Rapture Encounter By Richard Antwi (Read it You will learn what to do when you are left behind, much better to be with JESUS during the rapture than to be left behind and suffer Terrible Torture)

Rapture Encounter 1 of 2 by Brother Richard Antwi

Pastor P.P. Kuranchie: Brethren praise the Lord once more.  We want to praise God for His goodness, His kindness, and His faithfulness that has been with mankind since creation until now.  We are so grateful unto Him.  The Bible says that He will never do anything without revealing it first to His prophets and I believe that is what the Lord has been doing to us by the various revelations that He has been given to some brethren within our church, Heaven Seeker’s Ministry that is located in Kumasi, Ghana.  (Inaudible) we are privileged to share with you another thoughtful revelation that the Lord has given to His servant Brother Richard Antwi concerning a rapture of the saints and the aftermath of the Rapture that is what is going to happen after the saints have been raptured.

Brethren, you know the Bible is very clear about this day.  When we read from First Thessalonians 4:13-18, I read from the NIV:  Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope.  “For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.  According to the Lord’s word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep.  For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.  After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.  And so we will be with the Lord forever. Therefore encourage one another with these words” (Thess. 4:13-18).  That is the Word of God.  So it tells us that definitely there is a day that the Lord is going to take His children away from this earth so that we will meet Him in the air and together we will go and live a glorious life with Him in the Heaven.

Again, when we read from Revelation 6:12-17, it is stated that “I watched as he opened the sixth seal.  There was a great earthquake.  The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind.  The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.  Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.  They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!  For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?”  Hallelujah.

That is the Word of God.  A day is coming that these Words of God will surely manifest itself in the life of mankind and as we just read from Revelation, it is going to be a terrible day for those who do not accept Jesus in times like this.  But for those who accept Jesus now, on that day, they are going to be caught up into the air and then they will be taken to the Heaven to have a glorious and everlasting enjoyment with the Lord Jesus.  That is what we are telling you now.  That there is an opportunity that the Lord has granted, why don’t you grab it?  Why don’t you make a decision now and give your life to Christ?  We hope that even as you listen to this end time revelation concerning rapture and the aftermath of Rapture, you will surely make a decisive decision and give your life to Christ so that on that day we will all meet there.  I know the joy of the Lord that we will experience that will be very overwhelming.  May the Lord help you and help me as well even as we will be listening to our brother, Richard Antwi.  He is a member of Heaven Seeker’s Ministry located in Kumasi, Ghana (inaudible) at a place called (inaudible) behind the Great Luck Hotel.  If you want to find us out that is our location. Our telephone numbers are at the back of the CD that you are watching therefore take opportunity and then decide for your final destination.  God bless you and may the Lord be with you even as you make that wonderful decision.  My name is Pastor P.P. Kuranchie, a servant of Heaven Seeker’s Ministry, Amen.

Brother Richard Antwi:  I want to give praise and thanks to God, the Father, the Son and then the Holy Spirit for their kindness that have been demonstrated to us all this while.  I want to advise you my brother, my sister listening to me that if you are seeking for anything on this earth, if you are looking to do anything at all on this earth, then my piece of advice to you is to look and seek for Christ Jesus because with Him you are saved.  Hallelujah!  Amen.  All that I’m saying is that, you need to seek Jesus now because a time is coming when you will not be able to take even a pen, a bit of your property, you will not be able to take it with your when you time of, you know, of life on this earth comes to an end that is why I am advising you this time around that you will give your life to Jesus so that when He calls His saints, when He comes for His saints, you will be amongst them and then you will have an everlasting joy that will never depart from you.  Amen.

On Monday, the 17th day of February 2014 at midnight around seven minutes after twelve, my pastor who usually calls during this time, many of us he calls us so that we will wake up and pray, called me on the phone.  So I woke up to pray.  No matter when he calls, I will, you know, will be up in intercession for the church members, but this day I decided to worship the Lord alone.  So I worshipped the Lord alone, until at a certain point, my worship went down a little and I saw that I was a bit, looking like a bit weak so I went and then placed part of my body on my bed while my lower part, my upper part was on the bed and my lower part was on the floor of my room because my bed is not a tall one so when I placed my upper part on the bed, my remaining part, you know, was hanging on the floor of the room.

