1st Devine REVELATION of HEAVEN & HELL – Richard Antwi

 Pastor P.P. Kuranchie: Brethren we want to give thanks to God Almighty for a day like this that God has granted us this opportunity to share with you what the Lord some time ago revealed unto me. As a result in my former church, I had to go through so many persecutions and even that led to my resignation of the church from being a minister for seventeen good years. But today, I give praise to God that the Lord is confirming what He revealed to me concerning worldly adornment, concerning the wearing of jewels, concerning unrighteousness in the church of God, unholy life in the church of God—that today, the Lord is confirming through the boarders of Ghana and outside the boarders of Ghana. I give praise and honor to His name. This day we are going to listen to some of these revelations given to one brother in our ministry, the new ministry that the Lord God has started with us. That’s Brother Richard Antwi that the Lord has given such a revelation to in the ministry called Heaven Seeker’s Ministry. Brethren we will be listening to him very soon. I thank God so much. My name is Pastor P.P. Kuranchie. I am glad to be alive today to be a part of what the Lord is doing in this end time—a great revival that He is bringing unto the Christian body. Let us meet at Heaven and not at the gate of Heaven. Praise the Lord. Brethren as I have told you that the Lord by His grace has revealed so many things to a brother in our ministry, Heaven Seeker’s Ministry, by Brother Richard Antwi. He is going to give that testimony to us whatever the Lord has shown him. Brother Antwi, is a brother that you may not think that God could even use him; very quiet, unassuming, but not knowing that the Lord has a special purpose of his life. I really like for him to (inaudible) and therefore, I am going to hand it over to our brother to share with us his encounter with the Lord Jesus to Heaven and to Hell so that we will take a lesson out of that that will take us to right Heaven in the near in the near future. God bless you. I hand it over to our brother, Brother Antwi, Amen. On the 21st October that is 2013, the Lord God revealed Himself to him [Brother Richard] telling him, he would be traveling with Him. He didn’t know the kind of journey that he would be making. So he was thinking about it, wondering about it what kind of journey that the Lord was going to embark with him. Therefore, we had to attend a conference in Nigeria, a conference organized by Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide, a non-denominationalist movement in December. Brother Richard Antwi: We came back on the 17th of December and then while on our way coming in our vehicle, I started experiencing a very severe headache. I took medicine, but it did not help. When I came home the pains were so (inaudible) though I was having medicine in my house, it didn’t work. So the following day, the following day, I woke up in the morning and went to my workplace. Normally, I close late in the night around elven p.m., but that day, because of the pains I was experiencing, the headache, I had to close around eight, between eight-eight thirty, thereabout. I went home to search for the medicine that I was having in my room, but I could not see. Though I knew that I was having medicine there, but I searched and searched, but I couldn’t see it. Then I started feeling cold, I pulled my cloth to cover myself, but before I realized, something blew away the cloth from my body. I couldn’t understand what was going on, but brethren, I was suffering. While all these pains were going on, I saw myself struggling to see if the pains could come down a little. I was struggling, painfully. While struggling what I could see was that my spirit came out of my body. I saw my body lying on the bed, my spirit standing there and by my side I saw the Lord Jesus Christ also standing. When I saw Jesus, He told me the journey has just beyond. What I saw next was my spirit with the Lord moving out, outside my house to the fronting. When we got there, I saw there, I saw that the whole place was so dark that I couldn’t see anything. I shouted “Jesus”! I cannot see anything. The Lord helped me immediately, when the Lord helped me, I could see everything. There was light everywhere, now I could see, but I saw that there was no building standing there apart from my home which was the only house standing as of that time. The place was so dry, so empty and there wasn’t anything. The Lord held me and we started journeying into the Heavens. In fact, we were moving at a vey tall speed, more than anything that I could imagine. We were moving at a tall speed even than an airplane, I could remember. When we were going we met multitudes of people on the way so I became so glad that “Oh, I am not after all the person making this journey”! So I became so glad that I was making the journey with the Lord Jesus and these people that I saw. When we went farther, I saw a group of people men, women and their children. The men and the women were holding hands and their children were by their sides. There was a tiny rope, but they couldn’t cross it; the rope served as a barricade for such group of people. They didn’t cross, so I asked the Lord, “Why are these people standing there and they cannot cross with this little or tiny rope”? The Lord said, “Yes. They cannot cross. These are people who tough are serving me, parents are serving me, but they are not able to discipline their children. They are not able to train their children