A Special Encounter with Heaven and Hell by Brother Richard Antwi

A Special Encounter with Heaven and Hell by Brother Richard Antwi

It on happened on one Wednesday that is the 16th April 2014 after evening service. I went with my brethren that I have been praying with. We formed a small prayer team that had been praying for the church and the brethren therein. Therefore, we decided to go an all-night session of prayer. When we went, while we were praying, all of a sudden, I saw that the room was filled with a kind of dark wind or smoke. I immediately alerted the other brothers that look, let us take the four corners of the room. We were five in numbers and we took the four corners. We stood at the four corners and I was with them in the middle. We started praying. We were able to conqueror that darkness that wanted to overshadow our prayer meeting. After, a short while I felt within me that I wanted to vomit, so I went outside and then I vomited so much that I came back. So, I was a bit weak, but I came back to join them so that we will continue praying.

When I went back into the room to join my other colleagues to pray, I felt the coldness again. I was feeling so much cold that I couldn’t withstand it. They started praying for me, the way I was feeling. All of a sudden, I heard a voice, calling my name. So, I told the brothers that they should stop praying, because somebody is calling me. But, they thought that it was a demonic attack, therefore, they decided to pray for me, to intercede on my behalf. As they were praying for me, all that I saw was that my spirit came out of my body. I saw my body lying down and my spirit was standing by it. While standing, my spirit was standing by my body. All of a sudden, I saw an angel entering the room. Then the angel mentioned my name. Then the angel said, “Richard, the Lord said I should bring you”. So when the angel told me this I wanted to call my brothers that I was praying with to go along with me, but, as much as I tried to call them to tell them, they were not hearing my call, feeling my presence at all. Then the angel told me, “Richard, the time is short. You are wasting time. So let’s go”. I tried to call my brothers to go along with me, but they couldn’t see or hear me as well.

So, I left there with the angel. When we stepped out of the room, I saw we were moving around my area, the buildings were standing there. But, as we were moving in that area, all of a sudden, I saw myself with the angel in a very dark tunnel. When the angel took me to this point where I didn’t know exactly where we were. When we entered the tunnel, it was a very dark tunnel, and when we went a little farther, I saw that there was a kind of on top road. On this on top road, we branched into another place in the tunnel. When we branched to another place in the tunnel, we went to a place where there was some kind of dirty fruit. They were covering the ground. They were so dirty that in fact, I didn’t want to step into it. When I tried stepping into it, I felt something evil around me. I was not feeling good at all. But, the angel was walking through without any problem. We went through a certain kind of bridge and on this bridge, there were some dirty things. They were all scattered on the

ground. I was feeling bad to step into these things, but I had to go through. But, the angel was not feeling anything at all.

So, we went through this dirty place and the angel took me to another point. When we got to this point, I went a little farther and I saw there were cobwebs and I had to make my way through these cobwebs. After making my way through the cobwebs, we went through to a certain point that I saw that there was serious cobwebs there that had entangled some people there. It had entangled their eyes, their nose, their mouths, so seriously. I said, “No, I have to try and liberate this person from this cobweb”. As much as I tried, I couldn’t. As I tried liberating this man from this entanglement of the cobweb, I felt that as I touched this cobweb, I felt as if it was a metal so strong. Not like an ordinary one that we see around, but this one was like a metal.

So, I told the angel, “Please, come and help me so that we can set this man free from this trouble”. But, the angel told me, “Richard, you are wasting time. Look you cannot liberate this man. He has been in this situation for 150 years. So leave him and let’s go”. I saw at the other side that there were many people in the same situation. They were all entangled by these cobwebs. Then the angel told me, “These people while on earth did not serve the Lord faithfully. In fact, they didn’t bother to serve the Lord at all. They knew God was there, but they were careless about their life and therefore, this is where they will be”. But brethren, I saw them suffering and I became so sorry for them, because what I saw was so bad that these people were in a very terrible state, but the angel said, “We cannot do anything about it”. And really, I couldn’t do anything about it.

Brethren, what I want to tell you that it would serve you good to seek your Creator while there is still life in you. Because a day is coming that you cannot do anything if you refuse to serve the Lord now. A day is coming when you will suffer terribly. But this is an opportunity for you to give your life to Christ so that you will not go into a situation like what I saw.

