Beware of the Devil Tricks by Brother Richard Antwi

But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we.  For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. –2 Corinthians 11:12-15

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.  –Revelation 2:17

What I want to tell you my brethren is that Satan has no any good gift to give you.  So that you need to be careful that the devil, Satan will not take away from you the good gift because the Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord above and therefore the good things that the Lord has given you, the devil will not take them away from you.  Keep it and very soon when you are able to serve the Lord faithfully in holiness and righteousness, the Lord will give you a befitting wonderful gift that will surprise you.

Brethren it was on Wednesday 14th May 2014 that I was praying with my prayer team.  We were having a midnight prayer and while we were praying, suddenly I felt that as if a strange wind had entered the room and within my very being, in fact, within my stomach, my intestine—everything with in me was feeling very good.  I felt the coldest so that I couldn’t do anything.  So I went out, but when I went out, I had to come back and take cloth to cover myself that even aggravated the whole situation.

So when I went back into the room and covered myself and it was still the same, I tried calling my brother that was closer to me and [he] was praying.  I tried calling him that he would help me and take me outside from the room because the room was too cold; troubling me.  But, as I was speaking to him, he was not hearing me.  He was just stretching his hand and doing something that I didn’t understand and while I was trying to let him give me assistance all of a sudden a voice spoke and somebody held my hand.  And the voice spoke to me and said, “Let me help you so that I will take you outside the room”.

Brethren, as the voice who said stretch forth your hand, let me hold your hand and help you and take you outside, when I held the hand of that voice that strange hand, immediately I saw that I came out of my body.  My spirit was standing somewhere, my body was lying down and the other brothers then surrounded and then they were praying, not knowing what was going on.  And then all of a sudden, a hand—two hands held me at my shoulders and picked me straight from my room with a very terrific speed and he took me out from the room to a very big compound, that I didn’t know where we were.

When I was lifted by those hands and took me to a compound, a ground, that I didn’t know, I saw in front of me that there was a [inaudible] forest and then behind me too there was a forest that I didn’t know what to do, but I was hearing in the bush a voice that was calling me to that bush.  He said he was calling me to come to him.  In fact, the voice was like a cow, but it also speaks like a human voice.  But, when you listen to it carefully, it was like the cow speaking with human voice.

I continued hearing the voice that was the voice of a cow, but surprisingly, I couldn’t see anybody there, so I decided to wave through the bush and make my way to where the voice was, but as much as I made my way through the bush, I saw that that voice was also going back.  As I was drawing nearer to the voice, the voice was going back and it was taking me far.  I was not reaching where the voice was.

As I was trying to trace where the voice calling me was, I continued in the bush and I came somewhat tired.  So, I got to a point was like a big plain than the other places that I had already covered.  So, I decide to relax there, sit down there and rest a little bit because I was very much tired.  So I sat down there.  While I was sitting down under a tree, relaxing a little because I was tried, all of a sudden a scorpion fell from the tree upon me and when I brushed it off, I saw the scorpion moving in the bush.  Immediately, the scorpion that I saw, the same nature, started falling from the tree—many of them!  They fell from the tree on me, trying to bite me.  Then I heard the voice, of that cow/human voice, telling me, “throw yourself in the nearby bush and they will all leave you”.  So, I complied with it and threw myself in the bush and all the scorpions left me and went back on top of the tree.

After the scorpions left, the voice called me to come to where it was.  I followed…I traced…I couldn’t get to this voice.  I went through the bush again, very [inaudible] tired.  Until I got to another point, it was a big plain there so I said let me sit down here too and rest a little.

While relaxing on this tree, suddenly a big snake fell on me and when the snake fell on me, brethren it tied my neck and before I could realize, other snakes also fell from the tree upon me.  And when they fell upon me they also tied my legs and other parts of my body and they were stretching me; in fact, I was suffering, my neck and everywhere!  I held the tree firmly so that the snakes cannot pull me away.

So brethren as I was saying, I tried holding the tree so that the snakes would not overstretch me and all of a sudden the voice, spoke again and told me that I should throw myself into the nearby bush again.  So, I threw myself and the snakes also left me.

After these snakes had left when I threw myself into the nearby bush and they left me, I struggled again through the bush until I got to a place.  While I was struggling trying to make my way out, I went and hit something black, dark.  Not knowing they were bees and they started beating me mercilessly. In fact, they beat me so I had to run and the voice told me, run, run, run!  So, I ran to a plain place and when I got to that plain place, the bees left me and they went back and I had myself free from the attack of the bees.