in the way of the Lord so that their children will also come to know and serve me”. Again the Lord said, “These parents are parents who will always go and fight on behalf of their children. Even when they [the children] do wrong and somebody disciplines the child some way, they will go and fight that person”. Again, He said that these parents know from the scripture that is Proverbs 22:6 that we should train up the child the way they should go and when he or she grows, he will never depart from it, but these parents did not do that and for that reason that is why they will remain. Until they repent they cannot cross that line. The next point that we got to that we meet a group of people, many people, and there was very mighty rock. On this rock was the inscription, “Jesus Christ”. I saw these people, many people, that I saw were going around the rock. Though the rock had the inscription, “Jesus Christ”, they were moving around the rock. I saw in the houses of these people going around the rock that they were holding things like oil, canes, hankies [handkerchiefs], (inaudible) water, bottled water, salt, light/lye* [may not be a proper translation because of the speaker’s accent] and many other things, so I was amazed. I asked the Lord, “What they were doing with those things”? The Lord said, “These are the people who have placed their trust in these things. They go to pastors, to so called prophets and they give them these things to serve as whatever to them. Therefore, they have placed their trust and they rely on these things instead of relying on Me, the Rock, that is the Rock of Ages. They have rather placed their trust and they are relying on those things that they are holding”. Therefore, the Lord said, “They cannot move from where they are”. They were also barricaded with a rock. So I asked the Lord, “So what are they going to do”? The Lord said, “If they repent of their lifestyles and they trust in Me and rely on Me, the Rock, then they will be able to continue the journey so we should leave them and go farther”. When we went a little farther on that same top speed, we went and meet a group of people who have also been barricaded by a rope, a tiny rope, but they couldn’t cross it. The Lord told me, “These are the people who cannot forgive their brothers or sisters when they offend them”. Some though, they have say we have forgiven you, they will lie. Such people know that they have not forgiven such offenders and as a result of that they cannot also continue into the city and that is why they have remained there. We went farther and met another group also with that same rope barricading them. I asked the Lord, “Why are they also there”? The Lord said, “These are people whose hearts are full of lies. They eat lies, they sleep lies, they work with lies—they are full of lies”. Therefore, they cannot continue on the journey into the glorious city. Among this group, I saw many pastors in clerical; they were among this group of liars. [The] group of liars were many and some were holding phones which they used in lying. On phones they lie so easily and therefore, they cannot continue the journey. They were stuck to that place. We went a little farther and we met another group. That group the Lord says, “They have double lifestyles. They are liars and at the same time, they also steal from His Church. Within the Church of God they lie, they steal and that is why they also remain at that point. They cannot make it unless they repent”. There too, I saw many pastors in clerical and many church members who believe that they are serving the Lord, but they were stuck at that point. They couldn’t move farther. The next group of people that we got to were singles, the bachelors and spinsters. I asked the Lord, “Why are they also at that point”? The Lord said that while they are bachelors and spinsters who were supposed to serve Him very well with their lifestyles, but, because of worldliness, because they want to be a (inaudible) with the world. They are using their time, their bodies to do so many things so as to gain certain things in the world including money and what not and therefore, their lifestyles are not pleasing to Him. They cannot make it unless they repent so we should leave them and continue. When we went to the next level, we met a group of men and women, holding their hands, they were married couples; married couples who were holding their hands together there. I asked the Lord, “Why are such married couples standing here and holding their hands”? They were also stopped by a rope or a thing like. The Lord said, “Yes. These are married couples who always have an excuse for not attending to church and to the service of God. They always give an excuse, either “Today I’m tired, I’m sick, I’m that”. They give excuses not to do the work of God. For that reason, they cannot make it because they love themselves more than the work of God or, you know, loving of Jesus Christ. The next group that we met and went on our way were also couples holding their hands standing there. I asked the Lord, “What about these couples too”? The Lord said, “These are married men and women who causes adultery over there partner and for that reason if they do not repent, they can also not go”. They have been barricaded by that same rope or thread. When we went farther, we met a group of people that the Lord told me, “These are prostitutes”. I said, “In what way”? We have met other people already. The Lord said, “They are prostitutes in the sense that they cause prostitution in their hearts. They