Revelation of the Marine Kingdom

Revelation of the Marine Kingdom-Part 1 of 2 by Brother Richard Antwi

And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:  With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. –Revelation 17:1-2

Pastor PP. Kuranchie:  Here the Bible tells us about a certain lady who sits upon many waters, and who through her efforts, many kings, many great men and women have been captured.  Their souls are now with her.  Their spirits have been taken over by this evil women with her prostitution.  She is able to capture all said great men and women on this earth and as we read, he said not great men and women—not kings alone, but also he says the inhabitants of the earth; the ordinary people as well have been taken over.  They have been capture by this woman.  Even included pastors, Christians, and non-Christians as well and that is why I believe that this Great Lord with His infinite love has given us this, such a revelation that we are going to listen to.

It must also be noted that from 1 John 2: 15-17, the Bible exalts us people who loves the world and the things of this world:

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.  If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.  And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof:  but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever. –1 John 2:15-17

So, anything that is worldly.  Anything man or woman is holding on to is taking you away from God.  Is making you an enemy of God as James 4:4 also talks about.  So I am pleading through this media that you will be able to listen to this revelation with a very attentive ear, a very attentive heart and mind and get a listen out of it, so that when the trumpet sounds, my brother, my sister you will not be found wanting.  If there is anything that belongs to the enemy that is with you, just release it now.  Give it back to the enemy, because the things of this world are all for the enemy.  Jesus Christ came that we will have life and have it abundantly.  That is my prayer and that you will receive and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, so you’ll receive this life and the abundance of it.  May God Almighty help you so that even as you listen to this revelation.  You’ll take a quick decision concerning your souls as where your final destination will be.  God bless you and thank you for listening to what I have just passed on and what Bro. Richard is going to give upon us.

Brohter Richard Antwi:  We want to give praise to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost who has been our Greater Helper and who has been helping us all this while to serve God and be prepared for the Rapture when the Lord Jesus will come and take us home.

Brethren on February 9th 2014 in the night while I was sleeping, I felt as if someone was pouring on me a very cold water that made me to be surprised and so shocked.   I was so shocked that I jumped out of the bed.  I thought I was jumping out the bed in the physical, not knowing that that jumping was not the physical aspect.  But, rather it was in the spiritual realm.  That cold water that I felt made me jump and I thought I jumped from the bed.  What I saw is that when I turned a round, I saw my very body on the bed whereas I was still standing there, not knowing that when I felt that cold water, I came out of my body.  So, it was my spirit that came out when I had that shock, standing there and my body was lying on the bed.  Just right by me, I saw the Lord Jesus Christ standing there well dressed with His beautiful crown on His head.  He told me, “Richard, today we are making a journey home.  But, our journey will take us to the undersea before we will be able to make that journey”.

When the Lord told me this, I became a bit surprised.  I started thinking because the Lord had never taken me through the undersea to enable us to get to Heaven or anywhere that He wants us to go.  So, though He has taken me through other parts, but it has never happened that we have gone through the undersea.  So, I was thinking about it within me that it may not be the Lord.  Immediately, I had that thought the Lord told me, “Richard, I know what you are thinking of.  I am the Lord your friend”.  When He said that I looked at the hand and I saw the mark of the nail in His hand.  That made me even to believe what He was saying.  So, I accepted to follow Him to see what was going to happen.

When the Lord made me to understand that it was Him, Himself, He held my hand and we started moving.  When we were moving, we moved at a very fast past.  We got to a very big sea. In fact, it was blue in color.  When we got to this sea the Lord held my hand and we started walking on the sea.  As we were moving farther, going down into the sea gradually, as we went deeper farther, we all went to the underpart of the sea.  We saw a very big dry land beneath the sea.