The voice was still calling me to come to where it was.  Though I tired reaching where the voice was it was not happening.  When the voice called me this time, I said, “Ah, I am tired.  How can I make it to where you are?  I’ve tried my best and I am not getting to you”.   But the voice was still shouting for me to make it and when I looked ahead of me where I was lying, because I was tired as a result of the beating of the bees.  I saw a very big hole; a very big hole in front of me, and how can I cross?  Until I crossed, I could not get to where the voice was; so how can I cross that big hole that was in front of me?

While the voice was still compelling me to go to where it was and I knew I had to go over this big and deep pit.  I decided to use my last strength to throw or to jump over this pit.  So, I jumped with my last breath and what happen was that half of my body was able to go over the other side of the pit and half of my body from my waist downward was hanging into this pit.  So I had to struggle with the little strength left in me to enable me; by God’s grace I was able to pull my leg from this pit and I crossed the pit to the other side of it.

I then saw myself standing at a place that was a bit hilly.  I was on top of a hill and there was a slope and the voice told me that I should descend into the slope and come to him.  Ah, I have tried going to this voice, reaching this voice, but I never can reach it.  But the voice was still compelling me to do so.  So, I descended the hill and when I went down I met some figures.  The looked like human beings but very, very short.  I could even trample over them and they told me, “Pass this way.  Have you seen the footprints?  Just follow the footprints and it will take you to your master.”  And I said what?  I have no master here.  They said, “You just follow it”.  Well, I had to obey it to go and see whatsoever master that was there.

(You know the devil is called the deceiver of the brethren, as the Bible describes him.)  When I followed the footprints as I was directed to by these short beings, I went a little farther and I saw someone very glorious like my friend Jesus, seated on a chair.  So, I was happy and I ran to him and embraced him.  But, when I embraced him, the welcoming voice…I saw a human being but the voice as like that of a cow and I was so surprised.  So, I said, “ah, my friend.  Why have you changed your voice?  And he said, “Yes, I have changed my voice, because everything now is changed.  I’ve changed everything so I have to change my voice too”.  (That is the deception of the evil one.  We need to be careful of him.)

He gave me a strong warning, telling me I should call him my friend.  I shouldn’t add Jesus to my friend as I usually call my friend Jesus.  He said because he was changed everything.  I shouldn’t call him—he has changed his name as well.  Now he’s called my friend.  He is not called my friend Jesus.  So, I shouldn’t dare to call him by that name because everything is changed and I will see very soon that everything is changed.  He will show it to me.

He held my hand and we went a little farther to my amazement we just joined a tarred road.  I saw an ordinary tarred road with some disco balls around it and then I asked, “Why?  I know this place to be golden streets”, but he said, “No.  I told you that I have changed everything and this is the new thing that I have brought.  I told him then it’s better to go for the previous thing than the new one; that was better.   He said no this one is better than the other one.  (That is the devil for you.  He will always give you a fake thing.  Beware of the deception of the enemy.)

He told me, “Richard, I now want you to keep mute.  I want you to keep quiet concerning everything that you have been seeing”.  I said, “Ah, you told me that I should share whatever you’ve showed me with the world.  But why is it now that you are turning around to tell me that to keep mute”?  He said, “Yes.  As I have told you I am changing everything.  I want you to keep quiet.  In fact, I’m going to reward you heavily so that you will keep quiet and hence forth you will not talk about anything that you see any longer”.

The so called “friend” then took me to a place where he said he was going to reward me.  A house that was made of ordinary cement/sand block and the room was ordinary tiles.  I said, “Ah, what is happening?  Why is it that it has changed from a golden room to ordinary tiles”?  He said, “As I told you, you just keep quiet.  I have said that I have changed everything.

In that room, I saw angels surrounding us in that room.   They were having wings alright like ordinary angels that I have seen, but this time these angels were having mustaches.  Their mustaches looked like that of a cat.  I asked, “Why is it that these angels having a kind of mustache as the cat”?  He said, “I’ve told you, I have changed everything that is why their situation has also changed.  So you just keep quiet and look unto me and what I’m going to do”.

All of a sudden, after asking questions about angels…and then the room that has turned to be ordinary tiles…

(That is why we are worrying ourself here. [sic]  When you build a house and put on this tiles, you think that you are on top of it.  But, I want to assure you there is something special waiting for us in Heaven that is beyond this tiles which the enemy has also used in building his house for his people.  Just to deceive them and take them out of the way of Heaven.  I pray that it will never happen to you in Jesus’ name.  Amen.)

