as if we are doing it unto Him because He is the one going to reward us. So, at this moment, without wasting my time, I want to hand over to our Brother to tell us thought provoking revelation that the Lord gave to Him as a warning, as a caution so that he shares with us. So Brother Antwi, let’s listen to him.

Brother Richard Antwi: It’s by God’s grace that today you are hearing me. We give glory and honor to God for such an opportunity. But, I don’t want you to be listening to me for listening sake—but, I want you to take a lesson out of what you will be listening of this revelation and testimony which serves as a warning and a caution unto all of that day when it is time, you will never find yourself wanting, but the Lord God will accept all of us so that it will help us.

1 Peter 4:17. I’m reading from the English Verse [that is the English Standard Version]: For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? Verse 18, “And “If the righteous is scarcely saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner”? [Now in the video, these verses are read Twi.] Hallelujah. May the Lord have mercy upon us.

I just want to caution all of us that we shouldn’t allow any property of Satan to overtake us so that on that day and it will be a terrible time for us. So, even as you are listening, I am cautioning that you shouldn’t listen to—just don’t look at my personality, but just be careful and take this caution that is coming out of this revelation so that it will help you in the near coming future.

The revelation that I am going to share with you all started and took place on Friday, 26th of September 2014 in the night when we were having an all-night service. At that all-night, in fact, that very night it rained heavily in Kumasi [Ghana] here, but when I came to the all-night I saw that many people in spite of the heavy rain that came down, many people attended the all-night. So, I was so glad and happy. Also, I was so much enjoying the all-night session even to the intent of using the tambourine to glorify our living God. That was my first time coming to church and using the tambourine to praise God. The reason being that I was so glad, seeing the church members attending the all-night in spite of the heavy down pour and they were was so full here. So I was glad, glorifying God for what He has done here.

While we were praising the Lord, brethren, I started hearing a voice calling my name. So I told my pastor P.P. Kuranchie, “But Pastor, I am hearing someone calling my name”. He told me [that] I should be patient and listen to what is going on. So he took his Bible to the (inaudible) to go and share the Word of God with us. When he started sharing the message, I was hearing the message, but at a certain point in time, I got lost. The voice that was calling me became stronger and stronger and became closer to me so that I could not hear the preaching that was going on any longer. All of a sudden, I heard the voice telling me or asking me to hold his hands. I gave my hand to that voice. All of a sudden, what I saw was that my spirit came out of me, but my body was still in the chair, but my spirit was going with the voice.

That voice which later on turned to be an angel and took my hand and took me, my spirit outside. When we got outside the premises of the church, we entered a very beautiful road; in fact, it was a very nice one. I never seen one before and the angel took me on this road. Immediately I stepped on this road, the attire that I was wearing, a stripped black trousers with red strips in it and top was short—they all got changed into white. I was looking so beautiful and I was happy because the road was beautiful and my dress also got changed. I was looking beautiful.

When we went a little farther, I started jubilating because I was very much happy going by that road. I know that such a road will never lead to destruction or any bad place so I was happy, I was jumping here and there, but the angel that was escorting me was quiet. I didn’t know why he was quiet so I asked, “Why are you quiet”? He did not say anything, but I was jubilating, not knowing—I thought there was something so beautiful ahead of me, but he knows that there was something serious ahead, but I didn’t know. So I was jubilating for entering such a road and my uniform changing into that white.

I then asked the angel, “Whose road is this? Who are the people who walk on this road or ply this road”? The angel told me, “It is the saints”. So when he said [that], oh that even made my joy so great. So, I started jubilating so much that I couldn’t control myself because I saw myself as also a saint that is happy to go through such a road. But when we went a little farther, I saw a group of people, many people; a group of people also wearing white like mine. They were all wearing white. The women had covered their hair. Their dresses were long to the down part of their foot. They were so nice, but in front of them, I saw a very big screen standing there.

When I got to these people who were wearing white with this big screen, there and then, a man was called and someone, a man walked forward. On this screen, everything concerning this man was displayed. The very day that he accepted Jesus as his personal savior came and when he said, he confessed that he will walk with the Lord the remaining of his years—everything came; everything concerning him came, but a sad part of the whole issue is that while these issues were going on, we were all seeing what the man has done. But the other thing that appeared on the screen was the Blood of Jesus—immediately the man accepted the Lord as his Lord and Savior, the Blood of Jesus came to wipe away all his past life—every sin that he has ever committed in the past. The Blood washed all way and a new life started all together as a result of his confession of Christ.

