Christian Poem Written by me.

“Holy Spirit I need you”

oh GOD how can i live without your HOLY SPIRIT.

your my LIFE and strength and teach me to rise up again when i feel defeat.

precious Holy Spirit your my comforter and my counselor.

And you alone i always adore oh GOD i magnify you and thank you for loving my soul.

Holy Spirit i need you, please strengthen me because your my master above all.

Oh Holy spirit i know there are times i hurt you forgive me and don’t let me go.

JESUS CHRIST let your HOLY SPIRIT use me to win Billions of soul for your Glory Amen.


don’t you know that HE Loves you

HE died on the cross for you

JESUS love’s you, don’t ever think that GOD abandon you.

by the BLOOD of JESUS you will receive pardon

Believe and accept HIM as your LORD and Savior

for the wages if sin is death,

but eternal life is a reward to those who make JESUS as the LORD of their Life.

my friend don’t neglect the wonderful grace of GOD.

for it is destined for a man to die once and after death is Judgement.

if you reject JESUS CHRIST there is a place called hell that contains eternal torment.

HE is knocking, Behold JESUS is Knocking. please let HIM enter in your LIFE Amen.

“Awesome GOD”

God is so awesome, HE is great and mighty.

I knows HIS wonderful Deeds and HE Help me against my adversary.

He open the eyes of the Blind and HE is the maker of Heaven and Earth.

Through HIM i find peace and comfort HE is the lover of my soul and HE teach me to walk by faith.

Behold HIS son is coming, JESUS was HIS name and HE is the KING of Heaven and Earth.

Our GOD is an awesome GOD, JESUS alone are worthy to receive Glory forevermore.

Though HIM humanity experience salvation, it is by faith and not by Religion and JESUS Loves you more.

When i walk in darkness HE is the light on my feet, my comforter and counselor and i can do all things through JESUS CHRIST.

Behold our GOD is Awesome Let the Heaven and Earth Rejoice i declare that HE is awesome.


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