He sent his angels to bring the gifts that they were going to use to reward me.  All of a sudden, they brought something that contains gold bars it looks like a tree or something with gold bars on it and he said these gold bars are for me.  Later on, they brought a cart* [=inaudible/maybe a wrong translation due to the speaker’s accent], a very big box, and then the cart was very well modern one, I have never seen before then they brought an airplane.  They said all of these things were for me if, only, if, I would kept quiet of these that I have seen or I will see.

What happen was that the so called friend of mine then told me, “Richard all these bars of gold are for you”.  I said, “No.  When I came the other times I saw you have used gold to use my mansion, so used this gold to build my mansion.  I don’t want it in an ordinary way like this, just use it.  But he said, “No.  The house that I got for you, that is made for you with tiles, that is what is good for you.  I said, “No.  I want the golden mansion”.  Then he shook his head and asked the angels to open the box (the closed box), the big box.  It was full of dollars.  I said, “No, no, no.  This is not for me it is for somebody, go and give it to them; it is never for me”.

[Inaudible] the so called angels with that type of cat mustache to come and then served me.  They brought some food and then they placed it before me and they placed it before my friend as well.  But immediately, the food got near to me I started feeling so bad within me that I wanted to vomit; in fact, I was trying to control myself.  But, before I realized, I had to give in.  So, I vomited into the food and it splashed onto his.  He said, “Richard, what?  Are you sick?  I said, “No”.  But, I then vomited onto my food and it affected his as well because they were all on the same table.

He then asked his angels to clean the table and he asked me, “Richard, again are you sick? Again, I said, “no”.  He said, “Okay.  So what do you want to eat?”  I told him, “the Heavenly fruit that you have been giving me.  If you give me some, I believe I will be able to eat”.  He then asked his angels to bring some of the fruit and I saw that they were spoiled fruit.  Immediately the fruit got to my end of the table I felt my vomiting again.  I tried to controlling myself, but I couldn’t.  I vomited and this time it was serious than the other one.  I vomited onto the mine and his, and some even went as far to his clothing that he was wearing.  The vomit…I really soiled his clothing.  He became angry and he pushed everything on me.

I became very sorrowful, because my friend Jesus is never like that so for him to become annoyed and push everything on me, I felt sorry.  I said maybe today my friend is angry with me because of everything that I have done, so I went to kneel down before him to ask for mercy.  When I went there he pushed me and when he pushed me I was trying to hold him to embrace.  He gave me some dirty slaps, bang, bang, bang.  Then pushed me somewhere and in fact, I was so much sorrowful and I did not know what was happening that my friend Jesus today is beating me like this.  Jesus who is beating a child like this; in fact I have never seen it before so it was so strange to me but what can I do I thought he was my friend because he was looking like my friend but the voice was that of a cow.

As I was weeping I went to the side of a wall, crying for what was happening.  Before I could realize, the so called angels of my friends turned from the state that I saw them earlier on, into vampires.  In fact, I couldn’t really understand it and they started flying around.  Some moving in front and some moving on top of me.  They were just teasing and my friend himself was laughing.  He was very happy, laughing.  I didn’t know what was happening, they were moving around me so I was turning here and turning there, and he was laughing at me for what was going on; not knowing that I was in a dangerous place.

When I turned around again, I saw my friend turning into a very mighty chimpanzee and I look like a chick, so tiny, small like a chick.  He took me into his hand and started squeezing me.  A very big chimpanzee squeezing a little chick, you can just imagine.  In fact, he was asking me, “Will you keep quiet? Will you keep mute”?  I was even not having the strength to talk but I was just shanking my head [no] because of what I he had told me from the very outset that I should spread whatever he shows me.  So I was just shaking my head that no, I will not.  He was still squeezing me and I was shouting.  He was also was like he was happy and annoyed at the same time.  Making some strange noise and squeezing me in his hand.

While I was suffering in his hands, suddenly, I seen that the place where we were started shaking and a footstep was coming…the place started shaking and this so called friend of mine started running away.  When he started running away, he threw me like ordinary straw somewhere.  Not knowing that the footsteps that were coming and the place was shaking was angel Michael, arch angel Michael.  He appeared there.  So when he thought that he was throwing me away, angel Michael stretched out his hand and I fell into his hands in a safety manner.  Amen.

When I fell into the hands of angel Michael, he became annoyed at what that dirty friend, I thought was my friend had done; therefore, he stepped, trampled on all the so called properties of them.  The buildings and everything, he collapsed everything.  He trampled on all and broke everything down to the earth.  He held me and then we flew that place to Heaven.