The angel took me to another point, when we went there were so many people, groups of people in this situation, in this cobweb situation. They were so much entangled that they could not have freedom, but these people…they were different. These people’s situation was a different all together. Why? I saw that their bodies had been peeled off the bones, it was like you know, the way the butchers dissect the cattle and the goats that at the (inaudible). They have then removed the skin from the bones, but the people were not dead. Still with this situation, they have been tied seriously with these cobwebs. They were wailing, they were weeping. They couldn’t come out of that situation and I was afraid to go near them, because the way I saw them; it was so terrible. I felt so sorry for them, but I couldn’t do anything.

The angel told me, “these people whose flesh have been peeled off and their bodies had been entangled by these cobwebs and they were suffering, they were people who while on earth were so (inaudible)”. They wouldn’t like to associate themselves with anybody, they saw themselves so differently. They saw themselves that they were different kind of people. They saw others as nothing and therefore, they did not regard other human beings. That is why when they died, they found themselves in that situation. Therefore, I am appealing to you my brother and my sister listening, please you must know that all human beings were created in the very image and likeness of God. Therefore, we should love them. Share the love of God with them. Share the Word of God with them, so when the trumpet sounds we together will meet our Savior and go and live with Him. Do not disassociate yourself from people. Do not see yourself as so special in that you are different from people, because maybe you’ve gotten mighty or something. Remember, the day is coming. This world is not our home.

We went to another point then I saw another group of people in that situation, but this is, this was in a different way. The torment that they were going through, they have taken off their tongues, they have removed their eyes, but they were not dead. They were suffering. In fact, I could hear the groaning within them, but they were not having tongue to speak. But they were groaning within themself that you could feel that they were going through some pains, but what can I do? I couldn’t do anything for them. The angel told me, “These people while on earth, they used their mouth to say so many evil things. They used their eyes also to look at so many evil things, in fact, they appreciated sin. They were so happy with sin and they were saying, “All these things are creations of God and therefore, we need to look at them. Therefore, we need to appreciate it”. That is how they lived their life on earth and when they died before they realized, they were in that situation”.

Let us change our life. Let us repent for a day is coming that is a very, very serious day that you cannot run away from it, if you do not accept the Lord and serve the Lord with your whole body. The Bible says, “Our body belongs to the Lord and our bodies are the temple of the Lord”.

The angel took me to another point. This time it was a mixture of what I seen earlier on. I saw people whose bodies had been peeled and at the same time their tongues removed, their eyes removed and they were suffering. They were in chains as well. In fact, their situation was so terrible that I couldn’t go near them. They were in a very terrible state. They were suffering and the angel told me, “These people were people who did not in fact appreciate that there was God at all. While on earth, they did not want to have anything to do with God at all and that is why they find themselves today”.

Brethren, you are fortunate that you are alive. I am fortunate that I am alive. It means that the Lord wants us to repent. The Lord wants us to serve Him with our whole being. They had the opportunity and they abused it, and today, look at where they are? I pray that you will never be there in Jesus’ name.

When we got to the next level, it was a very big ground with many people in that situation, that cobweb situation that had entangled them. This time you’d see a person maybe either an eye is removed or the tongue is cut off. There were many and they were aged, earthly people in that place. When I saw them with their age, I was feeling very sorry for them and amongst them I saw one man whose eye or tongue had not been removed or cut off. So, I saw that part of his body was all intact, so I wanted to help that I would be able to bring him out of this situation, but the angel told me, “Richard, you are worrying yourself. This man you are seeing just came in and he is yet to receive his punishment. What happened was that these aged men and women that you are seeing here while they were on earth, they saw sin. They wouldn’t advise people about it and in fact, they spoke so much profane words and other things that were evil in the sight of God. Instead of advising the young ones, instead of preaching to them, instead of sharing the Word of God with them, they used their mouths to speak profane words. That is why they are here”.

My father, my mother that you are listening, I want to advise you in the Lord that it is better for you to give your life to Christ now if you have not done so. It is better for you to begin to share the Good News with your children, your grandchildren, share the Word with your neighbors. Do not compromise with sin. Do not pat the shoulders with sin because a day is coming you are going to account for that. Today that you are alive, try and use your life for the Lord God Almighty.

