No Enough words to Describe the Horror of HEll

YOU HAVE TO READ THIS: The clear vision of
hell revealed, don’t let anybody deceive you
……A horrible odor filled the air. Jesus said to
me, “In the left leg of hell are many pits. This
tunnel branches off into other parts of hell,
but we will spend some time in the left leg
first. These things you are about to see will
always be with you. The world must know
about the reality of hell. Many sinners and
even some of My people do not believe that
hell is real. You have been chosen by Me to
reveal these truths to them. Everything I will
show you about hell and all the other things I
will show you are true.”
Jesus had shown Himself to me in the form of
a bright light, brighter than the sun. The form
of a man was in the center of that light.
Sometimes I saw Jesus as a man, but at other
times He was in the form of a spirit.
He spoke again, “Child, when I speak, the
Father has spoken. The Father and I are one.
Remember to love above all else and to
forgive one another. Come now, follow Me.”
As we walked, evil spirits fled from the
presence of the Lord. “O God, O God,” I cried.
“What is next?”
As I said previously, I had all my senses in
hell. All those in hell have all their senses.
Mine were working now in full force. Fear was
on every side, and inexpressible dangers
lurked everywhere. Each step I took was more
horrible than the one before.
There were doorways about the size of small
windows, opening and shutting very fast at
the top of the tunnel. Screams filled the air as
many evil creatures flew by us, up and out of
the gateways of hell. Soon we were at the end
of the tunnel. I was trembling with fright
because of the danger and fear around us.
I was so thankful for the protection of Jesus. I
thank God for His almighty power to protect
us, even in the pits of hell. Even with that
protecting shield, I kept thinking, Not my will,
Father, but Yours be done.
I looked at my body. For the first time I
noticed that I was in a spirit form, and my
form was in the shape of myself. I wondered
what was next.
Jesus and I stepped from the tunnel onto a
path with wide swaths of land on each side of
it. There were pits of fire everywhere as far as
the eye could see. The pits were four feet
across and three feet deep and shaped like a
bowl. Jesus said, “There are many pits like this
in the left leg of hell. Come, I will show you
some of them.”
I stood beside Jesus on the path and looked
into one of the pits. Brimstone was embedded
in the side of the pit and glowed red like hot
coals of fire. In the center of the pit was a lost
soul who had died and gone to hell. Fire
began at the bottom of the pit, swept upward
and clothed the lost soul in flames. In a
moment the fire would die down to embers,
then with a rushing sound would sweep back
over the tormented soul in the pit.
I looked and saw that the lost soul in the pit
was caged inside a skeleton form. “My Lord,” I
cried at the sight, “Can’t you let them out?”
How awful was the sight! I thought, This could
be me. I said, “Lord, how sad it is to see and
know that a living soul is in there.”
I heard a cry from the center of the first pit. I
saw a soul in the form of a skeleton, crying,
“Jesus, have mercy!”
“O, Lord!” I said. It was the voice of a woman.
I looked at her and wanted to pull her out of
the fire. The sight of her broke my heart.
The skeleton form of a woman with a dirty-
grey mist inside was talking to Jesus. In shock,
I listened to her. Decayed flesh hung by
shreds from her bones, and, as it burned, it
fell off into the bottom of the pit. Where her
eyes had once been were now only empty
sockets. She had no hair.
The fire started at her feet in small flames
and grew as it climbed up and over her body.
The woman seemed to be constantly burning,
even when the flames were only embers.
From deep down inside her came cries and
groans of despair, “Lord, Lord, I want out of
She kept reaching out to Jesus. I looked at
Jesus, and there was great sorrow on His face.
Jesus said to me, “My child, you are here with
Me to let the world know that sin results in
death, that hell is real.
I looked at the woman again, and worms were
crawling out of the bones of her skeleton.
They were not harmed by the fire. Jesus said,
“She knows and feels those worms inside.”
“God, have mercy!” I cried as the fire reached
its peak and the horrible burning started all
over again. Great cries and deep sobs shook
the form of this woman-soul. She was lost.
There was no way out. “Jesus, why is she
here?” I said in a small voice, for I was very
Jesus said, “Come.”
The path we were on was a circuitous one,
twisting in and out between these pits of fire
as far as I could see. The cries of the living
dead, mixed with moans and hideous screams,
came to my ears from all directions. There
were no quiet times in hell. The smell of dead
and decaying flesh hung thickly in the air.
We came to the next pit. Inside this pit, which
was the same size as the other one, was
another skeleton form. A man’s voice cried
from the pit, saying, “Lord, have mercy on
me!” Only when they spoke could I tell
whether the soul was a man or woman.