While I was lying on the bed, I was still, you know, praying in tongues, worshipping and praising the Lord in tongues, but all of a sudden, I saw that it was daybreak.  The room was so light, telling me that it was daybreak, but I saw in the vision, in the vision I saw that I was sitting on my chair reading my bible, a time that I was supposed to have been at my work place.  I was still in my room doing bible studies.  Brethren what happened was so surprising that somebody, you know, I saw that it was day break and I was studying my Bible, all a sudden I saw that it was a very thick darkness in my room.  I said, what is happening?

So I was able to go through the darkness to where my window was and when I got there I tried and then I opened it. I opened to my (inaudible) to see the outside of the house to see if that place too is darkness or is it something that is wrong in the room.  But to my amazement, it was seeing outside there, everyplace was dark. But when I peeked through the window, I saw some bright angels; angels were in the sky.  They were bright so therefore I could see them, even in the darkness.  They were holding their trumpets and immediately, I saw them, they started blowing their trumpet.  When they blew it, I saw children, in fact, babies and young little children all flying into the sky with some few adults amongst them.  They were all in white and therefore, you could see them; they were like light.  I could therefore see them even in the darkness; very bright and they were going into the air.  After sometime it ceased.  Nobody was flying any longer and then the trumpet had also stopped.  The darkness went away and it was back to daybreak again.

When the darkness went away and the daybreak light came again, I saw myself, that I was wearing my heavenly dress, but to my surprise, my body remained as it is, it remained a normal body, it was not heavenly body as normally it does happen so I was a bit surprised.  I overheard people shouting outside, so I decided to go there and see what is happening.  When I decided to go outside there, I saw many people shouting, “Hey! Hey! Hey”!  Making so many noises outside therein.

The Lord told me earlier on that I was left with one minute; He said, “Richard, you are left with one minute” [this was] when I saw that my body was unchanged, but the garment that I had on was changed.  The Lord told me it was left with me, that I was left one minute.  I didn’t understand it as of that time, but what happened was that when I went outside my room while people were shouting, there was commotion everywhere, I went out and I saw many people rushing up and down.  Many people was saying, “Ah, my child was sucking my breast and all of a sudden, he or she has disappeared.  My child went to school and came back and while I gave him food and he was eating, he disappeared.  My brother or my sister, I was with him, he has disappeared”.  So everybody was talking about one lost or disappeared person or the other.  They were all complaining that some of theirs got lost or had disappeared.

When I went out, I said, “Ah? Is it where the area that I am staying that these things are going on”?  So I went to the nearby suburb, but it was the same thing.  When I went to the town itself, I saw many people all in that same situation complaining to one another that, you know, they have lost a brother or sister who has disappeared; they cannot find the person.  They were complaining looking around searching rather they would see their relatives.  So I had a thought in mind:  Is it only this nation that we are seeing this?  So I said, what about the European countries, the Asian countries and all the other continent.  Immediately, I said that because the dress that I was having on, I was quickly taken to that place and when I got there I saw that things were the same over that place as well.  People were not doing the normal thing.  They were moving up and down, going up and down in all commotions as it was happening down here.  I saw that everywhere that I went there to Asia or any other continent of the world it was the same thing.  Therefore, I saw that oh, it wasn’t down here alone, but it was all over the world.

I therefore decided that then, its better that I go back to my country.  When I said that right away I was back to my nation. When I came I met people still in that situation going up and down, searching for one person or the other.  Then I met this lady who was searching for a child, the baby who was right here, six months old, the lady was searching for the child everywhere.  The Lord made me to follow this lady into a house and the lady was saying I left my child here.  In fact, I gave this child a sleeping tablet so that it would enable me to go and have an affair with my boyfriend while my husband has traveled, but I came back I’m able to see that my child is not here and therefore, what am I going to do?  What am I going to tell my husband when he comes back?  She was crying weeping, going up and down, searching everywhere to see whether she could get the baby.

I saw many people men and women, you know, changing their dresses and then erasing all the make up on their faces, taking their bibles and rushing to go to various churches.  They went into the various chapels and filled it with capacity and pray.  They were saying, “Ah, what they people has said, has happened!  The rapture that they were talking about has taken place”. Therefore, they were rushing to the various churches.  [They thought] maybe there will be a help there for them.  I went to one church, I saw many people in the church and they were weeping because they couldn’t make the rapture.  They were crying that they could be a help for them. From there, I was taking to another church where I met people a multitude of people in that church as well.  They were all in black and then, they were also praying, bowing to a statue that they say is Mary, that is Mary’s statue.  They were praying to that statue to enable them, maybe help them so that they will be able also to make the rapture.

