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Ay Ringing Write ups.

Victor was a child of God when he gained admission into the University. He was very brilliant and he also came out from a very sound Christian’s family home. Victor quotes the word of God whenever he prays as if he is the co-author of the bible; in fact he was the youth pastor in the campus fellowship. But unknown to victor, God has called him to be a great evangelist who will take Jesus message all over the whole world and trough him, many will be set free from satan captives, but this is unknown to Victor.

Because of his brilliancy, he had many friends, and at times he conduct tutorial in classes, and at times in his house for his course mate, both male and female together. Victor never knew the kingdom of darkness already knows about his call, and they have sent more than 10 agents to him in the school, who also transform themselves as student, but all this were unknown to him.
One day, one of his friends came to him, when he was in his final year; he told him do you want to remain like this without allowing school to pass trough you? This is your final year, no party, no clubbing no babes, just a boring life, Look at yourself, you have many female friend more than we but as fool as you are you don’t have a single girl friend, how are you sure you are going to get a wife in the future with this kind of life? why should you be avoiding your female friends, such that whenever they try to visit you at home, you will run away, at times give excuses like you are going somewhere, what kind of life is this? can’t you see Kaypompy, he has 6 girl friend yet you attend same fellowship and he’s living fine, can’t you see yomzi he has 3 babes, can’t you see Dagold, he has 32 girl friends and some of them were your church member, can’t you see how girls flocks to his house even fighting themselves because of him? Haven’t you heard that 2 of Emeka girls, look here guy, I myself I have 25 girl friends, and I must tell you boy, they are the one who sweep my room, cook my food, fetch my water, even get me food stuff with their own money, I don’t touch my bank account, many of them lie to their parent to get money and give them to me, just for me to warm their bed, here you are see what you are missing men? You need to wake up Nigga, You don’t have much, look at your room, see how you’ve being suffering and many girls keep flocking around you, but you keep running from them, why are you fooling yourself? Wake up boy, stop dulling yourself, this is campus life, enjoy yourself boy, or do you want to become Fada?

Victor just smile and left him, but throughout the night the words keep ringing in his memory, then he taught of it within himself, maybe I should even give it a trial and see what will happen, immediately the monitoring demons monitoring him quickly alert one of the 10 agent assigned to him, even the most beautiful one known as Nnena, she put on her whole armor of seduction and visited him very early on Saturday, saying she want to borrow his handout, Emeka was surprised to see her, what a lucky man I am, he said within himself, when she came in, he entertained her, which he has never does before in his life(Prov4:27), then the evil forces around the girl begin operation, Victor taught within himself, let me give Nnena a trial, perhaps she will accept to be my girlfriend, then he told her how he feel about her reluctantly because he has never done that before, then said Nnena wao! I’ve always want to be your woman all this while but you never look at my side, Victor was surprise, so it’s as easy as this, he taught within himself, then she came closer to him to embrace him, but immediately his brain was off, till he found himself on her laps, and mess up himself

After Nnena left, something grip his leg like electric, before he could know what’s going on he has became cripple, both hand and leg, he couldn’t talk because he has become deaf and dumb, even blind, his mouth was opened and couldn’t close up again, No one could hear a word from him just only tears and saliva dropping from his eyes and mouth. He can’t tell what happen to anyone, he can’t even pray to God for mercy, he can’t confess his sin with his mind, and he lost his mission and his calls, just for a minute enjoyment. (Let’s stop here)
Children of God, note that satan has purposely gone to the Universities, Polytechnics and College of Education to establish his throne there because of you. You will found out that many children that were born again before they left for school, they always come back home different, many never knew University is a place where glories are sold for free, many got backslides there and they lost their relationship with God, some came home with different taste, they observe that their parent church is oldskool, then they will know God should not be worshiped in old time religion method, but should be worshiped in a modernized way, many of them were very strong before admission
There are some secrete many youth of nowadays do not know, most especially boys who loves sleeping around with women, see Condom was purposely produced to destroy you
Your glory is in your sperm, whatever you want to become in life, every things are in your sperm, this is the main reason why most of the people who do money ritual always use their sperm, and the meaning is they have used the glory of their children not born yet
This is the reason why men who has fornicate much hardly make it in life, bcos their children also suffer from it, they hardly move forward in life as a result of their parent sin
Many children Christians of today who believe they can just commit fornication and go to God in prayer to forgive them, well since that is what they were taught in their church, let me tell you what you don’t know
The most dangerous sin to sin against God is the sin of Fornication, Adultery, Idolatry and sin committed after several warning, it takes time for such people to receive forgiveness from God, do you know Why?
Only Jesus can talk to God the Father on your behalf for such sin to be forgiven, and if he/she later receives forgiveness, how can he get back the glory he has lost? Yes he can never get it back because your sperm is your glory, most especially those of you that have a call, anything you want to become in life, are in your sperm, your anointing, your ministry, your calling, your future everything are in it,