always lust after people, the way the dress to church, the way they dress to the town, on many occasions causes lust in the hearts of many people and as a result they are making people to cause prostitution, adultery or fornication. They, themselves too, are also causing the same thing. For that reason, they have been stuck by a thin rope and they cannot make it unless they repent of their sins. Brethren we went farther and when we got to a point, I saw multitude of people also stopped at a point. When we got to that point, I asked the Lord, “Why is it that many people have been stopped here”? The Lord said, “Yes. These are people who love entertainment more than My very Self. They love football rather it’s any football match, they will prefer football to Me. They love TV, sitting behind the TV and, you know, forgetting about my work or getting, coming to church. They love so many games, they love entertaining themselves more than attending to things of Christ and for that reason. They can also not make Heaven. So let’s leave them and continue”. When we went father we saw, a stream or a river ahead of us. On this stream were some flowers grown with thorns many people were afraid to cross that stream or river. They had to cross it in order to get to the other end. But, immediately anyone steps on the thorns, they go back because it was so painful. So all of them were standing behind this river or stream so I asked the Lord, “Why”? The Lord said, “Yes. They cannot cross it because these are people who do not want any worry at all. They don’t want to go through persecution for the sake of the Kingdom, they will love to remain where they are. They don’t want to speak the truth where they will suffer for the truth that they have spoken. They always want to be themselves. They also want to be enjoy and therefore, they wouldn’t like to go through any challenge for the sake of the Kingdom. That is why they have remained here and they will be here until they repent of their lives. So let’s leave them”. Though they see themselves as Christians, they think that they are on their way to Heaven, but they are barricaded here behind this stream or river. When we bypassed this stream and we went farther, we then met a very big river. It was very big that you cannot see the end and there were few people standing by that place too. In fact, when I saw that river or sea, I was so much afraid because I am not used to such things. I’m not used to rivers and seas. So I became also afraid at that point. The Lord told me, that this is also where I have come to. This is where I am going to remain until I’m able to cross that river. I will remain there. I asked the Lord, “Why”? The Lord told me it’s because of fear. Because when you read from Revelation 21 and verse 8, our Brother wants to read it for us [verse is read by Brother in native language]. So as our Brother has just read for us from Revelation 21 verse 8, it says from the book King James, the old man that “the FEARFUL, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death” [emphasis added]. Amen. So the Lord told me, because I am afraid to propagate His word that He gives to me, to tell people what He’s telling me, because I am afraid of people, because I am afraid of what people may say about me, I am going to remain here until I change or until I repent my lifestyle. So while speaking with the Lord, I pleaded. I saw staircase, a very long one to flow on the river. He asked me to walk on that staircase to enable me to cross to the other end so as to meet Him other there. When the Lord provided this ladder on the river for me and asked me to cross the river by way of the ladder to meet me at the other point, I said, “No. All this while why I was coming with you, how can you leave me here alone and ask me to walk on this ladder? You know I am afraid crossing rivers, so what do I do”? But the Lord said that I should not wait, He will meet me at the other end. When I started the journey on the steps that I was moving on alright, but when going I saw that stairs in front of me started folding up towards me. So when I saw that, I knew that I could not go forward any longer because it was folding toward me and I decided to turn. When I turned back, the ones at my back too started folding towards me and before I realized, I dropped into river and I sank into it. So when I sank into this river, I saw that I had to swim for my life. I really swam that day until I got to the river bank. When I got there, I saw my friend Jesus standing there. He held my hand and welcomed me. Immediately, He welcomed me, I saw that everything on me changed. When my garment got changed, everything about me got changed. My fingernails turned into glass like fingernails and in fact, my appearance became like Jesus. Immediately, I saw a beautiful gate ahead of me and on this gate had the inscription, “Holiness and Righteousness,” a golden gate very, nice one. So we proceeded towards the gate. When we got there the gate, itself, got opened for us and we entered. When we entered, I stepped on the golden streets. I heard melodious songs going on, angels jubilating, trumpets being blowing here and there, there was a great joy over there so I also started jubilating. When I was jubilating, in fact I had nothing again in mind, I saw angels bowing. When they see me they bow or I did mind angels bowing to me at all because, you know, I was really enjoying myself over there. Then I said to myself, “Once I’ve been to this place, this joyous place, ah, I am not going back. I am going