Sister Linda’s Testimony

The Attack- How Demons in Hell tortured me because I used False Hairs

It all started on the 14th of February; I was in the funeral of my late friend, we were both in sin together before he died, though we not in relationship but we smoked together, joked together and clubbed together.

During the funeral which took place on the 13th of February, I started hearing a strange voice telling me that I was the next to die. I didn’t understand this, because I had never heard that kind of voice all my life until that day.

My heart was racing fast, I was tormented and so I told my sister, Philda that I was going outside the church building, and so I went and stayed inside the compound of the church.

I heard the pastor preaching about the late brother, he was saying all sorts of good things about him, how nice he was, how he did this and how he was a good tither. Meanwhile I saw this same guy in hell and he has a message for his family!

The way the pastor talked about him during the funeral, you should have thought he should be in heaven. These pastors are deceiving us.

When Philda came out of the church to meet me where I was, I told her about the strange voice I was hearing, something keeps telling me that I am going to die, I told her. She said I should pray about it.

When we later went back home, I was still tormented, after every 2-5 minutes the voice keeps coming back to me, telling me I was going to die.

So the whole of Wednesday I was tormented until Thursday 14th February when my friend called to come and spend the valentine in her house.

On other valentine days, we normally would drink, talk about men, and think of how to raise money for the future through sinful ways.

So I went to my friend’s house hoping that I was going to stop hearing the voice that was tormenting me. But even while with my friends I didn’t catch fun as usual, I was kind of distant. The voice did not stop coming to me, I told my friend about the voice and she said I should drink more, that if I took more alcohol I would stop hearing the voice.

Unlike me, I didn’t feel like drinking, instead I decided to go back home. The way the voice kept coming back I knew I had to tell Philda to pray for me, I didn’t want to die outside the house even if I had to die.

As a sinner, anytime I was sick I’d always call Philda to pray for me. My faith and everything was on her. I didn’t know I was wasting my time. (Put your faith in Jesus).

So when I got back home I told Philda that the voice was still tormenting me, she asked me to lie down so she could prepare food for me. (Philda behaves like a mother to me, she pampers me even as a younger sister- I love her so much).

Finda prayed with me and told me to lie down and rest. But while I was in my room, this voice kept coming back, I didn’t know I wouldn’t see the next day clearly.

The next morning by 6 am, while in my room, I felt something strange happening to me and then I called out to Philda.

I shouted out for her to come and she rushed to my room. I told her to pray for me that I was dying. She said I shouldn’t use the word death but I told her I was dying.

She asked me to come down from the bed, as I was trying to stand, there was no life in my legs and so I fell to the floor. I heard her call on my younger brother to bring water, I was sweating and in serious pain, I was tormented and in deep pain.

She called for two of my friends, one of them was my ex-boyfriend, and they came and saw my condition. Finda asked them to pray, but they didn’t know how to pray, they were just repeating everything that Philda was saying.

Then I started seeing demons coming in black and I told Philda they are coming for me, I am dying.

Finda asked me to sit, she said I shouldn’t move. She said “Sit, let God do something”.

She sat down and I laid on her legs, she asked me to repeat some words after her, “Jesus, have mercy…”

But the demons I was seeing were too fearful that I was not concentrating on her, I was afraid.

Then I breathed in, all of a sudden, I saw myself on a broad way, with countless people in different colors of all races, all walking, the road is so wide, we were all moving, and I was wondering where I was, who the people are. But you don’t have the sense in that place to say you want to go back or ask questions about your whereabouts, you will just keep going because the road was just ahead and everybody were going ahead, nobody was going back.

When we approached the place we were going- hell!, the heat alone was already fierce even from distance, that was when I realized I was dead.

Then we started hearing horrible voices, “Mercy, mercy, oh my head, oh Jesus, I cant take this anymore, have mercy”

And we, the fresh ones, coming to hell, we started shouting too, “Have mercy, mercy, mercy”

All of a sudden we saw demons ahead of us coming to take us by force. The demons nails are sharp like needles, when you are grabbed by the demons, their nails will pierce into your body, just to drag you, you are already feeling pains, and yet you are not yet in hell.

The demons are so wicked, they hate us with passion, especially those of us that knows the word, that is why I am pitying these false men of God who says they know Jesus, they are under in hell, we are on top in the fire in hell, while they are underneath at the bottomless pit.

The torture in hell is so much that is why when God sends message to them, they refuse to it in Sierra Leone, and they want to kill me.

Listen to the message and change your life, because Jesus said He is giving them one last grace, but they don’t want to listen because of their selfish interest, they don’t want to lose this money, they don’t want to lose the congregation.

And when the demon held me, he was dragging me into hell. In hell, it is very dark, you can’t see anything, anyone, you can only hear sounds, you will feel something doing something to you, you can feel somebody touching you, somebody beating you, but you can’t see anything because the place is too dark. The smell in hell is terrible, people are continuously crying in hell asking God to allow them go back to the world to the people and tell them about Jesus.