When I got to Heaven with the help of angel Michael, immediately I landed, I saw my friend Jesus with many angels with him.  Then the original friend of mine coming in a very joyous mood dancing to come and meet me!  But, I saw myself not worthy of the place because I was dirty and everything on me was so dirty.  I vomited on me and all that, but Jesus came and in the mood that I found myself and He came to embrace me.  When the Lord embraced me, He said, “Richard, well done.  Congratulations for not allowing the devil to take away the good things that you were having, for not allowing the devil to deceived you with his fake things.  Well done”.  The Lord congratulated me.  In fact, I saw myself on the golden streets now, but with the dress I was having and how dirty I was…I felt, I wasn’t welcomed there, like I shouldn’t be there, but the Lord was happy for me while I was feeling sorry for myself.

My dear listener, I want to let you know that if you serve the Lord and even you serve Him in filthiness, the Lord even appreciates you and wants you to come to where He is.  In fact, when you get there, you can’t stay there.  With your filthy life, you cannot stay there, because you will see that you are rather in a strange place.  Even you will feel that you will be thrown into Hell.  I pray that your lifestyle, your spiritual garment, will be one that will fit [for] Heaven where the Lord is taking us to so that you will never find yourself wanting one of these days.  Hallelujah.

It was on this day that I saw that the Lord, my friend Jesus, is a very good dancer.  In fact, He danced that day.  He said, “Richard, you are done well and I have to baptize you”. The Lord took me to a river, a very crystal clear river.  Very crystal clear, it flowed from one end and when it got to an end it was like a swimming pool and it continued to another point.  The Lord took me to this crystal clear river to baptize me.  When the Lord dipped* [*=inaudible/maybe a wrong translation due to the speaker’s accent] me into the water, I came out, I saw that I had changed.  My body, my fingernails, my everything—everything on me got changed.  Tough I was in the water, I was not wet.  But, I was in the water.  It was a wonderful scene to me.  When I got out of this crystal clear water, after the baptismal, I now started feeling the joy of Heaven in me.  I started dancing, with the Lord also dancing and the angels, but I tell you…the Lord Jesus is the Lord.  Therefore, He can dance very, very well.  You cannot compete with Him.  Hallelujah!

The Lord Jesus then took me to a mighty hall and in this hall there was a very big white stone.  The Lord pointed to that place and told me, “Richard, this is where your name has been written and is hidden there.  I said, “ah, my name hidden here?”  He said, “Yes”.  So, I decided within me that I would let the Lord leave, so I will search for where my name is, but as you all know the Lord God is all knowing.  Therefore, the Lord knew what I was thinking in my head.

When the Lord saw that thought I was having that thought within me, He just held my hand and we moved from the hall where my name has been written and hidden in a white stone.  So when we stepped into the golden streets the Lord gave me to some three angels and the Lord told them to take me along.  I was thinking they were going to show me part of the city, not knowing that my time was up.  While we were going, I was very happy with these three angels and then the one who was in the middle even congratulated me that Richard you have done well for not giving into the tricks of the enemy.

At a certain point, the three of them joined their wings together; they lifted them up and joined their wings together.  When we got to this point when the angels joined their wings together and lifted it up, they were singing a very nice song so I started dancing in the middle while they were surrounding me with their wings.  I was dancing, I was happy, meanwhile the one in the middle who congratulated me told me, “Richard, you have not finished you journey”.  I thought they were going to take me around the Heaven, so I was thinking of that journey.  Not knowing that they were having a different agenda for me.

So while they were singing I was dancing before, I realized, brethren, I was in a room, a certain place.  Ah! When I lifted my eyes I saw the ceiling, the kind of ceiling—ah? Where am I?  Not knowing that while they were singing and I was dancing, through that they brought me back to my physical body.  I saw some of the brothers I was with before I had the encounter sleeping there and one was sitting there?  I thought he was an angel, so I told him, “Please, take me back to where I was, because I don’t want this place.  As for this place, it’s not good.

I asked this elder who was sitting there to take me, I thought he was one of the angels.  He said, “Richard, how can I take you”?  I said, “No.  Please take me, because I don’t want this place”.  I was still thinking that he was an angel.  He said, “No.  Richard I cannot.  Even I don’t know where you went.  Not to talk about taking you alone”.  In fact, I became so sad, I had left so a glorious place to come to where they call is my house, is my room.  I was really sad.  When I looked at the time it was 4:00 am in the following morning that is what happened.  Amen.


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