to stay here because there is great joy over here. Hallelujah”. While I was jubilating, the Lord Jesus came and held my hand trying to ask me, you know, that we should move. I said, “No, no, no. I am happy. I am jubilating”. I was so jubilating until He told me, “Let’s go. We have something (inaudible)”. We went forward and then when we went a little farther, we saw a very beautiful lady sitting in front of a house who has dressed in a Muslim way. When I saw the lady, I asked my friend Jesus, “Please Lord, can I speak to this lady”? The Lord said, “Yes. I give you the chance. You can do so”. When I went to the lady, the lady welcomed me nicely, she was happy. She gave me a very beautiful chair made in a diamond form. We were served by angels, angels came to serve us. We were served some fruits, we were enjoying the fruits and then…while we were enjoying the fruits we started chatting. I asked the lady how she managed to come to such a place as a Muslim? because I could see from her dressing that she wore that she was Muslim while on earth. So, I was curious to find out how she managed to come to Heaven as a Muslim. When I asked her she started laughing. Then I asked the lady her name and she told me she is (inaudible). When she made mentioned of the name, I became shocked, how can (inaudible) meaning you are a Muslim be here? She started laughing again. She asked of my name, I said, “I’m Richard”. She started narrating where she was (inaudible). She told me, she used to live at (inaudible), a place that I used to know very well. So I was shocked, I know that that place, mostly the Muslims are the people who are dominating that area, so it doesn’t surprise to me for her to tell she lived at (inaudible) while on earth. She told me she was born in to Muslim. She got married into Muslim and was the fourth wife of the husband. In fact, she knew that while on earth, a Muslim teaching or belief, you are the second, third, fourth or whatever wife, you are supposed not to be jealously of any other wife of your husband, but because she was the fourth wife, she was always jealous about the first or other wife that the husband takes care of them. So she saw that, in fact, it wasn’t good for her to be in that position as a fourth wife, again to be a Muslim. The one said to me that in fact, everyday being the fourth wife bothered her so much while on earth. So she was all the time thinking about it until one day she came across a pastor who was preaching in town, in (inaudible), somewhere in the second capital of Ghana. The pastor spoke against being a second, third, fourth or whatever wife. So then she became so much concerned about her position as a fourth wife so she decided to, you know, divorce from that marriage. She went and informed the husband that she could no longer be in that marriage. She said when she informed the husband, initially, the husband did not take it kindly. But at a certain point, the husband agreed to it, to the divorce. However, when she decided to give her life to Christ and attended church, the family members also rose up against her. They started fighting against her [for] leaving Islamic religion to a Christian religion and then the husband also came in again and asked her to bring back everything he used in paying her dowry, she should return all to him. At the time, it was even the pastor who was helping the new faith that she has found. The pastor of that new faith that was the church was the one that was taking care of her so in fact things were not easy with her financially. So she couldn’t even pay that and the husband was worrying her until the husband took her to (inaudible). She was killed and she died. When she died, she found herself in where I am seeing her that is Heaven. The Lord accepted her spirit and today she is in Heaven as a result of accepting Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. That is why she’s there. When I looked at the other end of where this woman was staying, there was another beautiful—handsome, I should say young man. When I went to this young man to also inquire of him, he told me certain things. When I went to this young man too, he welcomed me and we started chatting as I did with the first lady (inaudible). This young man told me he was called Thomas and he held from Senegal while on earth. Then he started telling me what brought him into Heaven. The man told me, in fact, he came from a Christian home; they were doing good in Christ. He rose up also in rank at his working place until such a point that some people at the work place worked juju against him. He became paralyzed. He couldn’t walk any longer. When he couldn’t walk any longer, the family as much as they tried and he couldn’t walk. They decided to take him to these special priest and juju people, but he decided not to go because Jesus Christ has been everything to him since childhood. So he could not abandon Jesus and go to such a place. The family members became annoyed that he said he was not going to go with them. So they abandoned his life. When the family members abandoned him, he went to the church. The church family accepted him on the premises that was where he was staying, doing everything there. Until one day he was stuck by a severe or serious sickness that made him to die. When he died before he could realize, he was in Heaven. That is why I have met him there. Be sure to catch the second half. Brother Richard Antwi: From Thomas then I saw another noble man. In fact, this man was looking so wonderful and glorious, he was wearing crown. I