Demons took me into the fire, before I was threw into the fire, he said to me, “I’m going to torture you for all those evil things you put on your body”

He said, “I will start with your head”, and I ask what I have done with my head, and he said, “Those false hairs, you people have the word, you people know God, you people challenge God, you people know the right way, but you choose to come and meet us here. We will deal with you”

Then I started remembering all the things I had done and I was begging for mercy, and the devil started with my head, in the fire.

You are in the fire, you are tormented in the fire, the fire is burning you (the fire is not like this normal fire you see every day on earth) the fire is like water, like a swimming pool.

When you enter the fire, you instantly look like a 10,000 years old person, your body will become rotten, but the fire will melt your body like plastic and it will be refreshed again. (That’s why God says it’s eternity)

The pain- feeling you have right now hurts, that’s the same feeling you have in hell.

The devil started torturing me from my head (you know we use needle and thread to sew weavon on our head here on earth, in hell they use iron as if it is needle).

They used the iron to pierce my head, I felt pain. And I cried, “this is too much, my head” and they said, “we are not finished yet, we are coming to the eye, for the eyelash, eyebrow”

If you have a daughter that is putting on these things and you don’t want to lose her, just begin to cry to God now because my friend who died and I saw in hell is praying that God should allow her reverend father to come to hell because her father knew the truth but didn’t warn them, he used to buy trousers for them, give them money to make their hair. She said, she wants her father to be in hell.

The demons started taking off my eyes, they plucked it out with hot iron. Just like they fix this our eyelashes, they put sharp iron inside my eyes. (God have mercy). Please my people don’t be in hell.

Please don’t be in hell, hell is real, I was one of those people who used to say hell is not real, that’s why God made me pass through hell. Hell is real; nobody can really describe hell because hell is real tormented place.

Don’t be in hell, don’t let cigarette or just beer take you to hell or the hair you can buy take you to hell, you will be discouraged when Jesus tells you that you are going to hell because of earrings, just earrings. Just trousers, please it is true, these men of God are not exaggerating the Bible, they are saying the truth.

Honestly, if your pastor is telling you these things in your church, he’s saying the truth, don’t put these things on, don’t ask questions, and don’t argue.

After they finished with my eyes, they came to my mouth; for these cigarettes I used to smoke, the bad words I use to say, for the alcohol I used to drink.

The demons will do all sorts of wicked things to you, they can use hammer, spanner to hit your teeth, they will pull your tongue and cut it, and you will feel the fresh feeling of it, and they will give you beer to drink which when you drink it, it is acidic.

When you are on earth and you drink acid, how you feel is how you feel in hell.

When I took the acid I thought it was alcohol, because hell is a very hot place. You don’t seat in hell so that you won’t be able to lick your sweat because of the thirst.

My throat, up to my belly and my private part was opened, it was melting (You know when acid destroys something, that’s the way it destroyed me).

I shouted and cried for mercy, asking God why He created me in the first place. I asked Him if He knew that was His purpose for creating me, He shouldn’t have created me.

And then, they came to my private part- for fornication I have committed. (If you are married, if you still have a boyfriend, if you are not satisfied with your husband, if you are a single lady, moving from one man to the other, don’t die in that kind of sin).

The demons opened my feet, they used sharp objects to insert in and out of me, my guts, womb, everything in me was coming out, I felt pain, but they didn’t stop, my head, my eyes, my mouth, my private part.

And there’s worm that eats flesh in hell, when I came back to life, I asked my pastor about it, he said, it is in the Bible.

When that animal bites you, it’s like a dog biting you here on earth that is how it feels.

There’s so much pain in hell, demons are on you, and worms are on you, fire is on you. You will be crying, feeling pains. You will hear someone shouting for mercy, and another shouting of pains and there is noise and confusion everywhere in hell.

I was in hell, tortured.

Some people go to hell and heaven and they saw the fire, they come back and say it and people are afraid, I am from hell, in the fire. This fire is real.

When I was in heaven, when God took me to heaven, I said in my heart, I don’t want to come back. I thank God I was delivered from hell after much pains and tortures.

I thank God for hearing my cry, I thank God for choosing me, I thank God for His covenant He made with me. I thank God; I thank Jesus for showing me mercy.

Message of God for Catholics and Jehovah Witnesses

Catholics: Mary is not an intercessor in heaven, but a caretaker of babies and an ordinary person like us. They should worship Him in faith and in purity and they must follow the right doctrines. He is not a God with hand, they are leading people to hell, they are occult, and Catholics are in occultism. He said, “If you repent, come out of Catholic ministry, tell them to preach the truth. They are in occultism, occult power; they are not preaching my word. He said they should repent.