When we went under the sea, though we were under the sea, we were not wet.  Jesus was not wet.  I was not wet.  I saw trees.  I saw mountains.  I saw other things and when we moved a little farther down there, I saw certain figures.  In fact, they were half human, half fish.  Their underparts were fish, but the upperparts will show that they are human.  They were two lines and they were protecting a certain gate, but immediately when they saw my friend Jesus, these figures starting running for their lives.  In fact, they were moving with a very fast speed.  Everyone wanted to run for his life.  They broke into the gates and then they went to the compound of the gates.

When there was that commotion that everybody was struggling to save (I don’t know if they are his or her) their skin.  The Lord Jesus spoke and said, “Peace be still.  Let this place be still”.  All of a sudden, the place became very, very quiet, because the place was shaking and every place around where the people were struggling to enter the gate where all the place was shaking.  But, when Jesus spoke, immediately there was calmness.  When Jesus spoke, He told them, He did not come to judge them.  He didn’t come to condemn them, because their time was not yet up.  But, He came for a purpose and therefore, they all became quiet.  The Lord held my hand and we entered.  When we entered I saw a road, a very neatly tarred road at that place.

When we went farther on that road, that street, we entered another road.  That second road, the Lord told me, “That is the road that leads from that place onto this earth”.  When we got to that point, I saw many cars.  In fact, the cars that I saw some are on this earth, the designs/the models.  Some are on this earth and some are not also on this earth.  The Lord took me to a point where they manufacture these cars.  He told me, “Some people have exchanged their souls for these cars.  Some people on this earth have exchanged their souls for these cars and others too have written their names, because of these cars.  They have given their names out.  They have given their names out to the enemy because of the cars”.  When we looked farther, we saw a well-built man.  His underpart is fish, his upperpart is human.  He was a man.  The Lord told him that he should go and bring his book.

When Jesus ordered him to go and bring his book, he started creeping on the ground.  He went and brought the book.  The Lord opened the book to my amazement there were plenty of names written in this book, plenty of names.  The Lord said, “These are the names of those who have placed their trust in various cars.  People, when they see certain cars, immediately they build all their trust in such cars.  Their names are instantly written in this book”.  The Lord said, “For those who have exchanged their souls for such cars, their souls are being kept somewhere under the sea.  Those who places their trust and hope and everything, they hope and pray about it that they will be praying about certain cars.  Some people will have pictures of certain cars and they will be praying about it”.  Such people are having their names in that book that I saw with plenty of names written in it.

My candid advice to all of us that is brethren let us be content with what the Lord has given us.  If you have anything to contend for on this earth then I will say contend for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Fight for the Lord Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior rather than for these properties, because these are all the properties of the enemy to ensnare the people of God on this earth.  So be very careful.  When the Lord showed me these names and the cars, He held my hand and we started moving.

The Lord then took me to another point.  We entered a place that was full of machines.  In fact, I saw many machines that had been installed.  Just by the side of the machines, I saw human beings, human beings that have died as a result of being drowned by the sea.  They were looking so pale.  They were not having, you could see, that they were not having blood in them.  They were packed like sardine.  What I saw was that they were processing them on these machines from one point to the other until they were crushed out totally.  They will turn into as if something like oil.  At the final point, there is a collection bowel and they will enter as oil into this collection bowel.  They change them from that point and they package them into smaller bottles.  They are divided into two.  I saw that they were adding something shiny to one of the content of one the bottles.  They were adding something shiny that content.

I asked the Lord, “What is this”?  The Lord said, “These things that you are seeing are certain messages that those operating here are passing it on from beneath the sea to the world.  So that anyone that uses any of this product will receive a kind of sickness.  That is why many women of today are having so many strange diseases, because what the Lord showed me.  I saw that the shiny particles that they were pouring into the content of one of the bottles.  The Lord said, “That is what they used on this earth as lip shine”.  Anybody uses it will attract a kind of sickness into themselves and that is why many women are having strange disease.  The Lord said, “Even some men also do use this lip shine during this the dry seasons and that is why certain men are also having certain chronic disease that they are fighting.  They are not getting the cure for certain sicknesses”.  That is what the Lord told me.