What I saw was that the old man was crying, pleading that there would be a help for him, but I couldn’t do anything. Though he had not received his real punishment that is the removing of the eyes and then the cutting of the tongue and the peeling of the body, he was wailing. He was crying that somebody should help him, but brethren I couldn’t do anything. The angel told me, “You cannot help him. Let’s go”. The time too was short, so I had to follow the angel. We went to a point and then I saw that we were standing on top of a hill or a mountain. Beneath the hill or the mountain was a big valley, a big valley. A very big valley with so many people in that valley. All of a sudden, what I saw was that there was fire raining like water. Fire was raining down into the valley on these people and as the fire rains down upon them it would melt their dresses; all of their dresses got melted then they were all naked. But, when I saw them, I [thought], “Oh, these people…once their eyes have not been removed…their tongues have not been cut off, their bodies had not been peeled off—ah! I

can help them”! So, I determined that I was going to help these people so that they would come out of this dungeon, out of this valley where the fire was raining like water upon them.

So, I tried to help them. While standing there and I was trying for the people in the valley that I must try to rescue them, because the parts of their body have not been tampered with. While I was standing there with the angel, all of a sudden, a very strong wind with fire blew towards our area, coming on us and within that time, the angel held my hand and we started flying up to avoid this fire that was coming towards us. But, when we were going, I was still saying, “No. I know the way. I must help these people. I know the way. I must help these people. So, as I was saying this and I was thinking this way, I saw that my hand became so slippery in the hand of the angel. My hand got out of the hand of the angel. I fell from on high to the valley where these people were and the fire was raining on them.

So, when I fell into their mist, I said, “Come. I know the way. I’m going to help you. So, they all paid attention to what I was saying, because they thought that really I knew the way and the fire was still raining. It rained upon me as well and my dress also got melted. I was also naked like they were. The wind-like fire that was trying to sweep the angel away, entered this valley and it started taking many people, moving them into various cubicles. It was taking them at a very terrific speed, moving them seriously into this area. I was still trying to rescue them, but I couldn’t. But, I was also suffering. The fire was burning me as well, but I was trying to give assistance, a hand to these people who were already there before I joined them in the valley. But the angel had then gone, he left me and he went away.

So, all of a sudden, there appeared eight figures. These figures were like animals, but they also in a way looked like human beings, but they were also having tails. They were having horns, very terrific figures, eight of them. They came and then they arrested me. When these eight creatures came and arrested me, they took me to a place, a big hole, a big valley. Where people’s bodies have been peeled off, their eyes have been removed, their tongues cut off. They threw me into their mist and they started laughing at me. They started making mockery of me. Brethren, I suffered in this valley, in this hole, and I saw that that was my end. In fact, I thought that I wouldn’t come back, because where I found myself was a place of no return. But, I give grace to God, Almighty, that He has spared my life and I am still with you people sharing this testimony with you. What I went through in that place, only God, Almighty, knows.

They started torturing me, “you, you…you said you know the way and are going to show people. People that we have gotten. People that we have taken into captivity. You think that you are their champion to set them free? While they were tormenting me, all of a sudden, I saw one person with a very big machete that was full hot. He brought that and flashed that before me and I started shivering. I saw that really, I am in a deadly place. But brethren, I

give praise to God that even I am alive and are still with you people having the opportunity to share this testimony with you. It’s just by God’s grace. They started pulling me here and there. Mocking me and pulling me and touching me as well. I don’t know what to do. While they were doing that, all of a sudden, one of them brought a very sharp knife and then cut my throat with this sharp knife. Blood started oozing out. My blood started coming out and I couldn’t have throat to shout. I was feeling the pain, but I couldn’t shout, because he has cut my throat. I was suffering and I knew that that was my end. I knew that I couldn’t come out any longer. But, here, I am by the Lord’s grace has brought me this far. I give glory to this God, Almighty, for sparing my life.

What happened was that when one of these evil figures, cut my throat, what I saw is that one of them with very sharp fingernails pressed down into my throat and pulled my tongue and esophagus, and pulled out. I couldn’t shout, you know, where could I get any means to shout? Because the means by which any human being could speak or shout or do anything of that nature had been removed. I started struggling within my spirit that I couldn’t do anything. Brethren, I was suffering. I was tormented. I really went through a severe situation. When they removed my tongue and esophagus, they were holding it, showing it to me. You know, the thing is that you will not die. You are suffering. They will cut part of your body, but you will not die. So, I was suffering, though they had removed my tongue and they have removed my esophagus, but I was not dead. They were showing it to me, just teasing me with it. I couldn’t shout. I had no means to shout.