When I saw what was going on, I made up my mind to move from that chapel where they were kneeling before the Mary statue to go to my pastor’s house to inform him about what is happening [and] to see what is happening to them as well.  But when I got to [the] street, I saw that there was no movement of any vehicle, in fact, no service was going on.  No electricity, no radio, you know, no TV, there was nothing.  Therefore, people were just moving from one place to another without any vehicle so I decided to track to my pastor’s house.  On the way from the town that he is staying is a bit far, the dress that I was having on helped me a bit and I had to use my strength also to continue.  It will sometimes help me and at a certain point, it would not help me. I tracked and by God’s grace I was able to get to his house.  When I got to the main gates, I pressed the door bell and nobody responded so I forced the gates to open and I entered.  When I entered I did the same thing at the main gate to the hall.  Nobody, you know, was responding. I opened that one too.  When I entered the house itself, I started calling out names, “Pastor! Momma”!  Then I started calling the children,” Philippa! (Inaudible)”!  Nobody was responding so I started looking in the various rooms, and when I went into the various rooms, I saw that nobody was in the house.  The house was quiet and I felt it instantly, I felt, “Ah, pastor and the family are gone and they have left me here”.  So I said weeping.  I just threw myself into the sofa in the hall then I started weeping.  I saw that they have left me.  So after weeping for some time, I decided to go back to town and know what to do next.

While going, brethren there is a (inaudible), a (inaudible) on the way.  When I got to the (inaudible) farm, I met a group of people, many people coming.  Amongst them were some (inaudible) pastors, apostles, church leaders and members and they were all heading to my pastor’s house.  All they were saying was that we want to get to his house because he has been preaching about this end time message and holiness and righteousness so let’s go to him.  Then we will be able to hear such messages that will enable us to make it to Heaven.  I was still standing by that (inaudible) farm looking at them because I was thinking about myself.  I didn’t say anything to them.  So they came and when they came, they also realized that pastor and the family was not here, they all started weeping and said, “Oh, the man is gone, he is not here”!  So they came to where I was standing and they met me also there.

We were all going on the way back to the town.  I overheard while the people were crying because they didn’t meet the pastor and family, but I was also in my sorrow thinking about what to do, all of a sudden, I heard somebody laughing in a deep voice on top of his voice. I turned around to see who was that only to see a very tall, you know, very tall thin person looking like Jesus.  But his behavior, his look was like Jesus, but, his behavior was not like Jesus.  So when I saw him laughing, I immediately sensed that he was not Jesus and you know, I heard him saying, “Ah, now the whole world belongs to me!  Whatever I like I can do.  Anyone that really wants to have deliverance you are free to come to me”?  He way he was talking, I realized that he was not Jesus.

When this man said what he said, immediately he added, “That because now I am the savior if you bow to me, you will be free”.  When he said that many of those people that came to the pastor’s house and they were on the way with me going back to the town, they thought that really it was Jesus so they bowed to him.  Immediately, they bowed to him and raised back their head, I saw the figure 666, the mark of the beast on their foreheads. When I saw that I said, “Ah, so that (inaudible) this man is carrying alone, so I have to ran for my life”.  I decided to run for my life, you know, to avoid the receiving of this mark.  I run, though I was hungry, I had to run to go back to the town.

So I decided to go home and then, you know, go for some money to enable me to buy some food to eat, but brethren when I went home, I saw that my TV which, in the normal since, in the normal life, I do not have lights or electricity in my home.  In the normal life, I do not have electricity in my home.  I saw that even in this instance there was no electricity anywhere, but when I entered my room, my TV that is in my room was on, though I do not have electricity and though nobody was having electricity (inaudible) at that time, my TV was on.  On the TV, brethren what I saw, the newscasters, they were casting, they were entertaining people, they were very happy for what had happened, and I saw on their foreheads that they were having the mark of the beast.  They were happy and after sometime, they showed a picture of the man that I saw in the earth who was saying that he is now the savior of the world, that satan himself.  They brought his picture on the TV, and later on, I saw many of his agents.