Brethren the Lord asked the one in charge of that product of that machine that produce those products to go and bring his book.  When the book was brought and the Lord opened it.  He has also gotten so many souls.  He has won so many souls from this earth who in one way or the other have used the product that is being from that end.

My candid advice was to you again is brethren let us abstain from this.  The Bible talks about abstaining ourselves from any appearance that is evil, when you read 1 Thessalonians 5:22, the Bible says anything that appears evil we should abstain ourselves from it.  So that is my advice for you.  Abstain yourself from all this because they are evil.  Let us hold on to God.  Let us serve Christ in all faithfulness.  So that when He comes, we will be able to make Heaven with Him.  Hallelujah.

From this end, the Lord took me to another point where we meet the, if you like, the king of the coast, the king of the coast.  He was also partly fish, partly human.  The upperpart looks human, but the underpart looks fish.  When he saw the Lord he also immediately fell prostrate before Christ Jesus because the Bible says that the mention of the name of Jesus even every knee will bow, how much more He appearing Himself?  The Lord asked him to go and bring his book.  When he brought his book, brethren he was having so many names, especially of men.  So many names of men written in this book.  The Lord told me, “He has gotten these names as a result of the designs, the designer wears and then the life and you know many lifestyles, and dance styles and so many things on this earth that men are today doing.  Such men are having their names in the book of this king of the coast.

Brethren, the Lord made me to understand that this king of the coast is the one who is in charge of so many things that many men are doing on this earth.  Some of the things that he mentioned include those funny haircuts.  It has gotten so many names some call it a mullet, some call it colors where they shave this portion of the hair and that portion of the hair flat then the middle will be standing very tall.  This is from him. [It is also called the Mohawk]  Those haircuts where they do some zigzags in their hair and they do so many designs in the hair, they spray portions of the hair, He said, “these are all from him”.  He said, “Those men that plait their hair and those men that stretched their hair, He says, “They are all from him”.  So those who are into such lifestyles, names are all written.  Men who have perforated [pierced] their ear and then they put on earrings, they all lifestyles form this king of the coast.

When it comes to dressing the Lord made me to understand, those designer clothing with so many drawings, you see so certain dragons, certain things.  So many things, insects in clothing, He said, “They are all from him”.  Men who wear those skinny trousers [pants/jeans] so tight that when they are removing it they will need the assistance of somebody, they are all form this man.  But, when you are into this lifestyles your name is also written there.  The kind of belt that certain people but on, He said, “Those with the crossed bones and human head on top of it, you see that design on a belt or many dress, it belongs to that king of the coast”.  When you are using those things, it means you are for him.  Men who pull their trousers [jeans/pants] to show part of their underwear or buttocks [“sagging”], they are dressing like the way the king of the coast wants them to dress.  They are living his lifestyle and therefore, when you put up such lifestyles, he writes your name into that book.  So all these things that many men are doing, they have their names in this book.

So, my advice to you is that please abstain yourself from these things, because immediately you put up such a lifestyle, any of it, your name is written into the king of the coast[’s book].  No matter your status in the church on this earth, you are fighting losing battle.  Just give your life to Christ and abstain yourself from this worldly way of living.  Hallelujah.

I want us to talk about what the Lord said concerning the dance.  Various types of dance that we see at this moment are all coming from him.  Like the one, the popular one that we know today, Azonto dance that today it has entered the church and we say that is “Christ’s Azonto”.  I am telling you the Lord told me that “it’s never true that it is good for a Christian.  It is from the enemy.  That “Christ’s Azonto” or Azonto is of the enemy”.  The Armando and then the Makossa and all the others, they are all dances that belong to the enemy.  You have to abstain yourself from it.  You know those styles of walking in a crocked manner and then you will be bending your body in such a way thinking that you are doing something good, I am telling you, they are all of the devil.  It belongs to the king of the coast so please if you are into all these things, abstain yourself from them because it will never help you.