NOTE THIS; A SINGLE DROP OF YOUR SPERM CAN SERVE 4 OF YOUR GENERATION, this is the major reason, why satan always prefer sexual sin. If you listen to many agents of darkness God has delivered, they will even tell you the kingdom under the sea are filled up with many glories and many of these glories belong to the youth, even taken from the campuses
Also you will found out that the major sin man can enjoy most is sexual sin compare to other sin, and it is very easy to commit but very very hard to come out from, not even easy to be forgiven of, and it can destroy 1000’s generation glories. Can’t you see how Ruben lost it? Jesus was suppose to come trough him as the first child and he lost that glory for sleeping with his father concubine, and the glory was transfer to Judah. Even the son of Judah Onan who first practice the use of condom, God killed him immediately (Gen38:8-10)

Whenever satan send his agent into the world, 60% of their assignment are sexual sin, many men of God who fell today are as result of this same sin. Whenever the queen of the coast sent her agent into the world to a particular man of God, or someone who has a very genuine call, even before he knows, they will know, they must have seen his stars and also his stand before they sent special agent to him, once any man of God fall into adultery or fornication like that of victor, with a female agent of darkness, they will have an invisible snake in their private part, the man will not know, use condom or no condom, once he release, he will release into the mouth of the snake unknowingly, then the snake will have to go straight into their lab at the bottom of the sea to deliver the sperm, then they will weigh it to see the level of his/her anointing, once they found out he has much anointing and glory, then they will invoke some spirit on him such that, he will never get tired of having more sex until they drain all his anointing and glory from him trough his sperm, and then render him useless, but at times, they destroy the fellow without using his glory if he/she is dangerous like that of Victor, but sin is sin, they can still attack trough sin
After draining this sperm, then they will use it to anoint their own false pastors they call. Because nowadays, there are some fake pastors who are doing real and genuine miracles, and there are still some who are using demonic power like that of Yeparipa Occultic group write-up. Satan is a curse angel, he can never bless anyone, he uses the power of God he collected from men of God who fell into his traps to anoint his own pastor
Have you dash out your glory while your days in the university? This is the main reasons why you still go about with your credentials looking for job, and have not seen any, then they will start running to mountain for prayers, many also fall into this kind of traps after they have finish a powerful marathon prayer and fasting, student be very careful, satan is using student much to achieve his evil and wicked tasks, many of you has already being caged in the deep sea, many student can never make it again only if God intervene, many lost their glory just during NYSC 3 weeks in camp. Truly if thy eyes are evil, your whole body will be in darkness
Many student don’t even know that, not all that are in university campus are human being, many of them who were born-again later became a satanic agents as a result of the schools and friends he mingle with in their hostel, sister Rachael now attends Night club, sister Mary can dance skelewu more than sister Sarah, while Michael is the leader of the Red Axe and they were all pastor children. Parent, you have a lot of work to do, your children going to school, is like going into a lions den
The problem in the Christendom today, all begin from the universities, because people where not exposed to things before, many people may not know this, all these pastors of today, gain that idea from the university, and they preach the bible with campus style

The ideas of club house generates from the university, the foolish music’s and dancing all over the world now are brought out from the University, in the 50’s-70’s you will only found witches and evil people among the old women, but youth are now their grandmaster, many student don’t even have parent on earth, and they ride the best car in the school, they are the best student in the class, the idea of condom in order to increase high level of immorality came from campuses, the idea of miniskirts, lady’s trousers and satanic dressing in the world today all begin from the campuses, Ideas of hotels and night clubs, Prostitute of today came from campuses, Cultist, Bribery and corruption etc.
Do you know the kind of person your friends are? Do you know exactly who that lady that use to visit you at home all the time, do you know her plan, she tries all her effort to sleep in your home, do you know her motive, stop tempting God saying you can’t fall for her, instead flee away from her, remember Joseph face same challenges but he escape, like I use to say, if you are a man of God who has fell in this mess, rise up and pray for God mercy AFTER CONFESSING YOUR SIN TO YOUR WIFE AND ELDER OF YOUR CHURCH, he can still give you back another glory, don’t hide your sin. He’s waiting for you


Oyeduntan Adewunmi Enoch: This story is a true life story, it happened in a popular university here in Nigeria. i have also used the story to teach alot of people. Lets be more careful, sensitive, and alert and runnnnnnnnnnnnn away from every appearance of sin. And lets also reachout to many souls as possible.

Nkabinde Fiona: This has touched me,,did he die?????

Oyeduntan Adewunmi Enoch: well….no, God later showed him mercy, but he lost all the years in school becos he was paralyse for about 3-4 years , so lost all the earlier 4-5 years in school. he had to start all over again. he was graced anyway



    • Thank you Sir For Visiting This website, May the LORD JESUS BLESS You, JESUS Loves you, maybe you are not yet Serving the LORD, allow me to share to you the Love of JESUS CHRIST, The Bible Declares That we need to Draw near and call the name of JESUS CHRIST, Matthew 11:28, Because Not Religion Can save us Only JESUS CHRIST, or maybe you are already a Christian i encourage you to Continue your Relationship with The LORD, Be Strong and Don’t Give Up in JESUS Name.


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