They have their faces like you know, beasts, like animals, they have tails, but their body looks like human beings, but the face and the tails makes the difference.  There were many.  They were also standing behind the picture of this man.  Then I tried to the TV off, because what they were showing on the TV was something that I hate so much so I decided to put the TV off.  But brethren, as much as I tried, the TV wouldn’t go off so I left it. I decided to go and take money from where I keep it in my room and to my surprise, when I took the money, I saw that the first note was having the mark of the beast, 666, and the picture of satan on the money.  So I said, “Ah, this is not the money that I want”.  So I put that on aside and the next one I picked, it was the same thing.  The next one the same so I threw out all the money. My money that I was having that was real money had then changed to that, you know, money of the devil; having the mark of the beast and his pictures on them all. So I said then “I am doomed”.  I have to go out and know what to do.

When I decided to go out, I went to find out what to do. I went out, I saw a young girl selling ice water.  I wanted to buy, get an ice water from this girl, but I saw the mark of the beast on her forehead.  The things that she was holding was having the mark.  The container in which she was selling the ice water also had the mark of the beast on it.  Then I said, “No, no. I cannot buy from this young girl”.  So, I decided to move from this girl to go to anywhere where I could get water or food, you know to eat.  But what came into my mind was let me go to a church where maybe I will be accepted in the first place, and they may help me.  So the first church that I entered, I saw that brethren, they were well dressed, the men as well.  They were well dressed; everybody had covered their bodies, very nice.  They have removed all the evil things, the jewelries and put all, you know, from them.  They have covered their hair and removed all the attachments [wigs, fake-artificial hair, weave] that women were having in their hair previously before the Rapture.  I saw that really, they were well dressed, but brethren, what can I say?  I want to say that it was too late for them.  It would have served them better if they would have done that early on before the Rapture, but, they decided to wait.  They ignored all the warnings that the Lord gave and lived their lives as if it was for them until the Rapture happened, before they realized that ah, they have made a mistake, but it was too late.  However, they were weeping in the church so seriously that I had no one to talk to.  Everybody was so busy [praying] that the Lord would have mercy on him or her.

All of a sudden, while they were weeping and crying to the Lord to intervene.  All of a sudden, I saw satan, the one that I saw earlier on the street on my way to the town, clapping his hands.  Everybody turned towards him, and he said, “Have you seen how your Jesus has deceived you?  Have you seen how He has been selective?  He has acted partially by taking a few people and leaving all of you here?  You have served Him all of these years, but look at what He was rewarded you with?  But me, if any of you will bow to me, I will never treat you like that”.  They thought that it was good advice and many decided to bow to him.  When he ordered them that he would not treat them the way the Lord Jesus has treated them so they should bow to him; almost all them bowed, except just a few.  They bowed to satan and when they lifted up their heads, they had the mark of the beast on their foreheads, 666.  Just a few refused to bow to him so as to take the mark.  Therefore he asked them, “So you people are not going to bow to me”.  He just gave a signal.  His agents whose face are like animals, and they have tails, but, they have the body of human beings came in. Immediately, they came in and those who refused at first to bow to satan saw these agents of satan.  They came in so they became so much frighten that they bowed and they also received the mark so all of them received the mark.  When I saw that they all received the mark, I saw that that was not the place for me.  I had to run away for my life.  So I bolted away from that church, and I got outside.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Rapture Encounter 2 of 2 by Brother Richard Antwi

Brother Richard Antwi:  I ran from this church and I ran to another church.  There too I met many people; they were neatly dressed now, because everyone wants to dress neatly, they want to dress the heavenly way of dressing, but it was too late for them.  They were weeping for, you know, the deliverance of God.  While they were all weeping with their pastors leading them weeping; the pastors were on the alter crying seriously.  We heard the clapping again and when we turned, it was the same man, satan.  When, you know, the pastor saw satan, he started rebuking satan that look, “You are not the Savior, you are a deceiver.  You are not the one we are praying for”.  He started rebuking satan trying to cast satan out and then, the devil started laughing at him.  He started laughing at him, “Hahaha”.  After a while he  ceased, and said, “Look, why are you wasting your energy?  All these years you have served me faithfully.  You were protecting my property, the adulterous life that you were living was my property that you were protecting, it is now that I have come to reward you.  Why are you doing this”?  When the devil said this to the pastor, he started, you know, losing grounds; the ground started shaking, the Bible fell, the knees folded [and] went down.  When the congregation seen that the senior pastor had bowed to satan, they all, almost all of them, even bowed.  Even just a few, they bowed and when they lifted their head, they were all having the mark of the beast, 666.  The few people who refused, satan signaled for his agents.  When the agents entered the church, as they did in the previous church, immediately, they saw the agents, they became afraid and received the mark as well.  I had to run again from this church.  I went outside to know what to do next.