Brethren, what I am saying is that the things of God are so simple and so nice.  In fact, God has given men wisdom to be creative to produce certain things that are good for mankind, but the devil has also produced a counterfeit one.  But, when you see those things from God, you know it because they are always so simple and nice and when you put them on, you’ll see yourself so glorious.  I therefore want you to come out of those lifestyle of the enemy, the king of the coast, so that you will be simple as God is so simple.  Live a good life and a righteousness life that will enable all of us to enter Heaven.  Amen.

The Lord then took me to another place where I saw a personality.  In fact, when you look at that person it’s as if that person is an angel.  It looks like an angel.  What I saw was that that person alone is the one that was having legs.  The many ones, their underparts were fish, but this one was having legs.  This personality was alone.  There wasn’t anybody with this personality and when we got to this person, they also fell prostrate before Christ.  The Lord asked that they should go and bring their book.  When the book was brought and the book was open, we saw that that book also contained so many names.  In fact, many, many, many names were also written in this book.

In fact, what the Lord told me concerning the work of this person was so serious.  The Lord made me to understand that it is this person, this evil person, under the sea that brings on this earth Lesbianism and gays, men sleeping with men, women sleeping with women and even a man sleeping with beast, animals, is the work of this personality.  Men causing masturbation, women fingering themselves, is the work of this evil person under the sea.  The Lord again told me that if I had observed that today there is no shame when certain people have an affair even in the public.  They are not ashamed it all, is the doing of this evil person.  They have taken away shamefulness, they taken away shyness and people are happy to have affair even in the public and when even they are being videoed, they are not burning at all; it is the doing of this evil person.

The Lord again said, this practice they has spread it to even children to grownups so much that even today, a seventy year old man can even have an affair with a very young child without having anything breaking the mind, is the doing of this evil spirit.  The Lord went further to say that even this evil spirit has been able to capture certain marriage couples were they will have an affair in an unnatural way that is the man having an affair with the wife through the anus or through the oral sex, placing his private part in the mouth of the wife.  They feel good about this.  This is all the work of the evil one.  He said, she normally multiples herself into twenty one thousand and whenever she multiples herself to twenty on thousand and come out on this earth, whosoever that the spirit possess will be doing these acts that we are now talking of.  So many evil sexual styles that we are living on this earth, they are all from this evil person under the sea.

What I am saying that if you are listening to this revelation that you must know any pastor, no matter the miracles, the power that that pastor is exhibiting come to tell you that masturbation is not a sin then you must know where that pastor is coming from, the spirit form which he is operating, or anyone [of] these [tells] you that when a women places the finger under the private part that is not evil, you must know where that person is also coming from.  So we must be careful of these things, talking about sexual things, having these sexual talks, when your mind is on all these evil thoughts it means you are being captured by the evil one under the sea.

In fact, the Lord said when she multiples herself into twenty one thousand until she is able to possess the last spirit that is twenty first spirit is able to possess any human on this earth, she will not leave the earth.  She has to possess people with all of these twenty one thousand spirits and then she will go back and then will restart this multiplication of this spirit of people on this earth.  It’s been a cycle that she is running and that is why she has gotten so many names in that book under that sea.  Let us be careful about sex acts, about sex lifestyles because when we live with these lifestyles it means we are living for that evil spirit and our names are under the sea.

Revelation of the Marine Kingdom-Part 2 of 2 by Brother Richard Antwi

Brother Richard Antwi:  The Lord made me to understand that this woman is, that evil woman there, has even overtaken the king of the coast and she is trying to overtake even the queen of the coast as well.  If she’s able to overtake the queen of the coast, brethren it means the end really has taken place, because look at now, where ever you pass people on this earth they are talking about “their rights”.  They have “rights” and therefore, they have rights to have any evil lifestyle:  sleeping everywhere, having sexual affair anywhere, sleeping on the streets, in cars, in buses, in trains.  Go to the European countries, the worst is there.  They are having these lifestyles freely.  When you talk about it, they say it is their right.  It is the operation of this evil spirit and we need to be careful because the coming of the Lord is at hand.

