Revelation of Heaven by Zipporah Mushala (March 10 2015)

This morning I saw heaven. It was so very beautiful.

There was this cutest pony I have ever seen.

It was beautiful,so humble and soft to touch. It was small and even prettier than from a fairytale. I also saw a huge mansion…very very very very very very high that I couldn’t see its end. 

I also saw my crown in heaven,it was so beautiful and it had jewels.

It was looking too beautiful to be mine that I began to say,” no, I don’t deserve it.” In heaven i saw very beautiful flowers,the flowers seemed to be alive literaly and even breathing.

I could hear angels singing in harmony and with love.

Then I saw a man.

This man had died and gone to heaven, he was happy and smiling unrestrainably.

All I know was that his name was Mr.Mwale, he was the owner of the big mansion.

And in heaven,there was no hurry about doing things.Everthing was done just right…perfectly. Its more beautiful than any description. Heaven awaits God’s children.

No eye has seen nor ear heard what the Lord has prepared for those who love him. Nothing on earth is worth missing heaven for.


2 responses to “Revelation of Heaven by Zipporah Mushala (March 10 2015)

  1. this message is very interesting please come to my country Nigeria to share this wonderful testimony that is come to the city of port-harcourt in rivers-state to share this great testimony.


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