Great wailing sobs came from this man. “I’m
so sorry, Jesus. Forgive me. Take me out of
here. I have been in this place of torment for
years. I beg You, let me out!” Great sobs
shook his skeletal frame as he begged,
“Please, Jesus, let me out!” I looked at Jesus
and saw that He too was crying.
“Lord Jesus,” the man cried out from the
burning pit, “haven’t I suffered enough for my
sins? It has been forty years since my death.”
Jesus said, “It is written, The just shall live by
faith!’ All mockers and unbelievers shall have
their part in the lake of fire. You would not
believe the truth. Many times My people were
sent to you to show you the way, but you
would not listen to them. You laughed at them
and refused the gospel. Even though I died on
a cross for you, you mocked Me and would not
repent of your sins. My Father gave you many
opportunities to be saved. If only you had
listened!” Jesus wept.
“I know, Lord, I know!” the man cried. “But I
repent now.”
“It is too late,” said Jesus. “Judgment is set.”
The man continued, “Lord, some of my people
are coming here, for they also will not repent.
Please, Lord, let me go tell them that they
must repent of their sins while they are still on
earth. I do not want them to come here.”
Jesus said, “They have preachers, teachers,
elders-all ministering the gospel. They will tell
them. They also have the advantages of the
modern communications systems and many
other ways to learn of Me. I sent workers to
them that they might believe and be saved. If
they will not believe when they hear the
gospel, neither will they be persuaded though
one rises from the dead.”
At this, the man became very angry and began
to curse. Evil, blasphemous words came from
him. I looked on in horror as the flames rose
up and his dead, decaying flesh began to burn
and fall off. Inside this dead shell of a man, I
saw his soul. It looked like a dirty-gray mist,
and it filled the inside of his skeleton.
I turned to Jesus and cried, “Lord, how
Jesus said, “Hell is real; the judgment is real. I
love them so, My child. This is only the
beginning of the frightful things I have to
show you. There is much more to come. Tell
the world for Me that hell is real, that men
and women must repent of their sins. Come,
follow Me. We must go on.”
In the next pit was a very small-framed
woman who looked to be about eighty years
old. I can’t say how I knew her age, but I did.
The skin was removed from her bones by the
continual flame, and only the bones remained
with a dirty-mist soul inside. I watched as the
fire burned her. Soon there were only the
bones and the worms crawling inside, which
the fire could not burn.
“Lord, how terrible!” I cried. “I don’t know if I
can go on, for this is awful beyond belief.” As
far as my eyes could see, souls were burning
in pits of fire.
“My child, this is why you are here,” Jesus
answered. “You must know and tell the truth
about hell. Heaven is real! Hell is real! Come,
we must go on.”
I looked back at the woman. Her cries were so
sad. As I watched her, she put her bony
hands together, as if in prayer. I couldn’t help
crying. I was in a spirit form, and I was crying.
I knew that people in hell felt all these things,
Jesus knew my thoughts. “Yes, child,” He said,
“they do. When people come here, they have
the same feelings and thoughts as when they
were on earth. They remember their families
and friends and all the times they had a
chance to repent but refused to do so.
Memory is always with them. If only they had
believed the gospel and repented before it
was too late.”
I looked at the old woman once again, and
this time I noticed that she had only one leg,
and there seemed to be holes drilled in her
hip bones. “What are these, Jesus?” I asked.
He said, “Child, while she was on earth, she
had cancer and was in much pain. Surgery was
done to save her life. She lay a bitter old
woman for many years. Many of My people
came to pray for her and to tell her I could
heal her. She said, ‘God did this to me,’ and
she would not repent and believe the gospel.
She even knew Me once, but in time she came
to hate Me. She said she did not need God
and did not want Me to heal her. Yet I
pleaded with her, still wanting to help her,
wanting to heal and to bless her. She turned
her back on Me and cursed Me. She said she
did not want Me. My spirit pleaded with her.
Even after she had turned her back on Me, I
still tried to draw her by My spirit, but she
would not listen. At last she died and came
The old woman cried out to Jesus, “Lord Jesus,
please forgive me now. I’m sorry that I didn’t
repent while I was on earth.” With great sobs
she cried out to Jesus, “If only I had repented
before it was too late! Lord, help me out of
here. I will serve You. I will be good. Haven’t I
suffered enough? Why did I wait until too
late? Oh, why did I wait until Your Spirit quit
striving with me?”
Jesus said to her, “You had chance after
chance to repent and serve Me.” Sadness was
written all over Jesus’ face as we walked away.
As I watched the old woman cry, I asked,
“Lord, what is next?”