From this end, the Lord took me to the queen of the coast’s castle.  When we got there, she was surrounded by so many agents, you know, so many apprentices that are under her, working with her.  Immediately, she got to see the Lord Jesus, she and all her agents around her, they all prostrated.  They fell flat on the ground.  The Lord ordered her to go and bring her book.  She went and brought her book.

When she also got her book, brethren, she has also got a lot of names.  She has also worked and gotten a lot of names in that book.  The Lord told me how she operates.  The Lord says, she will normally, not operate in Africa.  She goes to the European countries and America, those advanced nations and she operates there and spreads whatever she wants to spreads there:  fashions, so many kinds of dressing.  She brings out so many styles then she enters the beauty pageants, the Miss World and Miss Ghana and whatever.  She goes there.  She is the one in charge, so she sends it there and from there they bring it down to us in Africa.  She operates there and when they get hold of it, definitely to trends down to Africa and also operates in them.  She has also won so many people in her book and into her kingdom.

The Lord told me that as I said earlier on, she would not normally operate in Africa, she operates in the advanced nations in Europe, in America and other advanced nations.  She operates in Africa through her agents when she brings those things out there through the agents.  They also bring it to us down here.  The Lord made me to see in the room, so many stars that she has brought on this earth that she was having the pictures in that room, so many stars.  So, I saw that many especially women and men are having on this earth are from this queen of the coast.  The Lord said, “The agents”—from what I saw, I saw that this woman was having a real shape.  She’s having a really nice shape and the underpart of this queen of the coast is fish.  The underpart, her agents would normally scrap something where it its loose fish; it looks like the fish.  Some from that part of the body and put it into a certain container, mixed it with certain chemicals and make certain creams.  The Lord told me that these are cream for the people who want shape.  They want hips.  They use it on their buttocks.  They use it on their breasts to [inaudible] so that they will be having very big and shiny breast showing it to the entire public, the entire world.  Then they will be having big buttocks so that while they will be going along, they will be shaking it to seduce men and women.  He said, “All those who are into such lifestyles.  They have their names written into the book of the queen of the coast”.

What I want to say is that what I saw again about this queen of the coast was that she’s having a very long hair.  Its spans form the top to the back of the waist.  What I saw was that they were cutting this hair, they cut it and then it grows again.  They cut it and then it grows instantly.  They were cutting it then packaging it then bring it on this earth.  That is what some of our women who go and buy and put it on their head.  That is the attachment [weave] and all that they are doing.  Unnatural hair [weave] that they put on, they are all from the queen of the coast.  So, I am advising our ladies that, please, be content with the hair that you have.  Be content with the hair that the Lord God Almighty has given you.  So that you will not go and put on this false hair, this attachment will bring the spirit of the queen of the coast near you.

Again, I saw that she was wearing a kind of crown with so many symbols around it.  She was wearing earrings with so many designs.  She was also having so many bangles [bracelets], chains [necklaces] and so many of these things.  Brethren, I want to tell our women, our ladies, she is in charge of all of these things.  She is the one producing all of these items from beneath the sea and bringing it upon the earth.  So, abstain from all of these things and then be free from this entanglement called the queen of the coast.

The Lord took me to a very big hall beneath the sea and in this hall I saw the souls of so many people:  pastors, fetish priests, teachers, singers, Gospel singers and worldly music singers who want to be famous, and presidents, statesmen, you know so many people, the [inaudible] and so many people.  These people’s souls are held there.  So I asked, “How did this happen”?  The Lord said, “They exchanged their souls for whatever they wanted”.  Like those who wanted to sing very well, they exchanged their souls for that and the queen of the coast will possess them with her spirit so the people will buy their cds and their song will be so famous.  Their souls…she will plant her spirit in them and exchange it with their souls.  She is now in possession of their souls and their souls are being kept under the sea.  So that is how their souls were gotten that the Lord took me see all these people.

