Third Divine Revelation of Heaven and Hell by Brother Richard Antwi

On the 27th of December 2013, which was Friday around 11:00 p.m. in the night I felt that I was feeling so cold and uneasy in my room and I didn’t know what to do.  I did not use my cloth to cover myself and all of a sudden I seen my soul leaving my body and I saw my body lying on the bed and my soul outside.  When I turned to look at my side, I saw that Jesus Christ was standing by me and He held my hand and said we are going to Heaven and Hell again.  Then we sped out into the sky and in the shortest possible time we were at the gate of Heaven where my heavenly garment came upon me and I got changed completely, well dressed and looking so nice with Jesus by my side and the Heaven—instantly the gate of Heaven, open for us, that is Jesus and myself, to enter.

When I entered with Jesus into Heaven, I saw that every place was quiet. So calm so quiet, so I didn’t understand so I asked is this the same place I visited the other time?  And my friend Jesus was quiet and all that I saw was that He was crying.   Tears started dropping suddenly from his eyes.

Then appeared a staircase right from Heaven towards earth and by the sight of the side of the staircase where angels who were holding trumpets.  They were standing, by two sides of the staircase and at the end of the staircase there was a very brilliant, a very lighted substance.  In fact, it was so shiny I couldn’t look at it.  So, the Lord told me to turn my back toward the light and my face towards Him, so I did that.

When I turned towards Jesus and my back towards the brilliant light, all I could see that all of a sudden Jesus turned into an ordinary human being, the way He was, He was on earth when He went through the crucifixion and I saw the marks of the nails in His hand, the thorny crown and all the wounds that He suffered and he was bleeding profusely even the tears He was shedding turned into blood.  In fact, it was so bad for me to look at that Jesus told me that I should bow down my head, and I bowed down my head and Jesus vanished.

I really bowed down for a while, for a quite longer period until Jesus came back and then I heard somebody touching me and when I turned it was Jesus.  And now He was looking glorious as a kind, He was in His kingly garment well dressed and I saw that He was holding two clocks in His hand; one in His left hand and one in His right hand.

He showed the two clocks to me.  The one in the right hand, the hour hand and then the minute hand were all on the twelve hour which was marked with red, but I didn’t understand it.  The left on the minute hand was a little back, a few minutes to twelve.  I didn’t’ understand it, but I looked and I saw these two clocks were having two different times.

The Lord told me that the difference between the two times in His hand.  He said the time in the left hand was the time He had gone to the Father to plead on behalf of mankind.  It was a little to twelve—let’s say about two minutes to twelve.  He said it was because the Father has accepted to give us a little time, because His time was up for Him to come for His saints but many are not ready.  That’s why He went and pleaded on our behalf.  The one on His right was the Father’s time which was on the hour twelve meaning the Father’s time is up, but it was a result of His pleading that the Lord has given us this short time to try and work things out.  And He told me for that reason that I should come to the earth quickly and come and spread the good news that He is telling me, things that I am saying.  But I told the Lord, Lord how can I do this work?  Lord, I don’t have money.  I don’t’ have anything.  So how can I go to the River* [*=Inaudible/hard to understand the word because of accent] or some places to do such a work and the Lord told me don’t say that and He held my hand.

The Lord held my hand and immediately took me to Hell.  When we entered Hell the first person I saw a very young girl between the age of about sixteen to seventeen and I saw that the girl was hooked with something at the breast and she was hanging there.  And I said Lord, why this?  He said it was a result of some rebellion or disobedience that she made toward Me that’s why she is in that position.

The Lord had explained to me that sometime ago in the life of that young lady while she was around fourteen years, He took her to Heaven and Hell to show her certain things so that this girl who could go to the pastor and tell her pastor so that they would be able to evangelize many people to make it to Heaven.  But when the girl came back on earth instead of reporting it to the pastor, the girl firstly informed her mother who was not a Christian and the mother rubbished what she said.  And told her all the things that she was telling her was demonic, because the church you are attending is demonic that is why you are having all of these demonic visions.  So when you stop attending such a church all of these demonic visions will not come up again.

The mother told the daughter that have you seen that since I have not been attending church, I have not been having demonic visions?  That is why I’m telling you stop attending churches and if you stop it, you’ll see that you will not be experiencing such visions.  Just stop it come (inaudible) and you will be free, as I am free.

The Lord told me when the mother advised the girl this way, the mother started buying worldly dresses for the girl to dress in a worldly way to attract men, to seduce men.  So she started dressing in a worldly way showing the breast, showing some vital part of her body, and she started moving with men until the mother got her one man as a friend and the man impregnated the girl.  When the girl got impregnated the mother, herself, turned around, and said “for this I will never accept it, because it will disgrace me in the area we are living,” and therefore, the mother said she was going to terminate the pregnancy.  While they were at the hospital terminating the pregnancy the girl passed away and she appeared in Hell where she found herself today.

The Lord said, the way she used to dress by pushing her breast, showing her breast to the public, that is what she is experiencing in Hell now.  By pushing her breast she is also pushing it in Hell.

The Lord then took me to a section were macho men were; there plenty in their numbers.  They were there carrying big, big, big stones suffering, but they had to carry it.  They were going up and down carrying these big stones and amongst them the Lord showed—pointed to me one particular macho man.  He said to me have you seen that macho man?  While he was on earth, I revealed Myself to him.  I made him to understand that I was going to use him to convert or to speak to his colleague macho men so that they would all get converted and make it to Heaven.  But he refused to listen to my voice.  Then later on he died and he found himself in Hell.  And that is why he is suffering like that in Hell.

Then the Lord took me back to Heaven and said Richard.  You have now seen it for yourself and you must go and tell people on earth, because the time is short or else this will be your abode too, that is Hell.

So, I started crying and I told the Lord how can I do this work without money or any help?  The Lord then told me it is not about money, but I’m just to share His Word and (inaudible) to help others.  He said I have one person on earth to help me and I inquired of the one and He said it was my pastor.  And I said, you know my pastor who is on earth?  And He said yes, I know your pastor.  That is Pastor Patrick Prosper Kuranchie of Heaven’s Seekers Ministry.

I immediately asked the Lord do you know my pastor?  And the Lord said yes, I know your pastor and he knows Me.  I know his voice and He knows My voice.  So, go to him and he will help you.

So, the (inaudible) I saw my pastor and told him that I wanted to come to him and the pastor said oh, all your vision that you are receiving, even I’m working on them, writing them down.  Then I said, no it’s not about those ones, but I have received another one.  Then he said, oh come.  So, when I came to him, he also encouraged me and in fact, I was so much encouraged that I became so happy.  That was what the Lord, showed me.  In fact, when I woke up at was around 2:35 am the next morning.  Amen.

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