I could feel fear all around. Sorrow, cries of
pain and an atmosphere of death were
everywhere. Jesus and I walked in grief and
pity to the next pit. Only by His strength could
I go on. For a great distance I could still hear
the old woman’s cries of repentance and
pleading for forgiveness. If only there was
something I could do to help her, I thought.
Sinner, please don’t wait until God’s Spirit
quits striving with you.
In the next pit was a woman on her knees, as
if looking for something. Her skeletal form also
was full of holes. Her bones were showing
through, and her torn dress was on fire. Her
head was bald, and there were only holes
where her eyes and nose were supposed to
be. A small fire was burning around her feet
where she was kneeling, and she clawed the
sides of the brimstone pit. The fire clung to
her hands, and dead flesh kept falling off as
she dug.
Tremendous sobs shook her. “O Lord, O Lord,”
she cried, “I want out.” As we watched, she
finally got to the top of the pit with her feet. I
thought she was going to get out when a large
demon with great wings that seemed to be
broken at the top and hung down his sides
ran to her. His color was brownish black, and
he had hair all over his large form. His eyes
were set far back into his head, and he was
about the size of a large grizzly bear. The
demon rushed up to the woman and pushed
her very hard backward into the pit and fire. I
watched in horror as she fell. I felt so sorry
for her. I wanted to take her into my arms
and hold her, to ask God to heal her and take
her out of there.
Jesus knew my thoughts and said, “My child,
judgment has been set. God has spoken. Even
when she was a child, I called and called her
to repent and to serve Me. When she was
sixteen years old, I came to her and said, ‘I
love you. Give your life to Me, and come
follow Me, for I have called you for a special
purpose: I called all her life, but she would
not listen. She said, ‘Someday I will serve You.
I have no time for You now. No time, no time,
I have my life of fun. No time, no time to
serve You, Jesus. Tomorrow I will.’ Tomorrow
never came, for she waited too long.”
The woman cried out to Jesus, “My soul is
truly in torment. There is no way out. I know
that I wanted the world instead of You, Lord. I
wanted riches, fame and fortune, and I got it.
I could buy anything I wanted; I was my own
boss. I was the prettiest, best-dressed woman
of my time. And I had riches, fame and
fortune, but I found I could not take them
with me in death. O Lord, hell is horrible. I
have no rest day or night. I am always in pain
and torment. Help me, Lord,” she cried.
The woman looked up at Jesus so longingly
and said, “My sweet Lord, if only I had
listened to you! I will regret that forever. I
planned to serve You someday-when I got
ready. I thought You would always be there
for me. But how wrong I was! I was one of the
most sought-after women of my time for my
beauty. I knew God was calling me to repent.
All my life He drew me with cords of love, and
I thought I could use God like I used everyone
else. He would always be there. Oh yes, I
used God! He would try so hard to get me to
serve Him, while all the time I thought I didn’t
need Him. Oh, how wrong I was! For Satan
began to use me, and I began to serve Satan
more and more. At the last I loved him more
than God. I loved to sin and would not turn to
God. Satan used my beauty and my money,
and all my thoughts turned to how much
power he would give me. Even then, God
continued to draw me. But I thought, I have
tomorrow or the next day. Then one day while
riding in a car, my driver ran into a house,
and I was killed. Lord, please let me out.” As
she spoke her bony hands and arms reached
out to Jesus while the flames continued to
burn her.
Jesus said, “The judgment is set.”
Tears fell down His cheeks as we moved to the
next pit. I was crying inside about the horrors
of hell. “Dear Lord,” I cried, “the torment is
too real. When a soul comes here, there is no
hope, no life, no love. Hell is too real.” No way
out, I thought. She must burn forever in these
“Time is running out,” Jesus said. “We will
come back tomorrow.”
Friend, if you are living in sin, please repent.
If you have been born again and have turned
your back on God, repent and turn back to
Him now. Live good and stand for truth. Wake
up before it is too late, and you can spend
forever with the Lord in heaven.
Jesus spoke again, “Hell has a body (like a
human form) lying on her back in the center
of the earth. Hell is shaped like a human
body- very large and with many chambers of
torment. Remember to tell the people of earth
that hell is real. Millions of lost souls are here,
and more are coming every day. On the Great
Judgment Day, death and hell will be cast into
the lake of fire; that will be the second
– by Mary K Baxter
Today is the day of your genuine salvation, not
tomorrow, because tomorrow may never
come. Don’t be deceived with modern
salvation that will disappoint many at the end.
do not be foolish as others who are in hell and
will never have a seconds for second chance.
If you choose to be wise now to experience
genuine salvation of the Bible, all you need is
to repent, confess your sins to Jesus Christ;
ask Him to forgive you and save you, then you
start a new life in Him.


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