When I went outside what I saw made me to know that in fact that it is very prudent, very wise for anyone who wants to have salvation to accept Jesus now.  In fact, at that point, death will even run away from man.  Men will be looking for death, but they will never see Mr. Death.  Why am I saying this?  When I went outside, I saw many people on top of a very tall story building.  The highest was very, you know, long.  I saw many people standing at the very top part of the building.  What they were trying to do was throw themselves down, so that they will die so that they will not receive the mark of the beast.  Some of them, although they tried it, they threw themselves from the top of the building unto the ground, but they did not die.  All that I saw was that they got injured and they were in serious pain, but they did not die.  Even some they fell on top of a fence wall that was having dangerous metals on it, and that also, you know, injured them so seriously, but, what happen was that those who fell on the ground and those who fell on the fence through dangerous metals on it, immediately, they landed in the same place and got themselves injured, the devil agents came in, and asked them, “Now will you receive the mark or not”?  Because they were in serious pains, they had no choice, but to say that “Yes we will receive it”.  They gave the mark to all of them, the mark on their foreheads.

When I moved from that place, I got to a place that looks like a stadium, a big ground.  That is a (inaudible), a big ground like a stadium where many people were praying with their pastors who was leading them.  While they were praying seriously and weeping, the devil again came there.  What I want to tell you is that it is good for you to pray, but, what is best is for you to lead a holy and righteous life, especially at a time like this when the Lord has not revealed Himself; it would be very good.  It is best for you to lead a righteous and holy life so when Jesus comes, you’ll make it with Him to avoid all the troubles that these people, you know, are going through.  What happened is that while they were praying, the devil appeared there clapping his hands.  They all turned towards the direction of the enemy, satan.  The pastor, you know, just pointed to satan and said, “Ah, this is my master!  This is the one that has been helping me all alone, even before the Rapture.  He is the one that has been giving me the powers to do whatever I’ve been doing in the church for you people; all the miracles that you seen before me, all came from him.  So it’s good that he’s here, let us all bow down to him and give him the necessary honor.  When he said this they bowed to the enemy, satan.  Immediately they bowed, they received the mark on their foreheads.

What happened was that the few people who refused to bow to satan to receive the mark, the agents of satan were signaled as usual.  When they came in the people who refused to receive the mark, they gathered them.  They all came down from the people, the majority of them who did received the mark.  They came from among them and they gathered at a point.  I do not know where the agents of satan had got a hot iron [from].  The first person who was so bold that no I will never receive this mark, they used this hot iron on the forehead.  When they used it on the forehead, they just removed the skin of the forehead from that place.  He started weeping then they asked him, “Will you receive it now”?  He said, “Yes”.  They placed a sticker on the hand and when they removed the sticker, the figure 666 was written there.  The next person too who also refused to receive the mark, they took a very hot metal that looks like, I don’t know…it’s something that that metal they wanted to use on the throat of that man.  When he saw that they were taking the metal nearer to his throat, he said, “No, no, no.  I will receive it”.  So, he also received the mark and that made the remaining people who were initially resistant in receiving to receive the mark as well.  All the people, a big place like a stadium, it means they all received the mark.  By God’s grace, again, I had the chance of running out of that place to go to another place.

From this place, I went to a place, a mountainous place.  I saw many people on a very tall mountain, many of them.  They were also journeying over there so I went to that place.  While we were there and the people were weeping, crying for help, praying to Jesus to come to them as well to rapture them; all of a sudden, the enemy, satan appeared there.  When he appeared there, he said, “Ah, I know I am the one you are looking for, your savior.  That is why I have come”.  In fact, when the people saw him, the way he looked like, they thought that it was Jesus.  So, he said, “All of you should bow to me”.  They quickly bowed to satan, all of them.  They all received the mark instantly.  When I saw that they had received the mark, I had to run quickly from the mountain’s top down.