While we were watching on the screen where the man’s life had been displayed we got to a point in his life that is after he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. He was so serious about his church attendance. He really lived a holy life. He paid his tithes, giving offering—he went to church regularly, doing everything well. But the saddest part came that he is somebody not given breathing space to his workers. From Monday to Sunday, in fact, he will let them work, whereas he would go to church. While he would do everything in the church and at home, have time to do all these things. He would never give a space, a breathing space, at all to his workers. Therefore, they could not have time to worship the Lord as he was having time. Immediately, I overheard a very powerful voice shouting, “Depart! You human of iniquity! You cannot enter My city”! A very strong wind blew this man and hellfire welcomed him. That was his end.

Brethren with all the great garment standing for his holiness this light spot of suppressing his workers and not allowing them any breathing space at all, making them work from Monday to Sunday—not allowing them to go to church to serve the Lord, he was taken to Hell. So I started shivering. [So I thought,] “Ah, where I am? Where have I come”? I thought I had gone to a place where I was going to enjoy myself, but look at what I am seeing? The first scene was so terrible.

Then the voice called again, in fact, you could not see where the voice is coming from. All that you could hear is a voice calling names. So, the second person was called by the voice and this time too a man. He came forward. When he came, it happen as with the first person, his first life appeared. Immediately, he accepted Jesus and the Blood of Jesus washed away all his past life. His new life in Christ started unfolding.

This second man when he also came and after the Blood of Jesus had washed his previous life away and this new life in Christ started, I saw that he also served the Lord very nicely, but, it got to a point where when it was displayed on the big screen that this man was not faithful in paying his tithes. He was not faithful at all. In fact, [he] did that out of pains or something—groaning and all that, complaining. At times, he would just pay just a little. He would never pay it faithfully. But another part of his life was that when he attended any social gathering such as funerals, such as weddings, parties and the rest, he just spends money lavishly. But in the church of God, he was never ready to do that in tithes, not to talk about ordinary offering. All of a sudden, I heard the voice, again, “Depart! You who work iniquities”! A very strong wind blew him and he was also taken to hellfire; another casualty.

These people that I’m talking of where wearing white garments. I saw them as very white, not knowing that there were some spots somewhere as a result of their lifestyles that was not pleasing to God. So as you are listening to us and you are watching this CD, I want you to take a lesson from it so that you will change and repent your life now. If there is any spot somewhere in your garment that is in your righteousness, please repent now and ask the Lord for mercy. Maybe the Lord will have mercy upon you and upon me. Hallelujah.

It then came to the time of a woman. This woman too, in her previous lifestyle came on the screen and the Blood of Jesus came to wash all on the day that she accepted Jesus as her personal savior. When she started serving the Lord, in fact, her lifestyle was so beautiful, very nice. She lived a very nice life in Christ, holy life. She attended church very nicely—she did everything very nicely until one day when she was in a public transport. When she got to a point that she wanted to unride, she asked the driver’s apprentice or what we call “mate” that he was going to elect at such a point. But the mate did not or the drivers apprentice did not inform the driver so she was taken a little farther from her junction. This woman could not control her temper. She insulted the driver’s mate so badly while even the mate was begging her for not being able to alighted at the junction, but this woman wouldn’t listen. She insulted the mate and went away. She did not ask the Lord God Almighty for mercy for what she did. So when she also appeared on the screen and this lifestyle appeared, this voice, that powerful voice came again, “Depart! You worker of iniquity”! A wind, a very strong wind, blew her into hellfire. This woman was not seen any longer. Brethren, this is a very serious issues that we need to check ourselves that things will not overtake us on that day as well.

The next person that came was a young lady who also appeared and her lifestyle appeared on the screen. Her previous lifestyle until she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior all came and the Blood of Jesus on the day that she accepted Jesus washed her past life and a new life in Christ began. In fact, it was very nice in the beginning. The girl was serving the Lord very nicely until a part was shown on the screen for us to see that this girl, a certain point in time, in her past life was having a boyfriend. So while she was—in Christ, she came into Christ and a new life once upon a time, she reflects on her past life. She thinks about her boyfriend. It was on and off thing that was happening in her life. Because of this thing it had stained her Christian life and therefore, the powerful voice came again, “Depart! You worker of iniquity”! Then a strong wind came and this lady was blown into hellfire. That was the end of the life of this lady. May the Lord have mercy upon us brethren.