I then pleaded with the Lord that “Please, my friend.  Kindly help so that these people’s souls will be saved”.  But, the Lord told me that for the souls of these people it is impossible, because they have already sold their souls to the queen of the coast.  But, those having their names in the books and they have not sold their souls yet, if they get repented and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, then the Lord said, “then I can save them”.  But, those who have sold their souls already, they are already gone.  They belong to the queen of the coast.  So, while I was talking about this, the Lord held my hand and said, “Richard, let us go”.

Brethren, when the Lord held my hand and told me we were going home, immediately I saw that we were before the Heaven gate.  When we got there, my Heavenly garment came upon me and I got changed totally.  My fingernails turned into glass.  My whole being was looking transparent like a glass.  I was looking like Jesus, looking so glorious.  Then and there, the gate just got open for us and then we entered.  Brethren, in fact that any time I get to Heaven, I am always very happy.  Very, Very happy as we say, but this time I was happy, but not to that extent.  Why?  Because of the many names that I saw had been captured by the evil one under the sea that made me to be a bit sad.  Though, I was happy because I was into Heaven, but the names that I saw was bothering me a little.

When we entered the golden streets in Heaven, I decided in my mind to ask the Lord why He has given those evil spirits the power, the powers to, you know, to capture so many people into their world?  So, I asked the Lord and the Lord shook His head at first and told me, “Richard, I didn’t or We didn’t give them the power to capture human beings, but it all stems from the point when man sinned against God.  Man had his own way.  It was there and then that the devil entered.  Then he was able to capture those who took their own will away and did not place their will under God.  That is why it has happened that way”.

The Lord then took me to a very big hall and then He took a big book and opened it.  When He opened it, He told me, “Richard, look at what has happened.  Within twenty four hours, names of Christians have gotten out of the book of life.  Its [inaudible] names and only two names were written within the book within twenty four hours”.  In fact, I became so much afraid, surprised about what has happened within twenty four hours [inaudible] names were erased and only two names were written in the Lamb’s book of Life.

When I saw what had happened that [inaudible] names have gotten out of the Book of Life and only two names were written, I started to ask the Lord something.  I asked the Lord, “Why is that He’s having so many angels, so many of them, uncountable, with Him in Heaven and He has allowed these people’s names to be captured under the sea”?  I even asked the Lord, “Now where are of names [inaudible] names erased from this book going”?  The Lord said, “It’s going to the books under the sea”.  So, I said Lord, “Then if that is the case, why can’t You then Lord send some of your angels to come down on earth and convince man.  So that they will also give their life to You”?  The Lord told me, “Richard, I am not a deceiver.  I cannot deceive man.  Man has his own choice.  If he accepts Me into his life, I will come and save him.  But, Satan is the deceiver and that is why he’s able to deceive men and take them to this final destruction.  So, I cannot do that”.

Then the Lord held my hand and told me, “Richard, let us go.  I am laying table for you”.  When we went, I saw a very long table with many chairs by it.  Then I saw many saints sitting by their chairs and the Lord took me to the spot where He is going to sit.  They gave me a chair over that place that I should also sit down there.

When I sat on the chair that I was offered, I decided to relax a bit on the chair.  Immediately, I had that thought the chair, itself, decided, you know, adjusted to [what] my thought was.  It went back for me to relax in it and when I decided to turn myself a bit to the right, immediately the chair will adjust; to the left, it would adjust itself.  So, I saw that the chair was giving me a kind of comfort so much that whatever decision I make, the chair will immediately respond to that decision.  Telling me that really, that God is there to give us really what our hearts desire.

Later, the Lord, Himself, came and started serving us the saints and I was also a visitor.  He started serving us and He served me with a Heavenly manna and some fruits.  When the food was served with fruits, I decided to draw my chair a bit closer to the table so that I can do justice very well to the food given me.  Immediately, I had that decision the chair, itself, drew me to the table, drew me closer to the table.  I started enjoying the food.  In fact, I was enjoying so much that angels who were standing by watching started laughing at me.  Why?  Because they saw that the way I was doing justice to the Heavenly manna and the fruit that I was served, it was so marvelous.  They saw me enjoying it differently from the others and they started laughing at me.