Brethren, what I’m trying to say is that on that day, you can run to the mountain top to go and pray, there will not be deliverance.  That is why we read the Bible from Revelation chapter six from verse twelve downward; we shared with you what will happen on that day.  The Bible says people will run, kings and commanders, people of good standards, and even what is very serious about that scripture is that even slaves will be among them.  Even people of those that live [and] are refusing to serve God now.  What about you a salve?  Sir the Bible says slaves were even among them and they will run to mountains and then to roads to follow them, to cover them from the wrath of the one who sits on the throne, that is Jesus Christ.  This is the time for you that you give your life to Jesus so that you will not go to that extent.  They ran up to the top of the mountain, but there was no salvation.  They had to receive the mark of the beast.  We pray that it will never be so in your life in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

When I descended from that tall mountain, I went to straight to another big church.  I entered this big church, I saw some were wearing black dresses and some were having ashes on them, but I want to tell you that on this day, all  these things will not help you.  Decide now [be]cause there is no name on Heaven, on earth and beneath the earth, the Lord says that it has been given to save us except the name Jesus.  While we were in this chapel, they were praying they were weeping, and all of a sudden, what I saw that they were praying before the statue “Mary”.  The devil, satan, turned himself as the statue; he behaved as the statue of Mary in that exact manner and started speaking to the congregation that “I am Mary, the one who gave birth to the Savior.  I have heard your cry and my son has sent me to come and help you.  But, before you will be saved, you all have to receive this mark.  If you are able to receive this mark, you are going to receive your salvation”.  What happen is there they used a sticker.  They placed the sticker on your forehead and when they removed it the number 666 will appear there; they just used their hand to rub it and it will brighten up.  That is what they did.  The people made a queue [formed a line] and they started receiving this sticker that contained the mark of the beast 666.

So what I decided to do, I saw that all the churches in this place, I mean in town, I saw that the members had all taken the mark of the beast so I said, “No.  It means that I cannot live among them, let me go to my home town.  So after maybe there I will have people to who have not received this mark and I will have peace there, else I will not be able to live in the mist of these people who have received the mark”.  So I decided to make a journey back to my home town.  Brethren, I decided to go to the roadside and what I saw that there was a car coming and the driver was saying that” all people who want to travel to any place you can come, whether you have the mark or not I will take you on”.  So we entered the car, and when we entered, I entered it with some people who were also not having the mark, but when we entered I saw that the driver had taken, the path that he taken, the road that he was driving on was not towards my hometown as I decided to go to my hometown.  But I had in mind that maybe he was taking me to the hometown of some of the passengers and from then, we will get to my place.

While we were going, we saw that the driver was speeding up and he was driving towards an oncoming (inaudible) truck.  He was driving towards the direction of this oncoming (inaudible) truck.  So we all decided to tell the driver to be careful and take your time, you are driving in the direction of this oncoming (inaudible) truck, but the driver was not listening at all because he was having the mark on his forehead.  So he wouldn’t listen to us.  He drove at a very tall speed and drove into this (inaudible) truck then immediately, he crashed in this (inaudible) truck.  Because I was having the heavenly garment on me, I was taken out of the truck and I saw myself standing by it—the roadside somewhere.  All the other people got injured so seriously.  Immediately, the car crashed and the (inaudible) truck got injured, the agents of satan came around to ask them whether, they would receive the mark or not, because they got injured.  They said, “Well, we will receive it”.  So they gave the mark to all of them and I had to run for my life.

While standing there by the wayside, I was looking for a car to enable me to go to my hometown to continue my journey to my hometown.  While standing there, I saw a car coming, but when I stopped the car and it was about to stop, I saw that the driver had the mark of the beast on him so I gave him a signal, “Go, go, go, I will not join you”.  So he went away, he drove away.

