The Distress and the End of Disobedience by Brother Richard Antwi

Brother Richard Antwi:  I give praise to Almighty God.  All that I am saying is by God’s grace; we’ve gotten salvation.  Please do not allow anybody to deceive you because we have a journey to embark upon; it will be individualist.

It all began last Friday that is 29th August 2014 while we were at a night vigil or an all-night service.  While we were at the all-night after watching a testimony from Brother Sadiq and our dear sister Frances and we started the main service.  I was hearing a voice and the voice was “Richard you are going to die today”.  I said, “I cancel it in Jesus’ name”!  But the voice was laughing at me telling me that my foot is already on the way today.  So I started praying within, my very self.  All of sudden, something started worrying my heart and I had a very severe ache around my heart and I couldn’t do anything any longer.  In fact, I wanted to make a move so that at least somebody by me would know that I was suffering, but, I couldn’t do it.  I saw that—I started feeling dizzy.  I started seeing people in numbers.  You know, one person, I could see that person about two or three.

I give praise to God Almighty that some of our leaders got to know that I was suffering.  Somebody was holding my hand and taking me along.  When that person was taking me away, I saw that the pain, the ache, something around my heart that was troubling me, wanted to come out.  What I realized was that we got to the house, that is the missions house and there I wanted—what was worrying me wanted to come out. So I wanted it in my hands and see so that I will know exactly what it was.  To my surprise it was full of flames.

What I saw next was that the pastor’s wife, Mrs. Mary Kuranchie took me to the wash room and I vomited so much.  I realized that the heaviness by my heart had gone down, but after that I saw that my strength had also gone down.  I started crying because I realized that I was going to die, to leave my beloved people.  I said, I continued weeping because I was going to die and leave these people, my beloved people behind and I again, I saw that my strength too had gone down but I was weeping because I knew that the voice was still telling me that I was still going to die; so I thought that I was really gone to die.  So I was weeping that I was going to leave such a beloved people behind.

The reason why I was entertaining that fear or I was feeling that really the voice that was speaking to me that I was going to die might be true was that before every all-night or every session that we meet, a prayer session, a group of us do pray before we meet.  When we met the Lord told us that we were going to encounter a demonic spirit that night so when that happen I knew that that was what the Lord had told us that night.  So I thought that it was those spirits, that demonic spirit that the Lord told us early on that were fighting with me trying to take my life away.  At the same time, I was having the feeling that the Lord has told us that nothing can prevail against us, nothing can take our lives away, so why such a thing is happening to me.  So I was wondering between these two thoughts.

Once in the room, I suffered and cried.  I told the Lord please have mercy upon us because I am dying.  When I got to the room and I laid upon the bed, immediately my spirit came out of the body.  I saw my body laying on the bed.  I saw mommy standing there, I saw Philippa and (inaudible) the one who took me inside the house. In fact, this time when I saw them it was not like the previous time when I saw them it was like I was having nothing to do with them.  I didn’t mind them at all.  But, I saw a kind of path in front of me of what I was looking at, heading towards.  I didn’t bother myself with mommy, Philippa, and (inaudible).

The road that I saw was big, but it was a dusty road.  The voice told me that that this is the road leading to death.  I was the only person on that road.  While going I saw that the road was like walking on the desert.  You know when you walk on the desert, the sunny desert, you know how it is very hot.  I was feeling the heat.  I was going, while going I saw that behind me the road was disappearing, but in front of me, I saw that there were other links of road joining my road that I was pursuing.  While going I was feeling testy because the road as I told you was very hot.  While going, all of a sudden, I overheard somebody crying from one of the adjoining roads;crying with shouts that “Somebody should save me, somebody should save me”!  Before I realized, the person came.  Then she came and held my legs, telling me that I should save her.  When I realized she was a lady and I was asking what was happening. She said that somebody wants to take away the dress that she was having.  When I looked at the dress it was (inaudible), women’s (inaudible) that with a top that wasn’t good.  She told me that on her way, the place is very cold, but somebody wants to remove her dress from her so I should help her.