So after enjoying the food, I made up my mind to relax in the chair and the chair adjusted for me.  I said, I wanted to stretch my legs a little in the chair.  The chair also adjusted for me as well.  In fact, whatever I decided to do in the chair, the chair, itself, will adjust to that effect for me.

While I was relaxing, the Lord came and told me, “Richard, you gotten a visitor”.  I said, “Who”?  I asked and they took me and they told me it was John the Baptist.  The personality that I saw, so glorious and so handsome with a crown with so many stars on the crown; in fact, I could not count the stars on the crown.  I was looking around him.  I wanted to know if it was really John the Baptist.  While I was looking around him, I was very curious to know if it was really John the Baptist, the Lord just waved His hand and a big screen appeared.

When the Lord waved the hand and the screen appeared.  I saw somebody with animal skin and they were preaching with sweat on the earth.  The Lord told me that was John the Baptist.  I said, “What?  Is that John the Baptist, the same John the Baptist that I am seeing now here in a glorious form”?  But looking at his appearance, his dressing with all the sweat while he was preaching to men on this earth, there is a vast difference.  The Lord has changed his appearance; He has changed everything concerning him.  His glory is so wonderful now.  It tells us that when we serve the Lord very well, there is a reward waiting for us.  Hallelujah.

So, I decided to talk to John the Baptist a little and then go to even where he stays in Heaven to look around his house, but the Lord came up and told me, “Richard, your time is up for you to go back to the earth”.  But I said, “No, no”.  So, I just went and sat back in the chair.  I started turning and I wanted to relax a little and then the Lord said, “Richard”.  While I was saying “No, no, no, no,” I realized, I was on my bed and I was in the physical too.  But, when I woke up, I was saying “No, no, no, no”.  I saw that I was back on this earth.  It was around seven o’clock here.

Pastor P.P. Kuranchie:  For yourself, it’s time for people who do not give their life to Christ.  People who are after the worldly things, placing their trust in the things of this world and are living worldly lifestyles.  You have heard it for yourself.  What the devil is going to do for them and when their name are being kept, where their souls are being kept.  It is my prayer that you run for your life.  Even when we read a scripture the Bible tells us that the Day of the Lord, which is coming real soon, is going to be very, very serious for those who refuse to give their life to Christ.  Why don’t you take opportunity now?  Why don’t you give your life to Christ now?  So that you avoid the seriousness and the wrath of God that is coming upon the world in the very near, very near, near, future.  When you read the scriptures in Zephaniah 1:14, the Bible says, “The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly”.  So, the Bible is telling us that the day of the Lord will be bitter.  When you go down farther it says that it will be a day of wrath, a day of distress and anguish.  A day of trouble and [inaudible].  So it’s not a pleasant day; it is a day that is going to be so, so sorrowful, so serious for those who refuse to give their life to Christ.  I pray that you will take this lesson, this revelation seriously and take a lesson out of it and give your life to Christ so that the Lord Jesus will be able to save your life when the trumpet sounds.  God bless you and we are expecting to meet you on that the day when the trumpet calls in the glorious call to Heaven.  Amen.

Brethren it may be that you like after listening to this revelation that you’d like to give your life to Christ.  Therefore, I want to lead you so you can accept Jesus Christ.  You can say after me if you are ready to accept the Lord now after what you have seen and what you have heard:  Father, this day I do accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I believe that He died for my sins and He resurrected for my salvation.  Therefore, I give my whole life unto Him.   That He will be the owner of my life.  He will rule in my life.  He will direct and instruct my life that my remaining on this earth, I will use all to serve Him so that may the Lord God help me, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

God bless you for taking that decision.  Amen.

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One response to “Revelation of the Marine Kingdom

  1. Brother Richard, thank God for your life. May the Lord God and His Christ continue to unveil the mystery of mysteries to you so as to depopulate hell. The revelation has built my faith the more. Thank you very much


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