May the Lord have mercy upon brethren so that we will not miss anything with our holiness with our righteousness. In fact, we will not possess any property of the devil in our life, because that little thing, that iota of sin or light spot that is not pleasing to the Lord may take you out of the great and glorious city into the city of madness. It is my prayer that we will all be careful about the life that we are living so on that day, we will never find ourselves wanting. Hallelujah.

There is something terrible ahead of us. We need to allow the search light of the Lord to search into the deeper, the deepest part of our life so that we’ll know how we look like while we are alive so that one the day we are called into glory or the day that the trumpet sounds it will not be a terrible time for us.

Another name was mentioned and this one too was a lady. Her past life came on the screen and the Blood of Jesus came and washed her past life. Her new life, glorious life in Christ started showing up, in fact, it was so nice. The woman was serving the Lord nicely, but she was having a kind of—two way of lifestyles. What do I mean by that? When this woman comes to church she is different than when she is at home or at any other place. When she comes to church she smiles very nicely. She moves around with people very nicely, but when she gets home, she will never smile to anybody. She will be annoyed. She will squeezed the face—people can’t even go near her. This stained her garment so that when that spot appeared, all of a sudden that powerful voice came, “Depart! You worker of iniquity”! A strong wind blew her into hellfire.

Because she had this double kind of lifestyle, this lady could not make Heaven. What is your life? What is my life? How do we appear in front of Christians our brethren? How do we appear when we are alone somewhere and we think that nobody knows us? It is a question for all of us to answer. May God Almighty have mercy upon all of us. Hallelujah. Amen.

After this woman had been taken into hellfire, I started shivering so much that the angel that was by my side, tapped my shoulders to calm me down and told me that I shouldn’t be afraid. I was afraid because I didn’t know what was going to happened to me then the voice that called names called another name. This time it was a man. He came and his past life was shown on the screen, the Blood of Jesus came and washed away all his past life when he accepted Him as his Lord and Savior. The new life started coming; in fact, it was so nice, he was serving the Lord nicely, but it got to a point where that it was shown on the screen that this man at a certain point in his life was thinking about—I mean he was not showing love to wife, but thinking about a past girlfriend. That was what he used to think of and the real wife, she was not showing love to him. She was staying like any other person, not as a wife. When that portion came on the screen, that shout so powerfully came upon this man and said, “Depart! You worker of iniquity”! He was blown away to hellfire by that strong wind. In fact, that made me much more afraid because I didn’t know what was going to happened to me and I was really in a poor situation shivering and didn’t know what to do. May God have mercy upon us.

Another name was called and this time too it was a man. He came and his past life was displayed on the screen and the Blood of Jesus came and washed all the past life away when he accepted him into his life as his person savior. He also served the Lord very well. He was also serving the Lord very well until a portion of his life was shown. When he was in church and at the church service, this man was dozing. A brother went to him and told him brother, “Please wake up”! This brother who was dozing became annoyed of the one that was asking him to wake up as to you know to be part taker of the service. A part from being annoyed of the one that was waking him up, he said, “I am not sleeping” which was lie. He was sleeping. It means at that moment he committed a double sin that is becoming annoyed of a brother and then lying as well.

