Following God’s Command by Clarise Berza Nueda from Philippines (Posted by Author’s Approval)

By Clarise  Berza Nueda

Some of you might think this is a common or weird thing but I want to share this in public. It was just a short testimony but then that was the best lesson that I’ve learned. If you knew the ‘old’ me, you’d say that I’m selfish. Ah, I regret it and watched some Christian videos

about the rapture and the Revelation which includes the Mark of the beast 666.

When I was in secondary school, we discovered something was bothering my elder sister. We were close then in fact, we share bedroom and slept in the same bed. We also have color coding when it comes to stuffs like pink for my stuffs and blue for her. She loves to write and we share some thoughts and dreams together. Until, one day I noticed her that she was acting weird and that she’s not sleeping anymore.

We try to come in the ‘quack’ doctor and many religious persons who are claiming that ‘they’ can cure her. Someone became our family friend and taught me to heal using witchcrafts

like Latin prayers and he also opened my third eye which doesn’t work but it was my ESP that works. Sometimes, I can sense danger and I can also sense some upcoming events. I realized that every time I use it, I feel like a burning paper. It was one of the greatest sins that I’ve done. I never did it again after that great realization.

God was calling me ever since I was in High School but then I never really care about it. It was that I was sick during my senior year and got hospitalized. When me and my parents got home and slept, I heard His voice but I couldn’t see Him. The room was filled with light and the voice was a man’s voice full of love and passion. I knew in my heart that it was Him, he said a verse in the Bible, John 3:16. That He loves us but then after that incident I knew someone was always by my side and always talk to me. I never told anyone of that first encounter for many will think that I was acting weird and crazy. I cheated and lie for my parents for not following them, my family for not warning them, my friends for not trusting them and mostly to God for not following His commands, for not listening to Him and not valuing His sufferings just to save me. I got pregnant and married at a young age. I thought that my life is wasted. Just then, I was searching for an answer. I knew in my heart that I am a sinner, that I should be a better person, so I research and research. In 2013, a month after I gave birth to my daughter, my husband told me to watch

Angelica Zambrano’s testimony, so I watch it. I repented but return to be a sinner over again. My daughter becomes unhealthy and then I blamed others including my husband, in laws and family. I was like looking for the faults of others but not looking at my own fault. After 6mos of taking medicine of my daughter because of having primary complex, she doesn’t have any effect of getting well and it worst. I was crying when I found out that she’s getting worst and her lungs was like a junk full of garbage. I knew that it was my fault. I became a bad mother, wife and daughter so I repented with all of my heart last month. Right then and there after a week of repenting, I have a bad vision. I was like wide awake and then I fell asleep, in my dream, I saw a large street full of people who were rallying and screaming.

I was on the other side but I can see them running towards me. They have a mark of the beast 666 in their right hand and in their foreheads. I was like running and afraid of them, for if they catch me, I will also bear that mark.

Just after that I woke up and pray to Him. I was so afraid and then I fell asleep again, this time my dream is the continuation of my first dream. I was running again but this time I was caught by them and got that mark.

I woke up again and repent while crying. After that I read some near death experiences of believers and watch ‘getting ready for the rapture’ and ‘mark of the beast’ videos in Youtube.

I was like a baby tracing and looking for an answer. One night, it was so hot and I was thinking deeply and ask God that if He could hear me, I want to see Him but I don’t want to see hell for it will take an hour/s if we could journey down there and my baby will cry if she will wake up, late at night. I saw a light again then I fell asleep. On my dream (I know it wasn’t a dream because I know it was real), I saw Jesus Christ,

who is standing and His arms is stretch as if He welcome me to His Kingdom. I was like crying and rejoicing at the same time, I said to the Lord that I am a sinner and that I thank Him for accepting and loving me as I am. He was like a huge man, I think maybe 10ft tall. I hugged Him and I feel peace in His loving arms.I saw His white and soft dress that was soft like a finest linen. There was this written on Him saying “KING OF THE KINGS.” It was so bright that I want to see His face but I couldn’t. I knew He is a loving man.

I saw Him so happy but lonely at the same time, He is not saying anything but then I hear Him through my heart that He wants me to return and testify the truth. HEAVEN IS REAL, I have been there and always want to be there.

Let us rejoice and accept the Lord Jesus with all of our hearts! He is coming soon! God loves us and will always do! Please REPENT and follow the path of Jesus! It was late at night, actually May 27 but then as midnight pass it was another day so it was May 28 then. I feel blessed! I came back like I had a nightmare. I cannot move as if my body was so exhausted from a long journey. It was the best hour/min of my life. I pray to Him that I want to wake up early to tell my parents about it. A simple promise of God waking me and my daughter up at early in the morning happened.

My daughter was smiling at me when we woke up. I pray for another day and for another chance. I feel like I was a different person. God made me realize the wrong doings of some religions and wrong doings of the people here on earth. The worldly things, forms of idolatry, pornography and masturbation, sex before marriage, different types of addictions, witchcrafts and Satanism.

The world is full of sins and everyone never really notice it. What will you do if your mom, dad, son, siblings, relatives, friends and everyone around you uses image that represents you when they think that you are gone? That this image was way better than you and that they forget all about you because of that image? It was so hurtful because of the fact that they forget all about you! You want to return and told them that you are there. That you are much better than anything else! You know what? God is teaching us for us to notice Him. That God is always with us! That He is the best that you can ever imagine. That He is Love and we created everyone with a purpose and that purpose is to love and praise Him for He is our creator. He is going to fetch His wife, so the question is ‘Are you ready for the Rapture?’ and ‘Are you really going to Heaven?’ I was attending a Christian’s church on July 1, 2014. My parents doesn’t want me for telling this but how come I’m not if that was God’s task for me. We were in a catholic family but when God asks me to tell people the truth, I want them to be saved so I have to ignore them and change for when they saw the great changes in my heart and personality.  They will allow me to right? Last Wednesday June 4, 2014, my elder sister told me that she saw her guardian angel in her dream. She was talking to her angel in her right side and then the demon heated her left side while she was talking. She doesn’t remember some part of it but in the end, the angel did win. She also experience weird dreams about her childhood friend who passed away after giving birth. Her friend was in hell and wants her to sell her soul in hell. It was terrifying, I knew it was Satan that was talking to her to avoid following me and Jesus. I knew that it was another truth our family is facing now but my parents don’t believe us. I always pray for them. It was Friday noon, June 6, 2014, I had a dream about the Rapture.

The seventh trumpet sounded. It was the best sound I have ever heard.

The sky opens up. I saw Jesus smiling and welcoming us in heaven. He said “come up here.” I knew in my heart that I was ready.  I floated in the air like a feather. It was the most peaceful moment of my life. Suddenly, I woke up realizing it was just a dream.

It all starts with accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ provides a relationship with the Father and eternal life through His death on the cross and resurrection (Rom. 5:10). Romans 10:9 promises, “If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” If you have not yet begun your personal relationship with God, understand that the One who created you loves you no matter who you are or what you’ve done. He wants you to experience the profound depth of His care. Therefore, tell God that you are willing to trust Him for salvation. You can tell Him in your own words or use this simple prayer: Lord Jesus, I ask you to forgive my sins and save me from eternal separation from God. By faith, I accept your work and death on the cross as sufficient payment for my sins. Thank You for providing the way for me to know you and to have a relationship with my heavenly Father. Through faith in You, I have eternal life. Thank You also for hearing my prayers and loving me unconditionally. Please give me the strength, wisdom, and determination to walk in the center of Your will. In Jesus’ name, Amen. I hope it helps! May Jesus bless you!


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