went to this man after leaving Thomas. I went to this man to speak to this man to know what brought him to where he is at the moment. The man that narrated the story to me was while on earth, said he was a pastor in a church, and since he joined the church as a pastor every transference takes him to the remote areas. He has been in the remotest areas that is where he has always been transferred to because he was not having money to pay his way through. He was all the time transferred to the villages, but he lived there, he accepted the challenge, he went there, he was not having money. It was a big challenge, he, at times, had to farm and even feed some of the church members. He took care of them, gathered them and prepared them for Christ. That is what he was doing and while he was working one day he became ill then the Lord called him home. That is why he is also in such a glorious place. It just dawned on me after speaking with this young man, the Lord appeared there and then it dawned on me to ask the Lord that is it true that He has been the one sending people, asking people, to tell the world that the wearing of jewels and all the other things accompanying jewels are all evil? The dressings, the wearing of jewels, the attachments? Is it true that He is the one sending people to tell the world this? The Lord told me, “My boy Richard, I cannot answer you here on the street. You, let’s get into this hall”. He took me to a very vast hall I never saw any before on this earth, to answer me this question. I saw many angels around that place and the Lord told me [that] yes, it is true. That He is the one who has been sending His people to inform the world to desist from wearing all of these worldly things because it’s about time for Him to separate His own children from the children of the world. The Lord told me that yes it is true. That He is preparing to separate His children from those of satan because satan has sent out many jewels into this world that contain certain marks, that whosoever put on such jewels, if you put it on, no matter what message—good message is preached, it will not enter into such a heart of such a person. He or she will do whatever he likes because of the jewels that he or she is having, they have been blindfolded, the ears has been blocked. They cannot hear whatever the Lord is saying and that is why He is trying to separate His children so that they will not be affected by such things, jewels that the enemy has made into this world. After this the Lord just waved the hand and there appeared a very big screen. On the screen, the first person that I saw was a woman who was at church. She was wearing a particular earring with those jewelry, necklaces and bangles and all that. The Lord told me, “Just watch the jewels the woman is having on very well”. So I watched them very well. Then from the woman at the church, there came another picture of another lady who was wearing the same jewels that the woman at the church was wearing, but this time, she was on the shrine before a fetish priest. But, she was wearing the same jewels bangles, all that. The Lord told me, “Just watch that too”. I watched it. Another picture came, it was a third picture of the woman wearing the same jewels [that] the first two women were wearing, but she was at the beer bar enjoying herself with some alcoholic drinks. The Lord then asked me a question, “Richard, look these three ladies. Who are among them do you think can be my child”? I did not say anything. The Lord waved His hand for a second time and another screen appeared. On this screen, I saw—first He showed me three ladies. The first lady was in church, in a church service, wearing trousers [pants/jeans] exposing—very tight trousers, wearing a kind of top that was so tight, showing the vital part; wearing all of the jewels as usual, her breast showing so many vital parts. She was enjoying herself jubilating at church. She was dancing with all these dressing. From that point, He showed me another one at the beer bar wearing the same dressing; a woman also enjoying herself. Then from there He took me to the one at the shrine in the same dressing. The Lord asked me for a second time, “Richard, look at these three daughters. Who do you think can be my child among them”? I could not answer again. When the Lord showed me all these dressing, the Lord then told me, “Go and tell my people that they are different from the worldly people. That is why I am separating them”. Then the Lord took me from that place. We went to a place, while approaching there, I saw, I felt, a very strong heat meeting me. Then when we went farther, I saw an inscription on top of that place, “World of Fire” with many people who [are] in that place. Some weeping, you know, shouting, wailing, and so many things going on there. In fact, when I went there, I began shivering. I became very much afraid. I cannot describe what I saw over there. When the Lord took me later farther, He held me as the Most high God. He held me and gave me strength to help me stand what I am going to see. We went farther and I saw an earthly woman. The woman’s hair was so much that it was being, you know, cut by certain demons; immediately they cut the hair, within a seconds it would grow again. They were packing it. They cut it, they pack it and it grows; that was the way those demons behind that woman was doing. Cutting the hair and packing it. Then others too were cutting the nails of this woman; they cut it, immediately, it is replaced. What I saw about the woman, the third thing