I started moving on the road and I saw another car coming.  When this car was also coming I stopped the driver.  I saw that he was also not having the mark on his forehead so I thought it was a genuine car so I decided to join it and I entered the car.  When I entered the car, I looked at the driver, I smiled at him and he also smiled at me back and there were others in the car who were also not having the mark.  I was so happy, but, as we were going something occurred to me that I should look around the driver; maybe he don’t have the mark on the forehead, but he might have it somewhere.  So while I was looking around him, I so that the mark was on his hand.  I said to myself, “Ah, so he’s also one of them”.  So I told the driver, “Please stop, stop, stop”.  All the passengers said, “Why, why, why”?  I told them the reason and they all join me in asking the driver to stop the vehicle, but the driver would not mind us.  He was even speeding now, when we were asking to stop.  He was running at a very high speed and he ran onto a bridge that was on a very high river.  He crashed this bridge and the car somersaulted and fell into the river.  When the car drown in this river, all I saw was that I was able to swim and I got to the bank of the river, because of the dress that I was having on.  The other passengers also tried; they swam to the bank, but they struggled a lot before getting to that point.  So when they got to the bank of the river, they were tired and they had then swallowed a lot of water.  What happened was that when they got to the bank of the river and they were weak.  Immediately, the agents of satan came around and asked whether they would receive the mark or not because they were weak, they said, “Well…we will receive it”.  So they received the mark and I had to run again for my life.

I went through a bush and when I entered the bush, I saw some people hiding in the bushes so I went and hid myself as well with a certain man at a particular spot.  But, while we were there, they even discovered that people were there.  They came around.  One came and asked us, “Will you receive the mark or not”?  The man was shaking head, “I will receive it”.  So I saw that all of the people there decided to receive the mark and I had to run again for my life.  So I ran out from the bush in order not to receive the mark.

When I ran and I got to my hometown, I entered my house and I saw that one of my uncles had received the mark.  One of the family members were addressing him, telling him that he can no more cater for them because he is the only one that has received the mark and he is able to supply all of their needs but if they will not receive the mark themselves then he is not open to cater for them.  So they also decided to take the mark.  I also saw that they accepted stickers that they place on them and they all received the mark.  So when I so that all of my family members had received the mark in my hometown, I said, “Oh then, that is my end.  I am finished.  I have to run for my life”.  So I decided to run from home then to go to any other place that maybe safer for me.

I ran from my house in my hometown and I decided to go to a safer ground.  While going, I saw a house on an outskirt of the town and it was alone.  So I decided to go to this house which was alone at the outskirts of the town.  When I went in, I saw a man, the wife, and the children they were hiding near a couch or wardrobe or something.  They called me.  They bid me to come to that thing so I also went and joined them.  They had not received the mark, so I joined them.  We were all hiding there.  But for a moment, we turned around and we heard someone clapping.  When we turned it was satan, it was satan in the hall clapping.  When satan clapped and we turned around and saw that it was satan.  He said, “Why are you hiding?  Why don’t you want to receive the mark so that you will have your peace”?  But the man of the house said, “We are not going to receive the mark today or tomorrow.”  When he said that immediately satan gave a signal.  Immediately, his agents came around.  They dragged this man to the front.  They used a certain kind, a big blade to keep a mark on the forehead and they held that place and they removed the skin.  I could see the skull of the man with blood oozing out of this place so much that when the wife saw what happened to the husband, the wife was afraid.  The wife decided with the children to receive the mark to avoid what the father and her husband was going through.  So immediately, they received the mark and they were free.  The man still insisted that he would never receive the mark and the agents of satan, I saw them dragging the man to a certain place.  As they were dragging the man, I had a chance to run away.  So when I started out, satan shouted at me!

Immediately I stepped out of the house satan shouted, “This is the man who has been filming, who has been videoing me!  Arrest him for me”!  They were pursuing me, because of satan they ran me.  They were in the numbers.  While I was running, I got to a place where I met a young man and he said, “Oh, come, come, come.  This is the way I can help you”.  We were running until I got to a place he held me, he asked me to stop that “You cannot go any longer.  You cannot leave”.  When this young man held my hand and asked me to stop at that place because I cannot go further, I was trying, struggling to get myself out of his grips.  All that I saw was that the agents of satan were coming in their numbering, trying to arrest me.  All of a sudden, this man who was also holding my hand changed into the same animal like of the agents of satan .  Then a strong wind blew me from their grips when they were about to grip me.  A strong wind blew me from their mist and took me into the air.  I saw that I was moving into the air.  Then all of a sudden, I heard a voice, “Richard, I told you that you were left with one minute.  Now that is the one minute that I told you and it’s now up”.  So I got to understand what the Lord told me concerning the one minute.  That the one minute was for me to see all that would go on in the Rapture and the one minute was to show me all that would go on with after the Rapture as well.  So that was what I seen.

