I SAW THE VERY FLAMES OF HELL -Testimony of Evangelist Morris Cerullo

“As I looked through those footprints, I saw the very flames of hell looking up toward where I was . It is surely one of the most unusual things anyone could ever experience to be standing in the Holy Presence of the living GOD and to be looking at the same time into the pit of Hell.

I had never imagined that such torment could exist. The flesh of the people seemed to be on fire, but they were not burned up. They were continually scorched by the red-hot flames, but they were never consumed.

There seemed to be no relief. No matter where the people were, the flames seemed to burn them equally. Every inch of every person’s body was engulfed in flames continually.

The horror in their eyes was uniform in every person I saw. They were the eyes of the people who knew there was no escape from the utter damnation they were experiencing ; people who knew they would never have relief, never again have a moment’s peace from a pain more intense than any they had felt when they were alive.

The pit seemed to go on forever, lined with people who were tormented by the flames. As they burned , the multitude, I could see thousands upon thousands of people – were screaming out for mercy.

Children were crying out to their parents saying that they would obey now if they could only have a second chance.

Others were crying out, hoping futilely that the prayers of their loved ones would rescue them.

Backsliders were crying out for another chance to serve GOD.

Adulterers were crying out that they would now be faithful.

Fathers were screaming that they would raise their children right in the knowledge of the LORD.

Ministers were crying out that they would preach the Gospel now if they could only have a chance .

Some were screaming at others, asking why they had not told them of the Gospel and salvation.

Others were just screaming. Screaming in pain and horror. Screaming in sadness and grief. I had seen people grieving at funerals before , but the people above the ground were not grieving even the tiniest percentage as much as these people who were below it , their flesh constantly torched with undying flames .

Many people were screaming through clenched teeth as they gnashed them together against the pain, to no avail . In this pit, there was no death to end the pain, no morning sunrise to end the nightmare, no water to quench the fire.

Through all the cries, the same voice was heard: anguish. All we’re reaching their hands upwards , seeking someone to come and pull them out of the flames. But no one answered their cries.

My heart was moved with compassion beyond anything I ever felt. How would people be saved from such a tremendously hideous fate if no one would tell of the saving love of JESUS ? It was then that the scripture came to life to me :

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard ? and how shall they hear without a preacher? ( Romans 10:14 )

— Take from Evangelist Morris Cerullo`s testimony in “Son, Build Me An Army!”

Give your life fully to Jesus Christ, the only Savior & Redeemer. Live with him in faith, repentance, holiness, love, worship and devotion. Turn away from sin, receive His grace & Spirit, Follow Him and dont look back




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