While the lady was pleading that I should help her, all of a sudden, she looked at me and I said “I know you!  Brother, please help me!  I know you”!  I said, “You know me from where?  I don’t know you”.  She said, “I’ve heard about you.  I know you.  Please help me so that they will not remove the dress from me because the place that I am coming from is very cold over there so please help me”!  I said, “Well, where do you know me”?  She said, “I have heard about you.  That you were talking about, preaching about these kinds of dresses but I did not take it—I know you!  I’ve heard about you”!  But, before I could say “jack,” I saw a very mighty demon, in fact, a demon that I’ve never seen before coming from afar.  He came to take this lady away.

All of a sudden, this demonic spirit came and snatched this lady.  The force in which the demonic spirit snatched this lady brought a huge dust around where we were.  The lady was off and gone.  When I realized that the way this demonic spirit took this lady.  I said, “Hey?  So what is going to happened to me?  Is there any demon or demonic spirit that is going to, you know, snatch me to away like he has done to the lady”?  So I started moving quickly so that I will be about to run for my life.  Meanwhile I was feeling dizzy, but I had to go.

When I got to another adjoining road, suddenly, I saw five people who came to surround me.  They held me firmly asking me, pleading, that I should help them.  I said, “What kind of help can I give you?  I don’t have any help to give you.  I am suffering on this journey that I am embarking on”.  I saw that two of them were men and the kind of dressing that they were having on, in fact, their dresses were what we call autovista* [* may not be proper translation because of the speaker’s accent].  The women to had all these evil adornments that we have been taking about these weaveon, these hairdos, these dresses exposing, makeups, exposing whatever parts of their body—they were having all of these evil dresses on.  They were saying that I should help them.  I said, “I cannot help you.  I do not have any means to help you”.

When they lifted their eyes and looked at my face, and I looked at theirs, they said, “We know you!  Brother, we know you!  Please help us”!  I said, “Where do you know me”?  They said, “We know you!  We have heard about you!  Please, we did not believe it at first, in fact, we heard what you said, but we did not believe it.  Many people told us not to believe it that is why today, we are here.  We now want to change!  We now want to repent!  Please, help us”!  I told them, “I cannot help you.  I don’t have any help here.  In fact, I myself, I am suffering on this way.  So please let us, each one for himself—from here let us all carry our burdens.  I cannot help you”.

There and then, another demonic spirit came and snatched all these demonic spirits away.  My fear increased.  I was thinking what is going to happen to me in the next few seconds or minutes?  I didn’t know because the way it has happened twice, it means any kind of spirit can snatch me.  I don’t know what will happen to me.  So I was contemplating and I was afraid what was ahead of me.

When I got to the next junction, brethren, it was a multitude of people.  They came and in their numbers, women and men, all together, surrounding me, asking for help from me.  But, I said [that] I cannot help them.  They said that please try and help them.  [They said,] “We’ve now repented and believe all that you were saying—we know you”!  I said, “How do you know me”?  They said, “We’ve heard about you”.  Some looked at my face and said, “We have even seen you before”.  I told them, “I cannot help you.  I, myself, I am in danger somewhere now.  I cannot give any help to you.  So please go your way and let me go my way”.

Brethren, it happened like in the two previous scenes, this one too, all of a sudden, a demonic spirit came and snatched all of them away because of the demonic dressings that they were having, jewelries and all these things that the Lord had been talking of.  They were having all these adornments upon themselves.  This demonic spirit came and snatched them all away.  When it happened, I drew myself somewhere and started rolling, weeping, thinking about what was going to happen to me.  I don’t know that maybe, I’ll be the next target and a demonic spirit will come and snatch me way.  While I was rolling on the floor and weeping and thinking about what was going to happened to me.  I lifted my eyes a little.  I saw, a kind of two legs and it was so shiny.  Before I realize it was the angel of the living God who had appeared there.  Hallelujah!  Amen.