What I saw was that again, the one that with that deadly knife, came with it and they flashed my eyes with it again. I didn’t know what he was trying to do, but all of a sudden, he pierced one of my eyes with the knife. He removed the eye. He turned it around and removed my eye. Blood was just oozing/flowing down. Blood from by throat, blood from my eye…I was not having throat to shout and my eyes too, they had removed one. I was left with only one. Brethren, the place was very hot! Very, very, very, hot and I was going through all of this torment. I want to tell you that the devil has no free gift for anyone. The devil has no mercy for you, but we are trying/grabbing left and right, [to get] the property of the enemy. And in the end, when he was collecting them from us, he is going to torment us. He is going to let us pass through a very terrible situation. Its better we give our life to Christ now. It is better that we do away with all of the properties of the enemy, because the devil is very wicked. He has no mercy for anybody. On that day, he will not have mercy on you as he did to me. It is just the grace of God that I am what I am today, having the strength to share this testimony with you. The earlier you, give your life to Christ the better.

What happened was that the man with the knife came again and this time, he removed the second eye. They were holding the first one showing it to me, I had one, so I could see. But, he came again and removed the second eye. I see that I was in total darkness, because I had

no eyes to see again. But, they were cutting part of my body…my body they were cutting parts of the groin and some part of my body. I was feeling the pain. I was suffering and I couldn’t do anything, because I saw that that was the situation, I’ve found myself in. I couldn’t do anything. Where I have found myself was a place of torment, and therefore, I was to go through all this torment. I didn’t know when this torment was going to cease, so I had to obey it. But, it was so, so, so much severe, beyond me to bear this torment, but I couldn’t do otherwise. For a while, all that I could hear was the voice of these people they were happy that they were tormenting me and other people over there. But after sometime, I overheard a footstep and the place, the whole place, started shaking when I started hearing this footstep.

The whole place started shaking and these, my tormenters, I started hearing them now struggling and shouting in a struggling manner, because I was not eyes, I couldn’t see them, but could hear them. I could hear that they were shouting as if someone shouting for help. The whole place was shaking and once the footstep was coming to where I was, I saw that my body was lifting up. I didn’t know what was happening. I was not having eyes to see. My body was lifting up gradually, going up and going up from where I was. It was going up, up, up and it went.

As my body was being lifted up, I was feeling the heat of the place, gradually. But, I was… I went up gradually, it was reducing until my body got to a point where I could feel a kind of breeze. A very fresh air, breezed on me and I could feel that my body was feeling a bit better now than previous. I couldn’t see anything, so I didn’t know where I was, and what was happening. All of a sudden, I heard a voice and the voice said, “Richard, I have to give you a new body, a new tongue and new eyes”. When the voice spoke, I heard that it was my friend Jesus Christ.

Because I was not having eyes to see what I felt was that a hand touched my foot and it started coming up to my thigh and it came up, up, up until it went to my head. While it was moving on my body I saw that I was feeling a new body. My body was now becoming something different from the situation that I found myself. I heard a voice, “Richard, I was giving you a new body”. Afterwards, the voice said, “Richard, I’m going to give you a new esophagus and tongue”. So He opened my mouth and a Hand penetrated into it and then what I felt was that I was having a new esophagus and a new tongue. I could speak. He said, “Richard, I have to give you new eyes”. He touched the socket of my eyes and then I felt that He had fixed new eyes there, but when He fixed the eyes, I could not—it was shaking from the original state. So, I could not use it to see anything. The Lord said, “Richard, open your eyes and look at me”.