that I saw was that there was a tube connected to the private part of this woman though which she releases her menstrual, blood, onto this earth. The Lord told me that that is what she does every time; she releases that unto this earth. The Lord told me that those three things coming from the woman are all brought on this earth. Firstly, He said that the blood coming from the private part of this woman, they use it to make certain things, to make up/ to prepare make ups that women use, the lipsticks, the pods* [may not be proper translation because of the speaker’s accent] and all that. He said that immediately, you put the lipstick on it gives you the lust of the flesh. You become prostitute. You will always be lusting. You will go after certain men or you will always lust after the lust of the flesh in you the (inaudible) as well. When you put it on, you’ll have the lust of the flesh, you either go after men all of the time or having men come after you all of the time. Then the hair that they were cutting, He said when you put it on it means that you are forever for the enemy because you have covered the glory of the Lord given to you as well as fingernails. When you put it on and the Lord does not intervene and have grace upon you, you will definitely be the property of the enemy forever. I was taken to a point by the Lord where a woman who used to use attachment, wigs, and the make up on earth before dying and going to Hell. This woman was trying to remove the attachment, she was wearing all the time and the wig—all that she was putting on on this earth. They have used a special instrument, a sharpen blade to remove the front part of the head and then the back as well. They were removing it all around and while they were trying to do was that they had a special fork it looks like a crane machine that they place on the head to pull what the woman was having off with the skin attached to it so that she will feel it. The woman was really, really crying. The nails too, they were removing the nails painfully, pulling it [from] her own nails. In fact, the Lord showed that everything this woman—that anyone has put on when you get there, they will take it by force from you. So if it is the pods* [may not be proper translation because of the speaker’s accent], you know where you have used the pods, they will be pulling your checks to remove the pods you have used. If it is the lipsticks, they will work on your mouth. So it was so disastrous, so painful that in fact, I couldn’t look at it. I saw that people were really suffering, gnashing of teeth, crying for help and I, myself, became helpless. In fact, I started also suffering because the outcome they were going through because of the evil items of this woman that people use on them while on this earth. Brethren, the Lord has said in the scripture Psalms 139 and verse 14 that He has fearfully and wonderfully made us, meaning that we are really made beautiful. God has fearfully and wonderfully made us; we need nothing to add to our bodies before we’ll be wonderful or beautiful in the sight of men. Even when you go to Second Corinthians chapter 7 and verse one, the Bible tells us that for us to have perfect holiness in the sight of God; it says our bodies, our spirit and our souls, are our all to be blameless. We are to remove every evil thing from our bodies, our souls, our spirits. Pastor P.P. Kuranchie: So if someone tell you that decorate the body with whatever you think [that] you want to decorate it with, what matters most if your heart—it is a deception from the pit of hell. Do not listen to such a person because it will land you into Hell fire as our brother saw and he just spoke to us. Brother Richard Antwi: The Lord then took me to another section in Hell where I met people who held great position on earth. Many, I have seen them on TV before and at that place I saw many of them suffering. In fact, their bed as the Bible says was like what we call it? Worms. That we find in the pits, lanterns. When you look to Isaiah 14 verse number 9 coming down, you will realize what the Lord has talked about concerning these worms that it will even never die. That is what I saw. These great men once upon a time, men and women, on this earth, that is where I found them with all these worms, plenty of them. I saw one that really surprised and gave me a great shock because I knew this man when he was on earth. He was so humble and I saw that he was God-fearing; in fact, to me he used the name of God in every aspect of his life when he was a leader in the world in Ghana. That is our late President Atta Mills. I was shocked to see this man in that area. I saw this man really shouting crying for help and what I saw was that the man wanted to get water to drink. What was given to him, not knowing, it was acid. When he took it, he started shouting, crying, but the Lord told me it was acid that he has taken in. I thought it was water, not knowing it was acid. He gave me a message to be delivered of this nation. He said he cannot say that while in government, he didn’t use any money at all that belongs to the state and that is the reason why he is at the moment where he is. Therefore, he’s telling every statesman or woman that they should try and do anyway with such lifestyles. That they should throw away politics and then worship the Lord, serve the Lord with their hearts and be faithful in all things that they are doing. If they are able to do that, he says then they will never come to this place. He says I should even convey this message to