Jehovah Witnesses

They should stop deceiving the people of God with their false doctrines. He said, ‘they are not of me, they are out of the way and leading their people to hell.”  People in hell are crying, they said they should tell Jehovah Witness people who say there’s no hell that they are deceiving them, that there’s hell.  And when Jesus showed me these men of God, He took me again to hell.

Message of God for Women

And then, Jesus said, you are going back to the world, tell me people, any bishop’s wife, any man of God’s wife, any signs and wonders man of God wife, any man, any pastor’s wife putting on weavon, any prophetess, even if she prophecies and heal thousands of people and puts on weavon, she will not see God.  Any woman, in and out of the church putting on trousers, weavons, eyelashes, earrings, gold teeth, tattoo, evil things, extended finger nails, bleaching of body, tinting [dying] of the hair, will not see God.  [Perming] of the hair, stretching of the hair, (you want to look light and nice), anyone doing this will not see God.  This is a leakage God is giving us, study so that you will pass the exam. Jesus loves us so much He is giving us leakage. The exam is too hard; you can’t pass it without leakage.  Now, Jesus is giving you leakage of these fake men of God, of these evil things, these things taking you away from God’s glory. Jesus is telling you now that they are evil, it’s a leakage, take it and study well. Take it and study well, please. Please my mothers, sisters out there, my brothers.

Message for Young Men

All these men, particularly youths that wears dreadlocks, one of the demons I saw in hell has dreadlocks.  Barbing [fading] of some kind of haircuts, sagging of trousers, showing your brief, using of earrings, plaiting of hair, sleeping with fellow guys and girls, belonging to a club, drinking, smoking, putting on tattoos, if yo don’t change and come to God now, you are going to hell, no mercy.  If you don’t repent, you young men, am speaking to you, you say “it’s fashion, and my hair has nothing to do with this; this dreads, barbs that you cut both sides and leave the center is an evil haircut.  Don’t do it, stop looking at fashion, be a gentleman, you sag your trousers, tattoo your whole body, put on earrings, and plait your hair, wanting to be like a woman.  Some boys in Sierra Leone now tattoos their lips so that it is pink, red, be careful, you are heading to hell. You are heading to hell, be careful.

Message of Jesus to the Whole World

And when Jesus said it’s time for me to go, Satan said to Jesus, “Jesus, you are wasting your time”, he said, “Your people you died for, I have captured them with prophecies”, he said, “these things you are doing, taking people to come and see hell and heaven, no matter what you do, they will not believe because they are doomed”.  And Jesus said, “Go and tell my people, I will not change my word for nobody, anyone that fails to do my will; men of God who fails to preach my whole truth, to listen to my warnings and change their ways, and women who refuses to change their appearance and dress decently, none who refuses to obey my whole truth will come to heaven. (That’s why He gave us the Bible).  Anything you are told in the church and you don’t believe, ask God, and tell God, “Speak to me if this thing is true”.

If you miss heaven, my brothers, my sisters, hell is so painful; you will regret your life on earth.  And when Jesus said father Abraham should take me back home and father Abraham was bringing me back to earth.  These two people; father Abraham and father Moses; I like them in the bible, I had always imagined seeing them and I am happy Jesus let me see them.  Father Abraham died several thousands of years ago but he is still young now, like a young baby, he is young and fresh, because of the glory of heaven. In heaven you don’t grow old, you don’t fall sick, you don’t have stress.  Father Abraham gave me a word of courage and not a message; father Abraham did not give me message, just a word of courage.

He said, “my daughter, tell the people in the world that Satan is a liar, tell them to believe Jesus”, he said, “the time is near, we are preparing for you. Please tell them, we want them all, let them believe in Jesus”.  “Satan is a liar, all the warnings that Jesus gave you” he said, “tell them to believe in it, they are not lies”.

He said, “please tell him, tell him”, he was saying “tell him”, and then I noticed I was on earth back with my family and since then God have been using me, telling me prophecies, I will prophecy and tell people and whenever He wants to tell me something, He tells me.  But demons fought me because this thing happened to me on a Friday, on Saturday and Sunday night the demons fought me, thousands of them that doesn’t want me to deliver this message, because they know, women will change, men will change, pastors will change, people in the world will change.

And Sierra Leone youths are changing for God. People of God are changing, some pastors are changing.  Some of them said, “oh we believe, God wouldn’t have used us because we too, we are afraid of telling the people the whole truth because we afraid, if we preach holiness, people will leave the church. So we too diluted the truth, but now we will stand for holiness.  So, I thank God and I know God is going to do it in your lives too and in Nigeria.

Thank you, in Jesus name we pray, amen.


This is only part of the testimony please watch this video on YouTube or Google:  Sister Linda’s Testimony full text!

Prayer: Pray to God to save you from hell, tell God to save you from hell.


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  2. Thank you am really touched with your testimony.I judge it to my full judgements , UNDERSTANDING AND GOD’S URGE FOR ME TO ME TO BEALIVE, that its all true.Thank you.From Kenya


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