When I lifted my eyes and saw that it was angel of the Lord, I told him please help me.  I am feeling thirsty.  Very, very, thirsty and then he took a diamond cup; it was so soaked.  He took it and squeezed it.  Something liquid came out of that cup.  A drop, you know, of it, of that liquid landed on my tongue and when I swallowed it.  Though it was something little, I felt so satisfied.  So satisfied that I became so refreshed and then he held my hand.  Then [he] said, “Now let us continue”.  Not knowing that he was going to show me—he took me on that path that I was embarking on and he went to show me something.

Brethren, the angel took me to the end of the road and that the end of the road, what I saw was a big kind of fire.  It was a wall with fire burning within.  I wanted to run away when I saw the fire, but the angel held my hand while I was pulling away.  He was also pulling me into the fire.  As much as I tried, my strength could not help me.  So he took me into the fire.  Brethren when we entered into the fire, I saw multitudes of people in the fire.  These multitudes of people where people who have heard of our testimony who have seen it and they did not pay heed to it.  They were all found in this lake of fire.

While we were in the fire, I saw many calibers of the people:  pastors, church leaders, members alike, those who are Christians and those who are not Christians.  I saw all sorts of people and they were all pleading.  They were all pleading that I should help them.  They were all saying that they overheard the testimony, but some didn’t believe it.  Some that it was a result of others that is why they couldn’t believe it and they were now pleading, but brethren it was too late.  Because of this worldliness, they have found themselves in this situation pleading that I should help them. I want to tell you that whatever I say, it’s not my own way.  Whatever a say it is the Word of God.  What the Lord tells me, whatever the Lord reveals to us, is what we pass on onto you.  It is my prayer that we will all pay heed onto it so that we will not find ourselves in such a situation, such a terrible situation.  I pray that we will take opportunity of this chance and then repent of this lifestyles so that we will not get there.  Hallelujah.

Brethren, I want to share this with you that what I am doing today is not what I would have done on my own will or accord.  In fact, to me, all that I was thinking of was money, money, money, money—cash (inaudible).  That is all that I was thinking of, that I would get money, but standing in the presence of many people was not part of me.  In fact, even one on one wasn’t part of me, how much more standing before a multitude, a congregation.  It wasn’t part of me.  I wouldn’t be able to do that had it not been the help of the Lord and therefore, whatever I share,whatever the Lord reveals and I share with you, brethren, I am appealing with you that you take it seriously.  Because what I saw myself, it’s so much serious that I cannot keep quiet.  [If] had it not been the fact that the Lord even told me when He was going to place me, my first revelation, I wouldn’t have given it out.  But the Lord told me what was going to happened to me.  The Lord showed me to where He was going to take me to bring it out.  That is why today, I am standing before you and whenever the Lord reveals anything, I share it with you.  So don’t take it for granted.  Take it serious.  Let it be to you that it is coming from the Lord, but it’s not coming from Brother Richard because the Lord wants to save us.

When I saw these people in the fire, they were saying that they thought that when we received such revelations it’s meant for us alone and therefore, they were not part of it.  May be its God that wants to reveal something to Brother Richard, Philippa, Brother Sambo, the rest, that’s why He has given it to them.  It’s not for all of us.  But today, they realized that it is meant for all and therefore, they were pleading to come back and live such a life, practice such behavior, but it was too late.  In fact, I told them that I cannot find my way back, not to talk about helping you and taking you back to the world.  So, I cannot help them.

We have gotten the opportunity let us make good use of it.  Let us give help to the worldly people.  That place is not made for us.  God has a special place for us, a glorious city.  A city were joy and love abounds.  A city where were you enter there, you will find yourself; you will find yourself in a very conducive and solid place.  That is what the Lord has prepared for us.  Let us try and pursue that and leave the other side for those that Hell is meant for so that we will not regret one day.  Amen.