While I was going into the sky and I was about to enter the cloud, I heard my phone ringing.  When the phone rung, brethren, I picked up my phone on my bed, not know that it was my earthly phone that was ringing.  Though when I picked it, I was still in the mood of the vision so I picked up the phone and I was asking, “Who, who, who is that calling me”?  The person said “(Inaudible) it’s me (inaudible).  What is happening?  Don’t you hear me”?  I said, “Who are you?  Who are you”?  He said, “I am the (inaudible) who has been coming to you for (inaudible)”.  I said, “Ah, what is today”?  He said, “Today is Monday”.  I said, “Ah, yes”.  It was then I came to myself properly and I realized that “Oh, I was having a vision” and at the tail end of the vision was when I had this call.  When I looked at the time it was 7:40.  By 6:00 a.m., I am normally at my workplace that means because of the vision that I had, I was even late to go to work.

Pastor P.P. Kuranchie:  This is what the Lord showed our brother, Richard Antwi has shared it with us.  You have seen it.  How terrible the situation is.  You have heard it for yourself.  How we have to run from one point to the other point, from one church to the other church, from one house to the other house, from mountains, all over.  Even through the bush and swimming and all these things could not give him the needed deliverance that he wanted.  What is this telling us, it is telling us that if man refuses to accept Jesus now and we wait to tomorrow, tomorrow may be too late.  You’ve heard many people weeping here and there.  As we read from Zephaniah verse fourteen downwards it tells us, how terrible the day of the Lord will be.  The wrath of the Lord will come upon the people, the inhabitants of this earth and many serious things will happened.  Your money cannot save you, your dollar cannot save you, your Euro and your CDs cannot save you.  Why?

Seek Jesus now and give your life to Jesus.  Today is the day of salvation!  Today is a day of deliverance.  If only you give your life to Christ, I know the Lord will save you and salvation will be yours on the day of Rapture.  We plead with you and we pray that even as you have heard it for yourself, you make a very decisive decision right now.  Maybe you are ready to accept Jesus right now?  I would like to lead you to accept Jesus.  So you can say after me:  Lord Jesus, I do accept You today as my Lord and Savior.  I really believe that it was because of my sins that is why You died and You resurrected for my salvation.  Therefore today, I commit my soul, spirit, body into Your hands that You will be the Lord over my life.  Instructor, direct me in the remaining days of my life on this earth.  Be the owner of my life so that I will do that will bless you.  Therefore, may God help me.

God bless you that you have made this decision.  I am recommending to you seek Heaven Seeker’s Ministry in Kumasi [Ghana] for any further directions or advice concerning your salvation if you like and if you are far away from us, I know that my God’s grace we will be able to direct you to a right place.  Not all churches may be of help to you.  You may go.  You may dance.  You may laugh.  As you are all clapping, you may do so many dancing over there, but in the end, you may find yourself in the situation that all the other people that our Brother saw there; how they found themselves after the Rapture.  Today we are privileged to be alive that we are not dead.  Just give your life to Christ and serve Him with all your heart, your soul and your body in righteousness and in holiness.  So if you need any help just look us up on the back of the CD, you’ll see the telephone number of Heaven Seeker’s Ministry there.  We will be able to share with you, what you will be able to do to help your salvation.  God bless you for paying attention and for deciding to give your life fully to Christ.

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God Bless!


4 responses to “Rapture Encounter By Richard Antwi (Read it You will learn what to do when you are left behind, much better to be with JESUS during the rapture than to be left behind and suffer Terrible Torture)

  1. No matter what happens, if I were to be left behind, I’d never take Satan’s mark at all. In fact, the most likely thing Satan would get from me for messing with me like that is a punch in the nose!


  2. It is better not to be left behind,it will be very rare for anyone to withstand the terrible pain that will be inflicted by satan.It is good for one to try as much as possible to remain attach to the Lord Jesus and allow Him to take total control of one’s life. I will never wish,think,imagine to experience the event after rapture. I pray that my life and that of my family members and that of the church will be completely sold out to Christ so that we can rapture with Him in Jesus name.


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