Brethren, I must tell you when I saw this man’s situation, I became so terrified. Why? Because I have been in that situation before. I myself testify that I have also slept or dozed in the sight of God at church. So I was afraid, because if any bad thing is going to happened to this man then it means I am also going to face the same thing. While I was thinking of this, the big voice came, “Depart! You worker of iniquity”! He was blown away by a strong wind into hellfire. In fact, I became so much afraid that the angel had to embrace me. The angel held me so that I would be able to stand on my feet to see what the Lord wanted to show me. Brethren, we must be careful about this God that we are walking with. He is not man that we can toil with. He is not ordinary human being that we can manipulate. Whatever we do on this earth, whatever goes on in our life its being open. It’s being displayed in the sight of this Living God. What can we hide from Him? The Bible says that every hidden sin will be opened up unto him. I pray that God will help us so that we will check our life right while we are on earth to avoid such a terrible situation happening to us. After all the years we have served faithfully, thinking that we have served faithfully in the Lord, sins of this nature, sins that we think they are nothing will take us into hellfire. May the Lord forbid that in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Brethren, I want us to take these revelation very serious because when we sit down and we think very carefully, we will all bare testimony to the fact that none of us will appear in any higher—position person being a minister, a king or whosoever president and then we will go and doze in his presence. Nobody will do that. But why is it that we are doing that to the Lord Jesus who came to shed His Blood for us and His Blood is still interceding, giving us salvation. We go to His presence then we doze. If a brother, a sister come closer to you even to tap at you to wake you up from your slumber, we are to thank that person rather than being annoyed or quarreling with that person. We need to be very, very careful so that these things will not hamper or block us from getting into Heaven. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

It was at the time of another man. When the man appeared, he was looking so good and the angel told me, “Richard, this man is a pastor”. In fact, his past life was washed away by the Blood of Jesus and his new life in Christ was so beautiful. He served the Lord so nice in a holy manner. He was somebody, a man of principal. He took care of his home and his church, everything he did was very nice, but other part of his life was so important was that this man knew of every truth from the scriptures, but he could not share them with the church members. The reasoning being, one, that when he shares a good, the truth with the church members that they will get scattered; the numbers would reduce. As usual, it means he was thinking about his tithes, his money and all of that would be reduced. Then another thing, he was afraid that the authorities that when they hear that he is teaching the truth from the Bible, he may be questioned or dismissed. So he allowed the members to do whatever they like. They could wear any attire at all. They dress anyhow. They lived anyhow. Meanwhile, the pastor and his household, his relatives, they knew the truth and therefore, they were walking in the truth performing what the Bible is asking them to do. They were doing that but he was not able to translate the same thing to the church and therefore, it went against him. The voice, that powerful voice came and said again, “Depart! You worker of iniquity”! He was blown away into hellfire.

Brethren, I became so sad and sorrowful for this person because he had lived in vain, I started shivering again until the angel held my hand to help me to continue to watch what the Lord had in store for me. The angel held my hand and took me nearer to the screen.

It then came to the time of another woman. This woman when she was called and her lifestyle was displayed on the screen, her past life was washed away by the Blood of Jesus the day that she accepted Him as her person Savior and Lord. A new life started altogether. Her life was so nice, she led a very nice Christian life. But the other aspect of this woman was that she was someone that harbor bitterness. She was not able to forgive anyone that stepped on her toes. She will kept that bitterness against that person and will be bearing grudge against that person. As I said earlier on, to God light and darkness are the same. To God, nothing can be hidden from him. Therefore, the Lord showed her bitterness life and the voice, the powerful voice came and said to this woman, “Depart! Thy worker of iniquity”! This woman was also blown away by the strong wind into hellfire. That was the end of this woman. Because of bitterness, her work in the Lord came to nothing. May God have mercy upon that we will not work in vain in Jesus’ name.

Brethren, I just want to serve a caution note here that we will be very, very careful as we are serving the Lord and we are striving to live a holy life so it is enable us to make it in. Let us to be careful that we will not stain our garment, because such things that the Lord has revealed are going on in our mist and we need to sit down and analysis it if we fall short of any of it then we should be ready to correct it before it is too late so that we will not see (inaudible). We need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling as Apostle Paul said so that one that day we will be able to respond positively and be able to make it up with the Lord on that day. Hallelujah.

The angel held my hand and we passed under the screen the space that was between the screen and the ground, we passed under it. Immediately, the screen became black, but I saw, I told the angel to take me back to stand in front of the screen so that my lifestyle too will be displayed on the screen, but the angel told me, “Richard, No. This is the reason why I brought you here. If I take you back for you lifestyle to be displayed on the screen it means that you cannot go back. But you are to see, lessons, everything that goes on here to pass down information to your brethren down on earth so let us go as you cannot go back”.