So, I opened my eyes and brethren, to my amazement, I saw myself in a very nice golden room. Very shiny, glorious golden room and just by me was standing the Lord Jesus in His doctor’s uniform with His instruments as a doctor He was using to work on me. I saw that I was now looking differently…a very serene place, a very glorious place that I found myself. When I saw that the Lord was standing by me. I asked the Lord, “How did You manage to know that I was in that pit”? The Lord said, “It was the angel that I sent to bring you from the earth that came to report to Me that you’ve fallen into the pit of the sinners. Therefore, you were in that pit, suffering over there. So, I had to send angel Michael to come and rescue you. It was angel Michael that came there to rescue you. It was angel Michael who entered the place and the whole place shook and the enemies where scattering here and there trying to find a place for their ownself. It was angel Michael had come to rescue and brought you to me”. That is what the Lord said.

The Lord held my hand and we went out of that room where I found myself at first. When we stepped out immediately, my Heavenly garment came upon me. I was looking so glorious. When we stepped out, I saw that we were at my Heavenly mansion. A very nice one, golden, but it has had been decorated red and white, that is my color, that has been decorated in my color, red and white, and it was a golden mansion. In front of that mansion was two angels and the Lord carried me to these to angels to take me around. When we went a little farther, I saw a mountain of gold, so I climbed the mountain and started jumping from one place to the other. I was so happy. At this point, I forgot all the pain that I went through.

I want to tell you if you serve the Lord very well and I serve the Lord well, a day is coming, no matter whatever you are going through on this earth, you will forget it because all things will be taken away. The Bible says, “The Lord, God Almighty, will wipe away all of our tears”. When I was jumping form this point to the other the angels told me, “Richard you time is running out”. In fact, I did not bother them because I was enjoying myself. Where I found myself, I was so much happy. I did not listen to what they were saying. But, they told me, “let us go a little farther”. When we went to a big place with so many children; in fact, the (inaudible) were looking glorious, if you are not careful you will mistake them for angels. (Inaudible) due to the speaker’s accent] you may think that they were angels. They were playing and I joined. We all started playing, jumping here and there, and the angels also joined and we were all enjoying ourselves. We were really happy. We were doing all that to glorify our Savior Jesus, not anybody, but Jesus. We need to train our children in the Lord. Let us bring our children up in the way of the Lord, so when they grow even, when they grow, they will not depart. But, even when they die young, they will have this opportunity.

Children were so glorious, jumping, playing, they were so happy. The angel told me, “Richard, these are the children who did not commit any sin while on earth. That is why they are here enjoying. I want to tell you, they were so glorious, really, really glorious. I am

challenging all children, I’m challenging all parents as well, that we should bring up our children in the fear of the Lord. Even while they are young so that if the Lord takes them while they are young they will have this glorious [place] to go and enjoy themselves. They were so glorious that I cannot describe it. It’s beyond description. While standing there, my friend Jesus appeared. When He appeared, He told me, “Richard, your time is up”. He told me, “Richard, now you’ve gotten a new body, new eyes, new tongue and esophagus. You’ve given all that belonged to the enemy to him. All that you used your previous body to do the works of the enemy, you have now given it all back to the enemy, because you used it for the work of the enemy. That is why you’ve given all to the enemy.

That is why I’m taking this opportunity to advise you brethren and my dear listener that it is very, very important for us to give every property of the enemy that is with us to him while one earth. Let us liberate ourselves from the enemy and all his properties. Let us do away with all the lifestyles of the enemy and take on the Heavenly one, because that alone can take us [to] Heaven. Else on that day, you may think that you are a Christian and have served God, but because you are still having, possessing the property of the enemy, the enemy will like to take it. In taking it, you’ll have to go and give it to him in that pit and it will be too late for you; it will be a terrible time. I pray that you will give your life and every type of yours, and everything of yours to Christ now.

The Lord told me, “Richard, now that you have gotten new eyes, new tongue, new body, you have to go and continue your journey that you have already started back on earth”. When the Lord said that just within a twinkle of an eye, I saw myself in a different place and I saw the brothers I had been praying with around me. I was just looking around. Where am I? Not knowing that I had come back to my physical body and really, I was not happy at all when I saw that I had come back to my physical body. I was not happy at all that is why I am saying we have no place here. This place is not our home. Let us all think about Heaven. The Bible says in Hebrews 13:14 that we have no permanent place here. Let us therefore look unto the one that the Lord is about to give us so that we will be able to do what is expected of us to make it to Heaven. I pray that God will help us to do this in Jesus’ Mighty Name. When I realized the time it was 6:00 a.m. in the morning that is on the 17th, Thursday, 17th April 2014. God bless you.

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