all the past presidents and all the ministers and all the statesman that they should try to avoid this. So that in the end, they will not come to where he is, “else they will also found themselves where at the moment I am”. He made mention of so many names, the past presidents and current president, that they should all repent of their sins because they have all taken money of the state in one way or the other; they used it before like Presidents Buford, Rawlings, Amen, and all these other ministers and such people. He said that they should gather the people of Ghana and then repent of the sins they have committed then ask for forgiveness by so doing the Lord will have mercy upon them. Like I said, he made mention of all statesmen, people holding various positions, high and low, who has ever used the money of the state without any authority, without any excuse, they are to repent and then plead for forgiveness of any sins—all such people from grassroots to the top. That they should all accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and serve Him faithfully because that alone can take them to Heaven, because he doesn’t want them to come to where he is at the moment. The Lord took me to where kings who have ruled before in this nation and other nations were. I saw many of them in including very prominent ones who have ruled before in Ghana here and one of them, one of the prominent ones who have ruled in Ghana here, gave me a message to be delivered. He said they should throw away all of their idols and that they should stop (inaudible) because that is what is militating against them making it into Heaven or allowing Jesus to be their Lord. He said they should also gather their people their subjects then call true men of God, I mean true men of God, to come and preach to their subjects. So that they will all come to know Christ and when they all come to know Christ it is that it will be help them and they will stop this (audible) and other things. It will be well with their soul, spirit, and body when they die and it will be well. The next place that the Lord took me to was a place that the lady, when I saw her at the beginning I could not recognize her. Later on, when I got closer and then I watched carefully, I saw her. I asked the Lord, “Is this one, the woman called Susy Williams”? The Lord answered in the affirmative. I said, “Look at how she is at this moment”! She was being tormented, they were, you know, beating her, at the same time piercing her private part with a certain metal. She was screaming and asking for forgiveness. She asked that even if they would stop piercing her private part with the metal and stop beating her alone, she would (inaudible). But the Lord said that that could not be done. She was crying for help, but it was too late. She also told me I should tell them, those who are using her as a mentor, those who are looking up to her, those who are copying her lifestyle that she led on this earth, they should all desist from it. Else, they will all die and find themselves in Hell where she is suffering and then, they will also suffer. The Lord took me to another place where I saw instrumentalists, people who are professional instrumentalist. By a professional instrumentalist, I mean people who move from one church to another to play the instrument so that they will be paid. They move from one program, even if it is a funeral, they will go and play it to get their money—they move from end to another. They were playing instruments unceasingly. They were playing without any break. They were tired, but they were being beaten to continue to play it. They were suffering brethren, really, they were suffering. Again, I saw some gospel singers, so called gospel singers who were singing on this earth who all thought that—we thought they were singing to praise the Lord, not knowing they were using magical juju to do that and now they are dead. They were being tormented, crying. The Lord said, “Though they sang, they were not singing for Him or of Him”. That is why they have landed in Hell fire and are suffering at this moment. I saw one brother that I knew on earth while he was alive. He was all the time on the Ghanaian television that is Terry Bonchaka. I saw him with his hanging leg, still hanging up there. They were beating him with one of his legs hanging in the air. He was pleading that that the Lord should have mercy that he could put the leg down and even receive the beatings. But the Lord said, “No. That is what you want. So let your leg hang on. Continue dancing and singing, continue receiving the beatings”. He was pleading but to no avail. I also saw, one time great musician—I mean singer, Michael Jackson. I saw him that he was also dancing. He was checking* [may not be proper translation because of the speaker’s accent] unceasingly. He was checking, checking, checking, in fact, he wanted to stop, but there is no way. They were beating him and he was crying. He is tired, but he cannot stop because he had to continue doing what he liked doing while on this earth. Brethren, it isn’t easy there. We need to repent. Whatever you do here, you are going to continue to do it unabated over there. It will be too late for such a thing when you will like to stop it, but it will to too late. You can stop it now with Jesus and the salvation of Jesus around you. Amen. I saw the next group who were being tormented seriously; they were the gays and the lesbians on this earth. There punishments was that they have placed a metal in fire, a metal flamingly with fire, that