Bible Study.

Lesson 1


Romans 10:9 KJV

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

-Many People said that JESUS CHRIST is just human and not a GOD, but to avoid deception, we need to study the word of GOD about JESUS CHRIST, in our text above as we read in Romans 10:9, the word of GOD is very Clear that JESUS is LORD and as you observed if we confess and believe. that JESUS is LORD and risen from the dead by the power of GOD, we will be saved. meaning we will receive Eternal Life in Heaven.

Lesson 2

How To Create A Sermon?

First we need to understand the Purpose of Sermon,

Sermon is Delivering A Message From GOD Base on Scripture,

Here are Some Tips How To Create Effective Sermon From The Word S-E-R-M-O-N

S- Seek GOD, First You Cannot Deliver A Spiritual Message Effectively without The Guidance of Almighty GOD, without the Anointing of The Holy Spirit your Message is not Effective Acts 1:8, That’s why to create a Powerful sermon the first Thing we need to Do is Seek GOD, ask Wisdom James 1:5, ask the Almighty GOD to Help You Filled by the Power of The Holy Spirit.

E- Eliminate Disturbances, when you study the word of GOD and Spending time with JESUS, Eliminate Disturbances so that you can Focus to GOD and so that you are well Prepared For Delivering a Sermon.

R-Read and Rely, As You Deliver a Sermon always be sensitive in your Conviction, Rely in GOD always and Acknowledge the Presence of The Holy Spirit. Then Keep on Reading the Bible so that you will be more Equip in Delivering The word of GOD.

M-Move Practice What you Preach, apply your Sermon, you will acting like a Hypocrite if You Will not Practice What You Preach.

O-Obedience, obey the will of the LORD for you To Preach, because if you preach a message that you know that its not GOD’s will for you to Deliver, then Your Message is Empty.

N-Narrate your message with key points and example or you can create an illustration.


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