I told the angel that please take me out of this place, I’m suffering.  Then the angel obliged and he took me away from that place.  We’ve left from the fire and before I realized, we were at the Heaven gate. But as it used to be whenever I see the gate, I am filled with joy, but this time I was so much sadden that there wasn’t any joy in me because of where I am coming from.  Because of what I saw and what I went through myself over there.  What I felt,what really,I saw people going through and what I, myself, went through there made every joy in me go out.  Though, I seen the heavenly gate, I could not enjoy myself as I usually would do.

So when the angel took me a little ahead towards the gate and I saw that my body was changing into the glorious body, it was then that I saw that my joy was coming when I saw the glass [finger]nails (as you know) then the enjoyment started coming a little.  When the gate got open for us and we entered, that is the angel and my very self, the Lord Jesus came and embraced me.  When the Lord embraced me over there what I saw was a mixture of joy and sadness.  Why am I saying this?  I realized that the people outside the church, those who are buying some of them, only two have died and they were able to make it to Heaven.  All the remaining people where those that I saw in hellfire.  That is why I’m saying it’s a mixture of joy and sadness.  Only two people who have died where able to make it into the glorious city.  The remaining people were all in Hell.  That is sad news.  May God help us.

[Brother Richard starts crying while leading a song in Twi on the video]

May God help us that our labor will not be in vain because seeing only two people, many people have heard our testimonies outside the church, only two people making it into the Heaven is something that is really worrisome.  Brethren, the Lord took me to where these two people as a result of our testimonies and revelations that the Lord have been given and [from] the testimonies, they have gotten salvation, and they’ve gone to Heaven.   He took me to their mansions.  Really, they were living in a mansion.  When we say mansion, it’s a mansion.  They were having a so glorious and a special mansion that the Lord Jesus Christ has given to them.

[The] two people were so happy and when they saw me they said [that] they know me.  They said that really they know me and they were happy because they were able to make it as a result of the testimonies that they listened to and they were enjoying themselves over there in Heaven.  Really when I looked at their mansions, I was marveled that really what did they do within this shortest possible time that the Lord has been using us that they were able to get such a mansion?  I don’t know the kind of work that one could do to get such a mansion, but the Lord Jesus has given it to them and they were enjoying it.  I pray that we will all have ours and enjoy even more than these two brethren.  Hallelujah.

The Lord was so happy for us that we have done a good work that through [it] so these two people have gotten salvation and the Lord carried me and congratulated me.  They Lord gave me a message to pass it on to my pastor, Pastor P.P.  Kuranchie.

[Pastor P.P. Kauranchiewho is translating for Brother Richard speaks in first person about the Lord’s message]That I should continue the good work that we are doing because it is yielding a kind of results.  Hallelujah.

Brethren, what [happened] is that the Lord gave me back the angel that took me from hellfire and the Lord said, “Richard has not finished his work.  Therefore, he is supposed to come back and continue”.  The angel embraced me and before I realized I saw myself in a very thick darkness.  I was looking around, so where am I?  I saw a figure coming towards me, it was later on that I realized that my brother (inaudible).  In fact, when he was coming I was pushing, I was trying to, you know, that that darkness would not come to me.  I didn’t know that even was even a human being.  It was later on that I saw that [I thought]“Oh, I was in a room where even there was a light”.  Meanwhile the place was so dark to me because of where I’m coming from.  I saw my brother (inaudible), mommy and Philippa.  They were laughing at me.  Trying to give me a kind of welcome smiling that I’m back, but I was sad so I could not respond to their smiles because I had come into such a situation, such darkness.

I pray that the Lord will help us that this glorious city—that we will be part of that city one day and avoid that disastrous place called Hell.  May God help us.  May God help us that we will all be able to make Heaven.

God bless!

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