About This Blog.

Brotherly Greetings in JESUS Name welcome Visitors, This Blog Site is manage by an ordinary servant of JESUS CHRIST a Filipino Citizen

The Purpose of This Blog Site is to Glorify The Name of JESUS CHRIST,

to GOD be the Glory.

This Blog Site is Absolutely Free I’m Not Asking any Donation.

My Full Name is Not Posted Here for a reason.

I’m not against any Denomination my main Passion is to Spread the Truth and Divine Revelation from LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I’m not a Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet, Apostle, Teacher

I’m Just an ordinary Believer of LORD JESUS CHRIST,

We Are one Body in Christ stop Fighting Each other we Should not Forget the Commandment of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, to Love One Another.

The Idea of Creating this Blog Site is Started when i got a desire to Create a Christian Website. This is Just an Answered Prayer From JESUS.

All the Glory,Honor,Adoration and Praises Belongs to our Most High GOD in JESUS Mighty Name.

And i can do all things trough Christ who Strengthens me,

Not by might nor by power but through My Spirit Says the LORD of HOST.


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