Topic : MY JANUARY 31ST VISION OF NEW HEAVEN AND EARTH. By Emmanuel Samson Jude Senayon (January 31 2015 Revelation From JESUS)

I was shown a beautiful vision this past month on the 31st of January 2015, It was so wonderful to see this, not by work, if I said is by work then I make my self a liar, but it was reveal through the grace of Christ Jesus.

In the vision, the spirit of the living Christ lifted me up in the realm of the spirit and suddenly stopped me at a certain position, then behold I saw a city before me, all the building inside of it was a mansions, not just a any how building. No wonder Jesus says in my fathers house are many mansions. ( John 14:2).
The beauty of current heaven can not stand beside the beauty of new heaven prepared by God, and I looked very well,and I discover a lot of mystery which can not be written by my own understanding, let Christ grace be enough for all to understand the beauty of the coming city.
I didn’t know what else to say in the vision , I was only screaming I saw it , I saw it, the new city of God.
How prepared are you for the new heaven and new earth in which the heaven and earth shall be refashioned by God.
In the book of psalm 102:25-26 confirmed that the heaven and earth shall be change, because the first earth and heaven shall be roll away.
God is going to transform this earth into a pure, fresh and glorious new earth, because the first earth is full of corruption and sin, therefore it must be change and melt away.
Our father Abraham looked for this new city of the glory of God, because God is the builder and maker of it. Heb 11:10.
This is a city prepared for the elect of God, who are not ashamed to confess their savior before the face of the earth, when they were in it.
They are faithful and sincere christian that use all their life, all their possession , all their heart, all their riches , all for the city to come, in the beauty of holiness, day by day, they look for the city to come. Hebrew 13:14.
If you are a christian and you still do not acknowledge that you are a pilgrim on earth, and because of this, every thing you do, you do it for the honor of the earth, for the praise of men, for the applause of men, you are missing it already.
The new earth to come, is a most for every body to have part in it, because any one that does not have part in it, would certainly have part in the lake of fire. Only those that their names are written in the lambs book of life will have part in it . Rev 20:15.
In the new earth, new Jerusalem shall become the capital of the entire universe.
The stars would be made afresh, for creation is eagerly waiting for the revealing of the sons of God, because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption in to glorious liberty. Rom 8:19-22.
In this new earth, the happiness of the saint will be completed, and our body will be glorious body, designed and fit for our happiness.
The body of Christ was perfect and the church was complete, because the church was no longer under affliction and sin, and it was in perfect state, for there was only one church, THE LAMB OF GOD CHURCH, and it was as a bride adorned for her husband.
For the mediator has fully accomplished his work, and the perfect work of God appeared .
God make his glory clearly and completely seen, and the saint remain perfectly happy and rejoicing in Gods glory for ever and ever, for eternity, but all careless christian, sinners, backslider, satan, demons, false prophet, and death was inside lake of fire, screaming eternally In the great wrath of God in the lake of fire.
And I woke from the Vision with fear, for the Vision is for an appointed time, it may tarry and may not tarry but it shall come to pass .
Where will you be at that time ?


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