I persuaded the angel to take me back to stand in front of the screen for my standing, but the angel told me, “Richard. I cannot do that when I do that you cannot go back”. Not knowing that that all those whose lifestyle’s appeared on the screen and they were judged over there, thrown into hellfire, they were all dead people. So he told me I cannot go back because if I go and stand in front of the screen, I cannot go back into the earth. Brethren, I just want to warn all of us that these brethren served the Lord faithfully. They thought that where worshipping the Lord very well, not knowing that what they called “nothing”—it doesn’t matter. As for this, this is “nothing,” this is a small sin, those things not knowing that God will go against them. On that day, those “it does matter things” went against them and they found themselves in hellfire. I pray that we will not be in that situation. I pray that we will not stand in that position one day but we will do our homework well as we are alive, as we can have an opportunity to correct ourselves, so on that day we will be able to make it. Amen.

When the angel held my hand and after we taken just one, two, three steps, we just appeared at the Heaven Gate. It was surprise to me. So where we were standing with the big screen not knowing that we were very close to the Heaven gate, but we didn’t know. After three steps we just appeared at Heaven’s gate, and my heavenly garment came upon me, the gate got open for us and we entered. In fact, my body got changed, my fingernails like glass and the rest. But I was not happy because of what I saw that all these people after serving the Lord, were having their white garments, they were all thrown into hellfire. I was not happy, happy at all. So when we were walking on the golden streets, I was not happy until the angel took me to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My own friend Jesus, and when I went to Him, I saw my friend crying. Why? Because, the very people that He has chosen. He died for could not lead a life that was so holy and righteous to enter into the city that He has prepared for them. So Jesus is shedding tears. Brethren it was a terrible situation.

Brethren when I saw the Lord weeping I told the Lord please, my friend Jesus, allow you angel to take me back to the screen so that I will also know my standing. But the Lord said, “No. Richard that is not. In fact, you need to be careful, be careful, be careful (three times). That nothing of the devil will come to you, no property of the devil will be with you or else, in spite of the fact that I’ve brought you here to my kingdom several times, I will not accept you. I will throw you into hellfire when you led any lifestyle or when you collect any property of the devil”.

Brethren, that gave me much sorrow. I became so much sorrowful that I didn’t know what to do because if the Lord was saying that I who have visited Heaven several times, if I’m not careful I will be thrown into hellfire then it means that it is a very serious statement. We need to be very careful. May God have mercy upon us.

The Lord told me I should go to the earth and then tell the people there that no abominable thing, lifestyle could be taken into His kingdom so no matter the lifestyle that anyone is living if you go contrary to the Word of God, as He stated in Revelation 21:8 and 27 that no one with any abomination will enter into His kingdom therefore while we are on earth now. We will correct ourselves, we will put ourselves on the right foot scale of the Lord and see how we are weighing so that on that day we will not be thrown away because the Lord will not condone with sin. Therefore, we all need to watch our lives careful with the doctrine of righteousness.

We know that living a holy life, it is not easy. Living a righteous life, it is at times, it is very tough, but we need to work at it. We need to press on as Apostle Paul said. Because without that the Bible says in Hebrew 12:13 that without holiness, without faithfulness, without doing what is right in the sight of God no man can see the God. Therefore, we need to work at our salvation with all righteousness and holiness, faithfulness and all the other virtues so that one that day we will not find ourselves wanting. I pray and challenge all of us that the Lord God who has stated in Revelation 21:27, “And there shall in no wise enter into it anything that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life”. [Those] are the only people the Lord says can enter into the city. I pray that the Lord will help all of us so that we will run away from iniquity then we will ask for the mercies of God to help us so that we will be able to make it. Many people have been saying that we can live a perfect life but again, the Bible tells us in Matthew 5:48 Jesus, Himself, knowing how human that we are, He said, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect”. That means as man, we can still be perfect with His help. Not with our own strength, not by our own power but with the help of Jesus we will be able to lead the life of Heaven so that on that day we will all go with Him into the kingdom. May God help us in Jesus’ name. Amen.

As we are still alive and not dead it means that the Lord loves us. That’s why He has now given us the opportunity to get repent (inaudible) or very well so that we will have a chance of entering into Heaven so do not joke with it. The Lord loves you, the Lord loves me. Let us work on our salvation and change for the better so that on that day we will be able to see our Maker. May God bless us all and may the Lord help us to stand in Holiness and Righteousness


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