it was flaming with fire to be placed in the anus of the man then they will push it inside. He will be crying, shouting for help, but there wouldn’t be any help. The women too, they were using the same heated metal placing it in their private parts which they were using in doing lesbianism down there on earth. In fact, my brethren, it was an eye sight. I was a terrible screen, but what can you say. The Lord said, “That is what they like and that is what they are receiving”. The Lord took me to another place that the people there were being given acid alone to drink. They were taking acid every moment, every second; they were being given acid to take. I asked the Lord, “Why”? He said, “These were the alcoholics—the drunkards, those people who lived to take in alcohol every moment before they eat and that is what they are receiving now”. They are receiving the alcohol of Hell that is acid. When they take it, it really exposes—everything within them comes out and then, it’s a cycle that is going on in their life in Hell. Life in Hell brethren is something serious. They were being beaten as well and they were even pushed into that acid which serves as a river there, you know, for them to drink and enjoy it properly. Brethren we can run way from such a thing. Hallelujah. The next group of people following the one that I saw earlier on, were the serious drunkards. For them, they were not just giving something to drink alone, but there was a pool. When you see it, it’s like drink, like an alcoholic drink pool so when they see it, they think they are throwing themselves into it to drink much more whatever they like, not knowing that it was an acid. Whosoever fell into it, you’d hear the sound like a fish or meat being fried—the sound that comes up, that was what was going on in their bodies while they were swimming through this acidic swimming pool if you’d like. The Lord took me now to a section of many children who were being seriously punished. Many children who went wayward, they led wayward lives and they died. They appeared in Hell, they were being tormented seriously. What happened there was that these children were accusing their parents that their parents did not bring them up in the fear of God. They did not discipline them [so] that is why they have found themselves in Hell fire. So they were accusing their parents that the punishments that they are receiving, a portion should be reserved for their parents. So that when their parents, if they are also not faithful in serving the Lord and are serving Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and they go to Hell, they would receive their own punishments and a portion of the punishment of their children that is remaining will be added unto them. It means their parents, if they do not serve Christ now then it means that they have total punishment in Hell fire because of the neglect of their children. What I’ve learned from the World of Fire, is that that if while one earth you have to be a witch or wizard, that spirit that helped you in doing that when you die and get to Hell, that spirit will reject you in Hell fire, come back on earth and continue doing evil with other people. Whatever evil lifestyle, the spirit behind it, it will take you to Hell fire and then leave you there and then it will come to the earth to possess somebody who is not ready to accept Jesus and then take that person also to Hell fire. That is what such spirits are doing. I saw in another section that the Lord took me where people who committed suicide where placed. Many of them, in fact, I saw among them one elder that served as my Sunday school teacher, one elder called (inaudible) who died just a few months in November 2013; he committed suicide by hanging himself in his house. He couldn’t, though he served the Lord faithfully but in the long run he committed suicide. So I met this elder hooked by certain metal in Hell. He was suffering. There were certain things that fire, they used certain metals, there was fire to pass under their feet and they were shouting. In fact, I saw about 500 when he died, immediately he died then he got to Hell, about 500 people are so committed suicide. They were also hanging in that line. They were hanging in a queue. They were hanging there being tormented seriously in Hell fire. The Lord then took me back to Heaven. I had my Heaven garment then back on and I went with the Lord to Heaven and the Lord showed me a visitor’s book, anyone who has visited Heaven before that person’s name is written in that book. Amongst the names, I saw the name of one of my loving sisters that is Sister Phillipa Kuranichie that I love most. I saw her name in and the Lord also wrote my name in that same visitor’s book. The Lord told me that when we were coming to the world, we came with nothing. So why are we worrying ourselves so much to take everything in this world with us to the journey that we are making to Heaven? That will not help us. We cannot take anything from here to Heaven. So we should throw away all things that we are worrying ourselves and think about Him—serve Him faithfully. And we will be able to make it to Heaven where everything there is perfect waiting for us, waiting for our enjoyment, waiting for a better life for us so that when we get there, we will be at peace. Then I realized, the Lord told me my time was up. He came, held my hand and when I came back to myself, it was exactly 6:00 a.m. the next day that is 19th December 2013. Amen. Please share!


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